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Haruhi blinked groggily and groaned, pushing herself up from the floor. Her cheeks were imprinted by the carpet and her back was killing her. Morning light was streaming in through the numerous windows in the third music room. That's odd. What time is it?

Glancing up at the clock in the wall, Haruhi read, 8:25am.


Did she just spend the night at school?

Looking around desperately, Haruhi found seven bodies lying around her. Mori, Honey, Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, Kyouya and Renge all sprawled in various positions around the room; dead to the world.

Sitting up, Haruhi gripped her head. It ached.

What the hell happened…

She kneaded her temples, thinking back.

We weren't taking customers, we were drinking-


Once her head had stopped vibrating in her hands, Haruhi stood up shakily.

Oh no…fitness

True, Haruhi hadn't chosen physical education as a subject, but a review of the school had shown that an unhealthy number of cakes and sweets were consumed every day. In fact, Ouran went through enough cake in a week to feed a starving country for a year. Of course, 98 percent of these cakes had been consumed by Honey-senpai alone. And so, the government set up a compulsory fitness regime which took place each morning before class and Kyouya had an excuse to remove two cupcakes from Honey's quota twenty cakes a day. Haruhi had spent nearly two hours mopping up the tears that had flooded the music room that day.

Anyway, the point was that now, Haruhi was late to fitness class and she would have to run laps around Ouran's massive field. Super.

Getting up to grab her bag and leave, Haruhi glanced over her shoulder at the boys and "manager." They were all breathing, she would come by and check on them during morning break.

'Fujioka. You're late. And where are the twins?'

'Sorry sir' Haruhi said calmly, "Hikaru and Kaoru are sick' It was true after all.

'Well, alright, hurry up and get changed'

Pushing open the door to the men's changing room, there were a few stragglers still slipping on shirts and sneakers. She'd gotten used to this. She slipped into one of the toilets to get changed.

As she shrugged off her uniform, she tried to remember what had happened the day before. It was funny. Judging by her faulty memory of the afternoon, you would've thought that she was drunk out of her mind. But she was sure she hadn't drunk anything. Actually, the only thing that she had drunk was some coffee. Well no, she didn't get a chance because…

It was at this moment that Haruhi realised that she was trying to fit her head through her blue PE shirt sleeve. She was already in her shorts, which seemed to have shrunk and her shoes were already laced up. Running on automatic. Cut it out.

Outside, a soccer game was going on. Haruhi slipped a yellow bib on over her uniform and ran off to protect their goal. As per usual, all girls in the teams were immediately immobilised by adoration as the host club member rushed past. It got really bad when Hikaru and Kaoru were there. There was that incident where they pulled their brotherly love act in the middle of the field, in the mud. Haruhi often wondered what had happened to that gay PE teacher. He never came back. It was a shame really.

But back to the day beforeShe was making progress. We were all going to drink coffee. Hescafe. But we never got the chance. Why was that? There had been an-


Haruhi looked up just fast enough to see a soccer ball speed at her like a cannon ball. It hit her smack in the groin.


Falling to her knees, Haruhi shoved her hands between her legs and squeezed. It was bizarre, it never hurt this much. She normally had to put on an act.

But hell does it hurt now

Haruhi's legs squeezed tighter around her hands which in turn clenched tighter on her shorts.

Wait a minute.

Haruhi gasped as she felt the pain blackening out her mind.

What am I squeezing?

He passed out on the grass.