Sora Kohaku: I have extreme writers block for my latest ES21 story so I wrote this in hopes of getting over it.

Disclaimer: I don't ES21, and hopefully I never will. Because, if I did, I would manage to butcher the football scenes, despite being an American. I was sorely tempted to buy a Football for Dummies book. I didn't have enough money...

Warnings: Excessive choking and lace. In other words: A crossdressing Sena.

"Ano, Hiruma-san, I don't understand how this is suppose to help with our next game..." The blond devil didn't answer instead his grinned widened to even more impossible proportions as he cocked his gun and directed it towards the small boy. Despite his earlier hesitation this coerced the freshman known as Eyeshield 21 into getting dressed in the outfit provided by the quarterback.

The end result was Sena in a white dress shirt with frilly sleeves, black short shorts and a tie, and a pastel pink apron with baby blue lace lining it. Suzuna attacked his hair with hair gel, water and bobby pins until it laid down in a style quite similar to her own except Sena bangs were brushed to right. After placing a lilac-colored ribbon as a headband in his hair she deemed him ready for whatever evil purpose Hiruma wanted him for.

Being the ever kind friend Monta spoke up. "You can't send him out there looking like that." Sena knew someone would come to their senses and get him out of this--

"He should wear some make-up." The girl agreed whole-heartedly with him and set about finishing his look.

After completing this task, Hiruma sat a serving tray in the boy's hand, and pushed him—lightly to Sena's surprise-- out the double doors into the restaurant where the members of the Oujou American football team were gathered. 'This...again? Didn't we already try spying on them at their festival?'

Uncertain, he risked a glance backwards. The three heads of Hiruma, Suzuna, and Monta were peering out...where everyone else was he didn't know. Hiruma pointed in the direction of Shin Seijuro who was engrossed in a packet of papers in front of him.

As he made his way over, Sakuraba who was sitting from him looked up before going back to his own reading, only to look up again and give a strange questioning look. Sena attempted to smile and hope that the receiver didn't recognize him, but he failed at both tasks because of a twitch caused by trying to mask his racing thoughts of 'Oh, my god. He's going to notice, and say something right in front of Shin!' repeated in his head. As it turned out, he was just surprised that for once a girl didn't jump and scream 'Sakuraba-kun!'. And, after getting over his shock turned back to what he was doing.

The brunet gave an internal sigh of relief and placed a cup in front of Shin. "Here's your green tea." Sena was horrified with how much his voice squeaked, but Shin's head didn't immediately snapped up in recognition, so he thought it was for the best. He craned his neck to look at the papers Shin was reading, guessing that this was the reason for this escapade.

Shin reached for his cup carefully (after getting told off one too many times for break expensive china ware), unintentionally blocking Sena's view, before lifting his head up to take a drink thus meeting eyes with him.

There was no doubt in Sena's mind that Shin recognized him.

And, that was without him choking on his tea once he realized how his rival was dressed. When he started turning blue Sena rushed to help him. This only caused more problems, which resulted in Sena having to give Shin CPR to restore his breathing.

All the while Hiruma crackled in the background as Oujou players rushed around trying to be useful, but failing to be so.


It wasn't until the Deimon/Oujou match in the Christmas Bowl that it came to Sena that it was most likely Hiruma's intention that he make Shin choke every time he was around. But, that was only because Shin choked again, and thus failed to tackle him.

I hate this thing.