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warning: the following story is a high school fic. yesh beware, but these kids aren't rich, they're just going through teenage trama.
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Summary: Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten are threatened to back up off of Sasuke, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Neji from their oh so annoying fangirls. Tension is already setting and leading up to major catfights. Already in Junior year, they have yet to experienced fangirl mania.

It's early September and everybody knows what that means SCHOOL-.-;.

Well all except Sakura knew, but she slept soundlessly when all the sudden…..

"GOOD MORNING FOREHEAD GIRL!!," Ino exclaimed from the top of her lungs.

"Ughh. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE INO-PIG?!" Sakura threw a pillow at Ino and pulled the covers over her head. "FOREHEAD GIRL GET UP SCHOOL STARTS IN 45 MINUTES!!!" Ino shouted with a megaphone in hand. "Oh Shit!!" Sakura leaped up from her bed, grabbed her clothes, and ran into the bathroom.

A few minutes later…. Sakura walked out with 10 minutes to go. "Damn." she muttered. She looked for Ino, which happened to be honking outside very loudly with Tenten and Hinata holding their hands up to their ears.

"Gosh Sakura could you move any faster? Here with Ino is like hell!!" Tenten shouted.

"Sakura get your ass in the car NOW!!" Ino roared.

"Okay, okay. Woman. Geez menstrual cycle this week??" Sakura asked slyly.

Tenten and Hinata chuckling from behind, trying not to tick off the very pissed off Ino.

"Just. Get. In. The. Car." Ino's eyes full of fury.

Sakura did as she said, and Ino sped off in her white Lexus SC 430.

At school

Ino parked her car, locked it up, and ran with her friends to get their schedules.

"Damnit, we only have 7 minutes until the bell rings it's all forehead girl's fault!" Ino accusingly. (let's just pretend that they got there in 3 min.;)

"Well how the hell am I supposed to know we have school?!" Saruka said questionably.

"Ummm cc-an y-you guyy-ss s-stopp f-fighting?" Hinata stated out of the blue.

"Hinata's right, enough bickering, what's your first period class?" Tenten asked.

"Hmm..Kakashi Hatake, English." they said simultaneously.

"Whew. Good 'cause I heard he doesn't come in at least a half-hour late." Tenten signed.

All the girls made their way towards Kakashi-sensei's room.

The door was opened so they grazed through and it was utter chaos in there. Students screaming, paper balls crumpled up and flew across the rooms, and others sat down with iPods in hand.

They made their way through the fan boys going google-eyed with the outfits they were wearing. (forgot to do that, but it's irrelevant, unless you're a visual person, so here yah go!:)

Sakura was wearing a white layered shirt with a black shirt over it, a jean skirt with black leggings, and regular converse. Ino was wearing a light blue tank top with a white cardigan over, some skinny jeans, and baby blue converse. Hinata was wearing a lavender v-neck, a black pleated skirt, and some van slip-ons purple of course. Finally Tenten was wearing a light green polo with faded jeans and green and black checkered vans.

So basically they guys in wonderland after seeing their attire. They all were begging to get attention from the girls saying such things like:

"Will you go out with me??"

"I Love You!!"

"Dang your hot, forget them what 'bout me?"

Or the ever so popular:

"Are you an angel? 'Cause I think I'm in heaven."

Well, the girls absolutely hated lovey-dovey guys with crummy pick-up lines, so they glared at them, telling them to back off and walked towards the corner seats together.

They took their seats mindlessly not paying any attention in their surroundings.

Tenten was reading an article about weapons, Ino was applying lip gloss and listening to BoyslikeGirls, Hinata was starting out the window, and Sakura was eating Skittles glanced at the clock occasionally.

The girls were hanging out and doing their own things, when suddenly a shadow hovered over them looking at them.

"What the hell do you guys want? Huh?" Sakura said as her arms crossed.


"Now, now Haruno, don't need to be so pushy."

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