For the Love of Family

Imagine a General Hospital where the Quartermaine family strongly value and cherish each other. Fidelity, integrity, compassion and kindness are core values. Although they have struggled somehow they manage to love, communicate, support and persevere. So how would things be different?

Meet the Quartermaines:

Edward Quartermaine-Family patriarch, and devoted husband to Liza (now deceased). He owns ELQ Enterprises and can be shrewd but fair in the business world but is soft hearted when it comes to his family. Liza was his high school sweetheart and he took the words in sickness and in health to death do us part quite seriously. (Hence his affairs with MaryMae Ward, Heather Webber, and Beatrice LeSeur never happened and Bradley Ward and Jimmy Lee Hogan are not his children).

Lila Quartermaine-Deceased 2 years ago. Family matriarch. Artist. Green Thumb and Philanthropist.

---Tracey Quartermaine JD-59-Eldest child of Edward & Lila. Strong willed, independent, but compassionate. Originally married to Lord Larry Ashton but their marriage ended on the grounds of his adultery which Tracy discovered shortly after the birth of their first child. Devastated Tracy fled home to her parents who initially supported her but then challenged her to get on with her life. Regrouping she attended law school (at PCU so Lila could help out with young Ned). Edward anticipated that she would pursue corporate law perhaps even become pro counsel for ELQ however, she surprised them all (and perhaps herself as well) by clerking with a family court judge and ultimately working as pro counsel for DSS in her early years. Currently she sits the bench as a district Family Court Judge. She has now remarried to Dr. Ryan Graber MD Phd (Psychiatrist) and they have two children

-----Edward "Ned" Ashton (39)

---------Brooke-Lynne Ashton (12) Ned's daughter with estranged wife Lois Cerullo (who in this version was never partners in L&B with Brenda Barrett but was friends with Brenda)

-----Dylan James -19 College student at PCU/ In a Band with Kirk Quartermaine

-----Shannon Lila-16

---Alan Quartermaine MD-55-Eldest son of Edward & Liza. General/Trauma Surgeon at General Hospital. Like his father he has been faithful to his wife Dr. Monica Bard Baldwin-Quartermaine 52 (who has also been faithful to Alan so the whole AJ parentage melodrama with Rick Webber never took place. Additionally Monica never slept with her adoptive mother's second husband or was married to Jeff Webber (they did date during medical school but never had sexual relations). She's an interventional cardiologist at General Hospital. Alan is still alive as all the stress he avoided by not having multiple affairs, narcotic addictions, or dealing with his wife's affairs (as they didn't happen) have allowed him to have a much healthier heart.

-----Alan James "AJ" Quartermaine-31-Avoided the whole alcohol misadventures and multiple failed marriages. He currently teaches 3rd grade at Kendall Park Elementary and has been married to kindergarten teacher Keesha Ward for 3 years. Keesha lost a baby 6 months ago after being assaulted by Lucky Spencer in a drugged out rage. Now she has just learned she is pregnant again but is afraid to admit this to even husband AJ.

-----Allison Claire Quartermaine-24-(deceased from Lymphoma 5 years ago)

-----Emily Bowen-Quartermaine-23-Alan & Monica adopted her after the death of her mother (Paige Bowen). Although it was a rough adjustment period she formed a special bond with the Quartermaines and survived the traumas of high school with her sister Alli and close friends Elizabeth Webber, Sarah Webber, Lucky Spencer, Nicholas Cassadine . She avoided the drug issues and neither Juan nor Xander are part of her past. She did make a fool of herself somewhat crushing on Nicholas Cassadine but ultimately moved on with her life. She was inspired to follow her adoptive parents into medicine but opted to attend the 6 year BS/MD program at Columbia (where she meets and dates Dr. Patrick Drake) instead of PCU. Although benefiting from being able to pursue her MD on her terms without feeling like she was getting favoritism as she she is the Chief of Staff's daughter Emily truly misses her family and the Pediatrics residency at GH is at the top of her rank list. General Hospital will also gain a talented neurosurgeon in her fiance Dr. Patrick Drake.

------Kirk Edgar Quartermaine-19-Alan & Monica's younger son. Sophomore at PCU and member of Choosen Few with cousin Dylan Grabler. Dating Hannah Roberts a freshman at PCU.

-----Katelyn Jane Quartermaine-13-Alan & Monica's daughter. Had a rocky infancy as Monica battled breast cancer and the family adapted to Emily. Swims competitively and looks up to her older siblings.

