Title: "I Never Told Anyone"

Rating: T

Category: Angst

Author: grissomrocks

Summary: Grissom stated in "Friends and Lovers" (Season 1) that there were three things he had a real problem with: "guys that hit their wives, sexual assault on children, and the scum that deal death to kids." This is a possible theory as to why.

Spoilers/References: "Friends and Lovers" (Season 1), "Still Life" (Season 6), "Burn Out" (Season 7)

Disclaimer: CSI isn't mine and I'm not making any money off any of these fanfics.

"Guys That Hit Their Wives"

Catherine knew how my father died, but I never told her about how he lived.

How he hit my mother at the slightest provocation.

How I had to lie to our family and friends about how she got the cuts and bruises.

How my mother couldn't tell anyone, even if she had the courage to, because support services for battered Deaf women didn't exist in the early to mid 1960's.

How my mother and I didn't cry at my father's funeral, not because we were in shock, but because we were relieved that our nightmare was finally over.

How I still fell like I let my mother down, even after all these years.

I never told anyone.

"Sexual Abuse of Children"

Brass knows I can't stand pedophiles, but I never told him about the neighbor that abused me for three years.

How he hired me to do yard work for him the summer after my father died.

How he always gave me lemonade afterwards to wash the bitter taste out of my mouth.

How he threatened to have my mother declared incompetent to raise me if I ever told anyone.

How I still wonder how many boys he abused because I didn't tell.

How I still carry the guilt and the shame years later.

I never told anyone.

"The Scum That Deal Death to Children"

Warrick knew I was determined to put Ethan, the drug dealer, away, but I never told him about the death of my best friend when I was 16.

How we went to his older brother's frat party where one of his brother's friends was selling "a good time" in a pill.

How, after a few pills and a few beers, my friend thought he could dive into a pool from five stories up.

How I tried to keep him from jumping, but almost fell myself.

How my friend broke his neck when he missed the pool.

How I still feel responsible for his death.

I never told anyone.