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Sasuke came out of the bathroom and over to the table Sai was at and Sai told him, him and Sakura were through and he could ask her out, and just as Sasuke was getting ready to go dance with her, he saw her kissing the really hot guy, and froze.


As Sasuke and Sai watched Sakura kiss this hot guy (kinda scary they think he's hot O.-) Sasuke started to get mad and sad at the same time.

-Sakura and hot guy-

As Sakura and the guy pulled apart so they could take a deep breathe in. She realized that she came here to drink and forget about her problems not to make out with a really hot smexy ass guy.

"Ok, well, Im going to hang with my friends and get another drink! I'll call you sometime…uh, what was your name?"

"Ian and you are?"

"Sakura! Later."

"LATER" Ian said waving at get.

As Sakura walked over to the bar to get another drink but something a lot stronger, Sasuke got up and walked behind her and put his hands around her waist and his head on her shoulder and started to follow her. (o.o looks very wrong if u imagine it)

"Whiskey, double please and a double rusty nail" Sakura yelled at the guy who was working at the bar.

In two minutes she got her drinks with Sasuke still attached to her as they walked over to the table. As soon as they sat down Sakura took both the shots and drank them and then laid her head on the table. Then a guy who looked familiar to Sasuke walked over and looked at Sakura and tapped her shoulder.

"What the fuck do you want? Cant you see im laying down?" Sakura yelled at the random person.

"Sakura-Chan, how can you say that to me? And I thought we use to be besties?"

Sakura sat up and looked at the girl who poked her and looked at her closer and then.

"OMFG!!! What's up? How's he doing?"

"He's doing better, he is almost over the fact you ha to leave him. So who is this hot guy and that sexy one?"

"Well Kami, this is Sasuke and Sai. Their from America to. So pick wisely."

"Well Sasuke do want to dance with me and Sakura?"

"Excuse me, when did I say I would dance?"

"Ok, I'll dance" Sasuke said and dragged Sakura to the dance floor looking at Sai for help and he started to laugh, really hard, he even fell out of his seat.

When they got on the dance floor Sasuke had Sakura and Kami on each side of him and Sakura just stood there when Ian came over and started to talk to her and then she started to dance with him moving inch by inch away form Sasuke and Kami and Sasuke was getting mad so her pushed him self against Sakura and she got pushed into Ian who's face was redder then a tomato.

You know why? No you don't so im going to tell you. When Ian went to catch her he got a hand full of breast and Sasuke got even more mad so he and Ian started to push up on Sakura and poor Sakura was going to be a size 'a' instead of 'c' when she left the bar tonight.

Kami saw this and thought it would be a good time to and talk to Sai instead of helping her old friend. Sakura saw her walking away and wondered why no one would help her.

"Hey Sai, so what you doing?" Kami asked him.

"Wha does it look like im doing?"

"Sitting being bored. Why don't you come and dance with me, Sakura and Sasuke?"

"Because I don't want to."

"Well you're going to or Im going to have to drag your chair over to the dance floor and get a gay fat guy to give you a lap dance."

"Let's go to the dance floor."

Kami was thinking he was hot and wanted to see his moves, if he has any that it.

Back to Sakura, Sasuke and Ian, as Sakura tired to get away every chance she got Sasuke and Ian would push harder to keep her in place. (Sounds like a threesome) finally Sakura got tired of it and kneed Sasuke in groin and Ian in the stomach. And Sakura walked off the dance floor bought three bottles of whiskey and walked home.

Sasuke and Ian looked in pain but Sasuke more so and Ian less so and so they talked about Sakura and how they met her (so funny Ian just met her) and why they liked. Then they thought they should go apologize and left to go to her house. And forgot about poor lil Sai and Kami who were dancing.

-Sakura at home-

As Sakura walked in and then into the kitchen she got a bag of peas out of the freezer and then put it on her poor chest. Then got a large cup, not a shot glass, and then poured one of the bottles in and what was left in she drank out of it then grabbed the other two, ice cream, spoon and went into living room to watch Blades of Glory.

With ten minutes of the movie left Sasuke and Ian walked in with chocolate and a shirt that say 'we sorry, we love yooh' (cheesy) and told her they were sorry and gave her a hug, a little to tight tho and she got hurt. Ian said he would keep in touch and left to go home so his mom doesn't get worried which made Sakura think of her parents. Then Sasuke and Sakura were left alone and she un-paused the movie and started to finish watching it when Sasuke took a bite of the ice cream right before she did and she got mad so she hit him with a pillow then they ended up getting into a huge pillow fight and fell asleep.

-Sai and Kami-

Sai was at Kami's apartment and fell asleep on her couch with her on top of him as they were watching 'Little Man'.

-Sasuke and Sakura next morning-

Sasuke woke up first because Sakura was shivering and her hair was in his face tickling his nose. He pulled a blanket on them and then put his arm around her waist and then Sakura started to stir from her sleep and found the position they were in, Sasuke under her and she is on top of him with her nose in his chest shivering, oh and his hand around her waist.

-Later that day-

Sai came home around two in the after noon and found Sasuke and Sakura making out on the couch and Sai coughed to let them know her was there.

"So you guys worked out your problems?" Sai asked and they nodded, "So now you guys are to gather again?" another nod, "Is Sasuke gay?" Sakura nodded then ran to get ready for what was left of the day.

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