-----Nicole Margaret Quartermaine-5-Alan & Monica's unexpected miracle. Monica realized she was pregnant in bittersweet fashion shortly after Allison's death. Swims, loves soccer, and Tigger.

---John Bard Quartermaine-46-Acting Police Chief PC PD. Returns to Port Charles on a FBI special assignment task force in January 2007. Brings wife Abigail Daniels-40- an attorney who takes a job as an Assistant DA

-----Adam Daniel Quartermaine-16

-----Riley Joseph Quartermaine-13

How Does this Alter Others?:

-Much of the Luke Spencer/ Frank Smith / Cassadine/Sonny Corinthos storyline is unchanged.

-Jason Morgan (33) is a nephew/cousin of the Quartermaines (his father was Lila's brother's child) and arrived in town trying to find his way disillusioned by the drunk driving accident that killed his parents and the corrupt legal system that covered up the truth. The Quartermaines attempt to bring him back to the fold and argue that his pairing with Sonny Corinthos is ironic. Depressed/lost Jason disagrees and builds a new life with Sonny and Robin (who at various times extolls the Quartermaines) and it all downhill from there. Additionally Keesha Ward was Jason's girlfriend for several years before his accident. Although she detests the man Jason has become she remembers who Jason was before and continually encourages her husband to reach out to his cousin.

-Although AJ and Carly never had a drunken one night stand "Michael" does exist and is the child of Caroline Benson and Taggert which actually led to more melodrama as Sonny and Taggert fought over the child.

-Luke Spencer never had the opportunity to marry Tracey Quartermaine for his financial gain although they do meet when his daughter is charged with criminal mischief and possession and ends up in Tracey's courtroom. [Lulu is 16 in this version which I think is actually the age she should be based on when her character was introduced

-Georgie Jones (17) is dating Dylan Quartermaine but they were never married. She doesn't realize that Lulu Spencer is trying unsuccessfully to seduce her boyfriend. Lulu and Dylan never slept together although Lulu wishes. Look for an alliance between Maxie Jones and Lulu in the future. None of the Diego stalker story line happened as Mary Bishop's character doesn't exist because Nikolas and Emily were never married.

-Maxie Jones (20) has issues galore. Does she actually love anyone in her family or is she still so bitter from her abandonment by Felicia years ago? Felicia somehow returned to Texas without her children leaving them in stepfather Mac Scorpio's ever capable hands.

-Lucky Spencer (26) was Alli & Emily's childhood friend (although he is a few years older) but his recent drug addiction/adultery with Maxie Jones has led her to support her friend's efforts to end their marriage. However at the last minute Lucky promised to break things off with Maxie and Liz gave him another chance because of their son. Additionally in a drugged out rage Lucky recently assaulted Emily's sister in law so she is very uncomfortable that Liz continues to live with him.

-Robin Scorpio's (30--31 in June ) life is largely unaltered (although she attended medical school in the USA not France) and she is currently an internist/neurologist at GH. She never met Dr. Noah Drake in a bar. Although she does know his son from her medical school days and was not favorably impressed.

-Dr. Noah Drake started his early career at General Hospital and was involved with Bobbie Spencer RN and several other nurses. Ultimately he took a new position in Atlanta where he met his wife Matticia and they had a child Patrick. Devastated when he was unable to save his wife he turned to alcohol and his teenage son essentially raised himself. The senior doctor Drake's life hits rock bottom when he realizes he is unable to perform an important case due to his alcoholism. At that point he checks into a rehab facility and puts his life back together. As a previously impaired physician he will require a practice plan / sponsoring physician to continue to practice. After much soul searching he will ask Alan Quartermaine to be that person. Alan is in a difficult position as his daughter is recently engaged to Noah's son and he knows that they are planning to return to Port Charles if she matches in Pediatrics. Ultimately, after discussion with Monica, Alan decides to sponsor Noah and he and Monica are optimistic that they can help Noah and Patrick reconcile.

