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Warning: A little bit of cursing...and a kiss.

He struggled very hard to not let the laughter escape his mouth, and he would have to say he was being very successful in his attempts to keep his voice box and his life. Even if he was pissed drunk, Hiruma would surely remember this in the morning.

An extra incentive to keep his mouth shut was that Hiruma had dirt on him from his first and last incident with alcohol. Waking up in zoo had certainly not been Sena's best experience ever.

He absolutely refused to drink even though everyone else allowed themselves something, including Mamori. After all, one didn't win the Christmas Bowl often.

Pushing himself to his limits in the game was exhilarating...the thrill from winning was even better.

Though a thought fluttered in his head, next year around this time would he even be going to the Christmas Bowl? Without Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi...what luck did they really have? He wanted to be happy they won, but at the same time he wanted to go back to that time when they were training to get to this place.

It was really getting there that was the fun, not the goal. Without the path in front of him to run on he felt more than a little sense of loss. However, he wondered if anyone else felt the same way as he did, or if he was alone in feeling this.

But, seeing everyone's happy faces, he seriously doubted they did. Why was he feeling so sad, they had made after all!

Snapping himself out of his slump was harder than Sena thought. So engrossed was he that he didn't notice as the techno song ended, everyone stopping their arm flailing.

He did notice the sudden shadow cast over him, though. Standing in front of him was Hiruma with an unreadable expression on his face. The next song started-- a slow song-- and Sena was launched off his seat by a strong hand being pulled towards the dance floor.

This little establishment had been rented 'courtesy' of the principal for their win.

Sena knew, as did everyone smart enough, that it was actually courtesy of Hiruma's threats. However, when the principal had congratulated the team at the beginning of the party, he actually seemed very proud of them rather than scared of the demon quarterback.

Even Sena himself was starting to lose his fear of Hiruma, though he was sure that Hiruma wouldn't be too happy about that. If anything, Sena still feared Hiruma's unpredictability, this fear doubled as he was pulled into the mad man's arms.

Fearfully, the brunet shifted his eyes around trying to see if anyone was watching them. They weren't, Mizumachi and Taki were having a battle of wits, while Shin and Kakei gave each other serious looks, and Monta was trying to woo Mamori who actually seemed to be giving in to his advances.

He could have also sworn that as Hiruma swirled him around that he saw Takami and Sakuraba in a corner doing something that definitely wasn't talking.

His attention was brought back to Hiruma as the blond haired man bowed his head down closer Sena's ear. His breath hitched a little as hot breath met his flesh, goose bumps rising along his skin.

"Hiru-Hiruma-san?", he managed to choke out.

The captain didn't respond verbally instead he pulled the runningback up flush against his chest. Sena's cheeks warmed from both his embarrassment and the heat of Hiruma's body. A few passed in tense silence, the music still playing in the background.

He jumped when Hiruma finally did speak.

"Don't think, just because we aren't going to be on the team next year that I'm going to let you slack. I'll personally pick out our replacements, so you better keep up your training fucking chibi."

It was a partial threat (though Hiruma didn't have to worry about Sena slacking), but it made him happy to know that Hiruma wasn't completely leaving them on their own.

He smiled into the blond devil's chest...he was so unpredictable. Sena would have to admit if only to himself that his words were extremely comforting.

Hiruma then proceeded to comfort him in a different way, using to long fingers to raise Sena's head and planted a surprisingly soft kiss on his lips.

Yeah, completely unpredictable.

Sena thought for a moment that, maybe, Hiruma wasn't really drunk. As he managed to sound incredibly like he was sober, and then there was distinct lack of taste of alcohol on his lips.

Sena, lost in the heat of the moment, forgot to see if anyone was looking.

I'm not even sure if Hiruma is really drunk or not either.