I hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up. This isn't a chapter; it's an Author's note. What I have to tell you might interest some of you. I am writing a sequel, because of all your reviews, practically DragonSaphira, made me feel too guilty to leave the story at that.

However I will tell you this. The next story I have planned is short and it's not going to have a happy ending. You all saw how horrid I am at those. The sequel will be up soon as I finish writing the first chapter. I hope you read the sequel and enjoy as much as many of you claim to have enjoyed this one!

OH! And because I am in a good mood, a big bowl of ice-cream will do that to a person, I will give you the first two paragraphs of the sequel "Courting The Devil"!

"For as long as you want me." Was what Kuro had said and oh how Naruto wanted him. He failed to even take notice of the fact that Kuro was the Kyuubi, it didn't matter he loved him for what he was. A monster and a man.

Even on the warmest summer night Naruto would lay entwined with Kuro warmth, desperate to never lose the feeling of being the most important thing in the universe. This morning was no different.

Tried from his last mission Naruto hadn't said much to Kuro when he'd come home last night, but the man had seemed to understand. He has stroked Naruto wild hair till Naruto has fallen into a restful sleep. Now as Naruto's eye fluttered he found Kuro already awake, with a small smile on his face. Naruto yawned sitting up and tried to shake the sleep from his eyes.

Ok I so I lied it was three paragraphs I'm sure you're all heartbroken.