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Tenchi Muyo: No need for a Bad Monday, Ayeka causes Ryoko's death

When most people have a bad Monday it usually involves a problem or a series of problems that annoy and agitate them, but when you have six aliens living in your house a bad Monday usually involves much more. For poor Tenchi it was the first Monday after graduating from school. He woke up as he had for the past year expecting to see a set or golden cat like eyes watching him. It did annoy him at times but as long as she did not try anything he was ok with it. For Ryoko it helped her relax and on the nights that she needed to relax it helped a great deal. Ayeka however was not too thrilled with that monster being so close to Tenchi but she trusted him whenever he said that nothing had happened.

On this day however when he woke up he saw her there, but asleep this time. When he noticed her just sleeping barely a foot over him he could not help but smile. He thought to himself, "when she's asleep she look so beautiful." After he thought that he inwardly kicked himself as he could not allow himself to think that about any of the girls living here. Sliding out from under her carefully to change he thought about what should he do, should he wake her or leave her there. It took only a moment for him to decide to let her sleep some more as if he woke her up then he knew that she would try to grab him again.

He reached out for the door, then stopped. Walking back over to her he rolled her over and gently moved her to the bed. When she was on his bed he covered her up and then walked back out. His mind had told him that he should not have done that, but for some reason he felt that he should try to make her more comfortable. Since he released her from the cave she had been attacked by Ayeka, chased by a creature that she has summoned, kidnapped by Kagato, forced to watch him die, then after a fierce fight she could not even thank the one that saved her without others getting in the way.

When he thought about that day, he remembered how she begged Kagato to spare him, and how she cried thinking that he had been killed. When he won she had wanted to be the first to thank him, but everyone beat her there and then after the ship exploded she had lost her chance to thank him. He was not blind, nor deaf. He heard how much she wanted to thank him, and he recalled how good it felt to hold her in his arms like he had, even if it was only for a few moments. After that incident she had been watching him sleep, and as she said she wanted to make sure he was safe.

After that day she had had some fights with Ayeka, and then was made fun of when she tried to care for a baby, and finally kidnapped again. This last one affected her as much as the first time. He remembered holding Zero, hearing her words, and wishing that the real Ryoko felt the same.

A smile came to his lips as he remembered how she had held onto his arm when the Emperor and his wives departed. As soon as it had appeared he whipped it away to keep from having anyone ask him about it.

At breakfast everyone was assembled save Ryoko, as she was sleeping. Ayeka sat beside him and after they started Sasami was the one to ask about Ryoko. "Has anyone seen Ryoko?"

Mihoshi jumped in; "yea it's not like her to miss breakfast."

Ayeka as her usual self stepped in, "that demon is possibly somewhere sleeping, as usual."

Sasami looked at her sister in her usual tone showing how she disliked it when she said things like that. Tenchi too had grimaced at hearing her words, but he did not want to say where she was, not yet.

After she examined everyone's eyes she looked down in shame for her words and apologized. The rest of breakfast was quiet. After breakfast Tenchi had asked Sasami to fix Ryoko some breakfast for when she did wake up.

Having left the house he went to train with his grandfather while his dad left for work. Mihoshi and Ayeka went outside to do their chores. Sasami as usual had run of the kitchen with Ryo-Ohki. Ayeka was doing laundry today and she went into everyone's room to collect it. That was when she saw Ryoko asleep in Tenchi's bed.

"Ryoko! You lazy harlot! Get out of Lord Tenchi's bed this instant!"

Ryoko woke up and looked at her. "Hay for your info I was just..." She stopped as she saw that she was in fact in his bed. After a brief moment she tried to ask how she got here, but Ayeka did not allow her to speak.

"You worthless piece of space trash, get out of there now! I don't see why he pities you so, allowing you to remain here. Unless he is afraid that you will try to destroy his world too."

"Hay stuff it princess, he's not afraid..." She was cut off as Ayeka began again.

"Oh really, then why does he run from you all the time? Why has he not given you back your gems? Because he knows you will destroy everything if he does." Ayeka had had enough of this demon being around. She knew that she may be stretching the truth but it is high time for this pirate to know the truth, or at least her version.