-Brenda Barrett (29--30 in June)Daughter of corporate mogul--Harlan Barrett, who was largely uninvolved in her life. They had a falling out (mostly related to his new wife's jealousy of his daughter) and he cut her off financially half way through her freshman year at PCU. Coincidentally this was at the same time that the Quartermaines had just fired truly psychotic nanny Tara Kincaid. Brenda applied for the job in desperation and became somewhat adopted into the family. She completed a BS in psychology at PCU but has been working as model most recently. She has had relationships with Sonny (initially prior to meeting the Quartermaines), AJ (during both of their college days), Jason Morgan and Jax. Edward Quartermaine has self appointed himself into the grandfather role in her life and was quite happy when she was dating AJ however, they realized they did better as friends, moved on and he started dating Keesha Ward who has become one of Brenda's closest friends. Jax revealed his true inner evil when he humiliated her on her wedding day by refusing to marry her in front of all of their guests. When she dated Jason, Edward hoped she would bring him back to a respectable life but their relationship ended. Other close friends: Emily Quartermaine (perhaps more like a sister and in a way Alli and Emily perhaps were more adept at being Katelyn's nanny than Brenda and they both helped her out a lot--a definite friendship formed). Robin Scorpio (connection through dating Stone & Sonny initially led to friendship), Lois Cerullo (connected through her friendship with Lois' husband and the fact that Lois one of Sonny's oldest and dearest friends), and of course Sonny & Jason.

Major storyline departures:

-Brenda's mother is uninvolved in her life or this story. She never was driven off a cliff or held captive by Luis Alcazar. She did however meet Luis Alcazar through her friend Lois Cerullo who had a romantic relationship with him during her years in Bensonhurst.

-Although Brenda & Lois are friends Brenda never was Lois' partner in L&B. Lois did name Brenda & Sonny Brooke's godparents (mostly because they were an item at the time of Brooke's christening)

-Alcazar did kill Kristina Cassidine and attempted to kill Sonny although unsuccessfully [in 1999 not 2002. His actions were much more business motivated. Although his infatuation with Brenda and his past with Lois will be revealed eventually and it won't be pretty when Sonny realizes that.

-Scott Baldwin never killed Rick Weber either and although the love triangle with him and Laura and Luke all happened Laura was the actual killer and it was in self defense. Scott's new and improved persona that came back to Port Charles looking for his daughter never left and he's had his share of heartbreak losing oldest daughter Karen in 2003 but has mostly managed to keep his head above water raising daughter Serena Baldwin (15). Current DA and on hospital board. Additionally as Monica's relationship with her adoptive parents Gail & Lee Baldwin is much stronger there is a noted cousin relationship between Serena and Kirk and Katelyn.

-Elizabeth Weber Spencer-Elizabeth felt like an outcast in her own family and fled to Port Charles to live with her Grams. She befriended Emily & Alli Quartermaine, Lucky Spencer, & Nikolas Cassidine. Once with dreams of being artist reality hit the road and she completed a nursing degree at PCU and started working at PCGH. She and Lucky Spencer were high school sweethearts and Cameron is their son. (She and Emily both missed out on the Zander triangle) Currently she's struggling with supporting but not enabling her husband as he deals with his demons and drug addiction.

What didn't happen:

-Monica & Alan's multiple affairs

-Alan & Lucy Coe's marriage

-Ned was married to Jenny Eckert for a few months in 1993. Jenny was really in love with Paul Hornsby all along and they eventually got together. Conveniently there was never a relationship between Paul & Tracy. Jenny also was never hit by a car.

-Tracy's marriages to Mitch Williams, Paul Hornsby, and Gino Solieto. She did remarry in 1985 to Dr. Ryan Grabler and they have two children Dylan Albert Grabler & Shannon Lila Grabler

-AJ's alcohol dependence and the AJ/Jason accident. However, Jason was involved in a car accident with his parents and suffered TBI

-Emily's drug issues

-Lucky Spencer was thought to be killed in the fire 05/99 and was held captive by Helena Cassidine. However he escaped and showed up at Emily Quartermaine's 16th birthday party 3-2-2000. The whole Helena mind control aspects didn't happen though.

-Emily's relationship with Juan Santiago or Zander Smith. Emily's marriages to Zander Smith or Nikolas Cassidine. The bus accident never happened because she was never running away with Zander. She did attend Columbia University where she did a BS-MD program. Juan Santiago was never SORASED he is the son of Lily Riverra-Corinthos & Miguel Morez he was born in 1988 and may potentially appear in later chapters.

-Brenda's death (and captivity by Luis Alcazar)

-Alexis Davis did kill Luis Alcazar but it was determined to be self defense so she was never charged. The whole DID storyline and relationship with Cameron Lewis never happened

-Liz'a relationships with Zander Smith and Ric Lansing. Lucky Spencer is Cameron's biological father. Jason and Liz did have a distant past friendship when she was still in high school before she married Lucky.

