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What is love? What are the limits that define it? Can a monster be taught to love? Can you love a monster? I long to know and to feel love. I have had containers before, so many before. Their deaths meant no more to me then their lives. This container is different, I feel bound to him not sealed in him. I feel as though if I could leave and be free I would chose to stay. What sin did this angel commit to be chained to me? A demon; a murder who soul is stained with the blood of entire villages. For him I would die, for him I will live.
The soft whisk of leaves was the only evidence of their passage, yet was enough to give them away. Like shadows they raced across the forest homeward bound, unaware of the danger that traced their movements. With a soft breath the breeze picked up and a tossed the sent of the pursuers into the nose of one of those they hunted. He paused crouching on a branch listening, watching, and smelling. The three younger travels also paused, heads cocked intent on the older man.

"What is it sensei?" The girl asked. Her eyes traced the forest, but found nothing out of place.

"We're being followed." He said, his voice belied no emotion and his face veiled, save for a single eye, gave no hint to his feelings either. His juniors froze, their every senses straining for some hint of their hunters.

"Who?" One of the boys asked, his blank face served as just effective a mask as the man's cloth covering. The man's eye danced towards the forth member of their party and back to the boy who asked.

"Akatsuki." The tense that filled the air at that single word seemed to prick their skin. Worry danced across the girls face.

"They can't…" She trailed off, fear taking root in her heart as she glance at the blonde on the branch beside her.

"They must." The masked man said simply. If he shared the girl's fear, nothing in his demeanor gave him away. Further conversation was cut off as the hurter caught up to its prey. He came on wings; the air stirring as his mount landed, the perfect symmetry of the bird and the long blonde hair concealing the riders face tugged at the blonde boy's memory.

"You tried to kill Gaara!" He shouted lunging forward. A hand raised by the masked man stopped him.

"Did I? You know I don't really pay attention names, yeah." The hunter's face feigned concentration.

"Bastard! You're going to pay for what you did to Gaara." The boy leaped and this time his sensei's hand wasn't enough to stop him.

"Naruto!" His sensei snapped, reaching out to grab the back of the boy's shirt.

"Kakashi-sensei he's Akatsuki and he tried to kill Gaara!" Naruto shouted frustration putting an almost whinny edge to his voice. The man in question chuckled, and then his face light up in mock delight.

"Oh you mean the Jinchuuriki. You're one too, yeah." The blonde man's hands moved lightly as he spoke, and Kakashi one eye followed; wary of the seemingly harmless clay being molded in the other's hands. Carefully Kakashi raised his hand to push aside the forehead covering that hid his eye.

"Too late, yeah." The hunter murmured as he tossed the clay figurine at the travelers.

"Run!" Kakashi shouted. The group seemed to remain frozen for a moment before the explosion ripped the forest apart sending the party flying. Naruto landed hard against a tree, the air coming out of him in a sudden whoosh. For a few terrifying moment he lay unable to re-inflate his lungs and a loud ringing filled his ears. When the boy was finally able to sit up and look around, he couldn't see his teammates anywhere. As hard as his eyes searched a desecrated forest was all he could see. Movement caught the corner of his eye and he spun coming face to face with a stranger whose entire face was cover by an orange mask. Naruto wrinkled his nose in confusion, why hadn't he heard the new comer's approach. Suddenly the masked mans hands began to form seals and Naruto watch entranced for a moment before realizing the potential danger. He opened his mouth to ask what the man was doing, but he could hear no sound come out. In horror he raised his hand to his throat, the man in front of finished his seal and a ripple of air stuck Naruto in the chest. A pain like none he'd ever felt before ripped through his body and he threw his head back, a soundless scream tore from his throat. It felt like something was inside him destroying him. The pain that mounted was choking and his vision began to blur, but before he blacked out entirely Naruto could have sworn he saw something red towering above him.

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