Ryoko could not respond, for once she was at a loss for words. Why had he let me stay, why has he not given me back my gems? She began to cry as Ayeka's words stung her soul more than any thing else had in the past.

When Ayeka saw the tears she saw it as a sign that the pirate was learning so she continued not thinking about what she was saying or the effect they were having.

Ryoko cried out to Tenchi then jumped into the air and teleported away. Ayeka smiled smugly as she had finally taught this devil a lesson. Tenchi looked up from his training. He had heard her call him again, just like before.

He would not let her down this time, but when he went to move his grandfather was right there. He anticipated the swing and was able to dodge it then after planting an elbow into his teachers' gut he ran back towards the house.

Katsuhito was impressed; as this was the first time he had not only dodged successfully but also planted a good solid strike back. As he watched him run off he wanted to say good work but with the air knocked out of him it was difficult to say anything.

As he ran back to the house Ryoko had teleported to the stairs and was floating up them crying when Tenchi ran into her. "Ryoko are you ok?" He saw her crying so he wrapped his arms around her as she cried.

She did not want to see him right now but crying like she was and having his arms around her was a welcome feeling none the less. He held her as she cried uncontrollably for some time. After a few moments he sat on the stairs cradling her in his arms.

It was almost an hour later when either of them spoke. Ryoko broke the silence first. "I, I'm sorry."

"Ryoko, it's not a problem. I, well I..." He thought about what to say but he could not form the words.

She looked up at him; her eyes were red and almost bloodshot from all her crying. The sight tore him up on the inside, as he wanted to make her feel better. When she spoke again she asked a question that he had not thought much about except in his nightmares.

"Tenchi, why have you never given me back my other gems?"

Many things could have been said like how he wanted to tell her that he was afraid that she would leave him, but instead of telling her the truth he lied, hoping that she would believe it. "Well I have not really given it much thought." He looked down in shame, as it had been a lie.

She heard his words but his actions and body language told her something else. She looked at him closely and then said to him, "you are afraid aren't you?"

His blood ran cold, she knew but how? All he could do was nod numbly. She jumped up out of his arms, "I don't care then, keep them! I hope you like them." She rose into the air as she yelled back, "and don't pity me any more, I will just stay out of your way."

He could not say a word, as she vanished before him. He had lied to her, and she knew it. But he did not get a chance to explain. All he could do was wonder, 'why does she think I pity her?' When he pulled his sword out of his pocket he looked at her gems, and it became clear to him about two things. First off he would give them back as soon as he could, and secondly he would have to talk to Ayeka, as she was the only one that talked about pitying her.

As he held his sword he cried over what had just happened, after he had tried to be there in her moment of weakness he lied to her and now she had left him. He only got a moment to cry as an explosion rocked him out of his thoughts.

Ryoko had teleported to the dock by the house. And there she cried some more. She could not believe that he pitied her and that he was afraid of her. Ayeka had seen Ryoko on the docks and after her victory this morning she was sure of another one now.

"Well demon did you talk to him?"

She did not have the strength to fight, "go away Ayeka." That was all she could say and she had to take a few moments before hand to steady herself so that she would not sound like she was crying.

"Oh so you know that he is scared of you, huh? So now what demon, are you going to try and destroy everything like on Jurai? Well monster?"

Ryoko could not take any more she turned around facing Ayeka with her sword drawn. "Is this what you want? Fine then so be it!" Before Ayeka could say a word Ryoko had thrown her gems to the ground and the one on her wrist she removed by cutting off her wrist. As the gems she made in the cave hit the ground they exploded, while the one on her left wrist hit the ground with a thud.

She looked at Ayeka with a fierceness that she had never seen before. "Know this Princess Ayeka of Jurai. You have slain me." Ryoko pulled her sword into her chest. As she hit the ground she said a silent goodbye to everyone including Tenchi.

Authors Note: Although Ayeka may seam to be way OOC and would not normally hound Ryoko like she is in this part it is not entirely her fault. To see what I mean please read through the whole story, it may surprise you. I hope everyone likes it.