-The Dead Ted Storyline. Gia Campbell (Taggert's sister) does exist although sans blackmailing Emily Quartermaine. Gia returned to college 9/2003 to complete her bachelors. She graduated from PCU 5/2006 and started law school at Columbia 9/2006. She may return to Port Charles for practice upon graduation in 2009?

-All the vampire/angel arcs from the Port Charles series. Although other stuff happening to main characters during that time was preserved where possible. Yes Eve Lambert, Jack Ramsey, Julie Morris-Devlin, Christina Baldwin, and Karen Wexler-Cates are dead.

-The David Bordissio Storyline---Scott Baldwin is the biological son of Lee Baldwin and the late Meg Bentley Baldwin

-Emily's entire breast cancer storyline. I found the medical aspects of it very far-fetched and it was complicated because of the heavy involvement of both Nikolas and Zander in that storyline when she was in my version no longer involved with Nikolas and had never been involved with Zander.

-The Port Charles Hotel Fire it's still standing strong. (The Metro Court does exist but on a different location). Cameron Lewis does die 2-12-2004 though in a car accident.

-Skye Chandler's relationship to the Quartermaines does not exist. She is the daughter of Adam & (the late and schizophrenic)Althea Chandler. Ned and Skye were never romantically involved nor did she have corrupt dealings with Edward Quartermaine. She did meet Lee Baldwin at an AA meeting and had multiple flings with Luke Spencer, Jasper Jacks, and Luis Alcazar. Skye is dating Lorenzo Alcazar they do not have any children.

-The Emily/Nikolas/Mary Bishop saga & the Diego stalker storyline. Sage Alcazar is still alive and living with her uncle Lorenzo. She mourns the loss of her father and her cousin Diego. She has a crush on Dylan Quartermaine-Grabler and is on the cheering squad with Georgie Jones and Shannon Grabler who she is somewhat friendly enemies with. She aspires to a career in either music or modeling or both and sees Brenda Barrett, Lois Cerullo, and Kate Howard as role models.

-Lucas Jones has not yet come out to his parents about his sexual orientation.

-Emily & Sonny's relationship

-Emily is involved in the train crash storyline as she is on the same train back to Port Charles as Robin & Sam coming home for the weekend to surprise her parents. She's a 3rd year medical student at the time. Patrick hears about the story on the news and calls Alan with the bad news that Emily was on that train.

-The virus storyline did take place but without Emily or Patrick's involvement as they were both still in NYC at the time.

-Sam was framed by Lorenzo & Ric for the murder in 9/06 however events from there deviated from the show. At the time of the incident Sam & Jason were apart again (after a brief reconciliation in 5/06 around the time she was shot) and when Sam "escaped" police custody she went to Jason and begged him to help her. Jason bought into the situation initially and they went on the run and found computer hacker Spinelli. Not trusting the situation Sonny had Stan concurrently researching a possible Sam Ric connection which he found. He also learned that Sam is not Alexis' daughter. Sonny got word to Jason that Sam really was not to be trusted but Jason was somewhat trapped as Ric was claiming he had helped Sam escape custody and was aiding and abeting a fugitive. Although Sam had gone into the situation to get revenge on Jason for not taking her back she fell back in love with him while they were on the run and was desperate that Jason & Sonny didn't learn about her role in things. They were attempting to go to the cops with the information when they were ambushed in a warehouse on the docks. Sam shot Diego Alcazar in self defense and earned the wrath of Lorenzo Alcazar as killing his son was never part of the plan. She and Jason were cleared and she fled Port Charles afraid of Lorenzo's revenge. This laid the groundwork for a lot of Scott Baldwin's work to remove Ric Lansing and clean up the DA's office. Ric fled to Canada rather than face criminal charges. He supposedly was killed in Canada.

-The Metro Court Hostage situation played out much differently as Emily was still in medical school in NY, uninvolved, and her father was a much healthier man. Darren Malloy (who will later be revealed to be Jerry Jacks) instead killed two children. What is also not realized is that he has connections to Alcazar. Liz was not pregnant at the time however she was in attendance as her brother in law Nikolas Cassidine's date for evening. Sam was not involved as she had left PC in 11/06 after the Diego disaster. Additionally 3 was Logan Hayes (Cooper Barrett was involved in the incident as a cop)

-The Black & White Ball

-The Text Message Killer Idiocy