Tenchi Muyo: Friday: Another guest for Dinner

Tenchi and Ryoko found themselves once more aboard the Ryo-Ohki on their way to the edge of the barrier. However this time there was one major difference, she was flying herself without the aid of Ryoko. It was after he had noticed a ship at the barrier and then asked her to call Ryo-Ohki that she noticed that she could no longer talk to her cabbit. It was the bond of the gem that allowed them to talk to each other and it was the gem that allowed her to control the cabbit.

Just this morning Ryoko had given the three gems back to Washu, and she had re-absorbed their powers back into herself. After that her mom was able to have her full powers back as a goddess, one of three sisters. The shock of what her mom was and whom she was related to had left her in a daze for some time. And when he had asked her to get Ryo-Ohki so that they could go to the barrier she had discovered her problem.

She did think it was funny how they had to search for her only to find her with Sasami in the kitchen. The little fur-ball as she was called was then asked to fly them to the barrier and now it was purely up to her to get them there, as the two could no longer communicate over their mind link. Little Miss Fur-Ball did not like her name at first so Ryoko had to apologize first before she would even transform.

When asked Washu did say that she would give them something to allow them to talk but did not say what or even when it would be ready. And so it was that Ryoko and Tenchi left in Ryo-Ohki without a way for the two girls to communicate. It was a good thing that the ship they were going to meet was not hostile, otherwise there could have been a problem.

On the way there the two of them talked and out of the conversation it was one question that now had her thinking, so much in fact that she barely noticed where she was. He had asked her, "When Washu gives you that think to allow you to talk to Ryo-Ohki again do you want to control her or just talk to her?" Of coarse he did not mean it the way it sounded but it got her thinking. In the past her and her cabbit had been through many things together. During the whole time Ryo-Ohki had asked her not to do something and she did it anyway.

"Does that make me like Kagato?" She kept asking in her mind. She would argue back and forth saying that she never abused or hurt her friend, but just a short time ago she had hurt her friends' feelings. Remembering that had made her feel horrible and unsure if she really was any better than 'he' was. Tenchi had tried to reassure her that they were different, but Ryoko knew that at times she enjoyed the control. She liked being able to tell something to do something and it would. She was torn from her thoughts as Tenchi began to speak.

"Ryo-Ohki can you contact that ship?"

She of coarse responded with a "Myia!" and then a woman was displayed on the screen. She was not bad looking to him and her teal hair reminded him of Ryoko. But it was the galaxy police uniform that got his attention.

Right before he opened his mouth to speak he heard Ryoko through their link, "She is not prettier than me is she?"

He thought, "I am going to have to watch what I think." Then told her through the link, "no one could come close to your beauty." He cast a glance at her and found that she was blushing. Smiling he addressed the officer, "This is Tenchi Masaki, the guardian of this System. What may I help you with officer?"

"Hello I am First Class Detective Kiyone of the Galaxy Police, my superior has assigned me to assist detective Mihoshi with..."

"You're Kiyone!" Tenchi & Ryoko said at once as they realized that this was the officer that Mihoshi had told them about before. They had thought that she was just a story that Mihoshi had made up. Tenchi then asked her the burning question in his mind, "Weren't you killed during the Ultra Energy Matter case?"

Her face went red and she clenched her fists in anger, "How'd you know about that?"

Tenchi held up his hands trying to calm her down, "Easy, Mihoshi told us about it and she thought you were dead."


Tenchi and Ryoko looked at each other and they shared a concerned and knowing look. If this is that Kiyone then Mihoshi was at least telling us some of the truth, and from how she has been acting lately it was easy to tell that once again they had been wrong about the blonde GP. It was her idea for him to become the guardian and she was the one that found a way for them all to stay here so it was easy to tell that she could easily have been as good as she said she was. This GP though still harbored anger and it was unknown how she would react to Mihoshi now.

It was Ryoko to speak up next that brought him out of his thoughts, "I guess we should take you to her then." Then to Tenchi she spoke mentally, 'Tenchi, Washu said to not worry about her she was not a threat."

The GP now had her anger back under control, "Yes please. I have to debrief her and deliver her new orders as ambassador here."

He smiled and then allowed her ship to pass through the barrier. "Follow us then." And with that the two ships moved back towards Earth. Inside each of the passengers had their minds on the future. Tenchi was worried that Kiyone might do something to Mihoshi and he also wondered what she would do when she found out her partner was still alive.

Kiyone was wondering how freely Mihoshi had given out classified information, but as the Marshall had said she was pretty bad for a while. So she had to really control herself. Not only that but she still could not figure out how this boy had changed Mihoshi, Ryoko and the two princess of Jurai, it made no sense.

For Ryoko though she was lost thought again. If Washu were to give her a way to talk to Ryo-Ohki again would she just command the cabbit, her friend and companion of several thousand years? What was worse was that right now she could not even ask her cabbit what she wanted. The more she thought about it the worse she felt and the more she feared. She began asking herself senseless and fear-filled questions. "What if Ryo-Ohki doesn't want to be connected to me? Would she prefer to not let anyone control her? What right do I have to control her?" Scenes from when she had repeatedly spoken harshly to Ryo-Ohki and commanding her to do things that she didn't want to, were coming fast and furiously to her mind. She closed her eyes as a tear began to form. She was shaken from her thoughts by Tenchi's mind voice.

"Ryoko? Ryoko what are you thinking?" She collapsed against him crying over the many things running rampant through her mind that she was loosing control to. He held her against him as he spoke to her. "Tell me, please, what's wrong?"

Unable to hold her emotions or fears in check she let go of her control and let him into her mind completely. He saw the fear and confusion running rampant in her. Sitting in the command chair he pulled her into it with him so that he cradled her in his lap. Placing his head against hers he began to help her regain control.

"Ryoko! Ryoko, listen to me. Focus on my voice." In her mind he saw ghosts of her pasts floating around screaming at her. It did not take long to gather together the images and accusations that her demons were accusing her of being just like Kagato. He controlled her and commanded her around like she did to Ryo-Ohki. "Ryoko stop it!" The voices went silent and all motions stopped.

"Tenchi, I'm scared." Her voice was timid and weak.

"I know. All people get scared, but you don't need to do this. I see you are scared of becoming like, 'him' because you command Ryo-Ohki, right?" She nodded slowly and the voices started again, but just whispering this time. "Do you love me?"

The suddenness of his question and the sincerity of his voice caused her to look up at him. "Yes." As she spoke the voices stopped and all was silent in her mind with the exception of him as he spoke again.

"Then you can never be like 'him', as he said emotions were weak. But emotions make us stronger. All you have to do is ask her what she wants. Do you remember when we joined?" Looking at him surprised over his words she just nodded her head again. "When you were kidnapped and we needed a way to get to you she provided us with a way. I did not ask her to, she volunteered. She cares for you too." Tenchi brought back to his mind that day and what the cabbit had done, and Ryoko found herself in tears as she remembered from his viewpoint what had happened. Her fears eased for now, she allowed herself to just enjoy his company. If he thought things were going to be ok, then that's they way it was going to be.

Upon nearing the planet Tenchi had Ryoko contact Washu and make sure an extra spot was made for dinner tonight. As they neared the Earth Tenchi wondered what he had done to have so many women staying with him? At first he would have traded it all for a moment's peace, but now he was finding that he just wanted a moments peace with one of them, Ryoko. But he did not want to loose his friends, what would happen now to Ayeka, Sasami and Mihoshi.

Washu had one request of them though, they were to approach the dark side of the moon, and enter one of her portals. That way they went from there to inside her lab without fear that any earthling would not be able to spot them. Needless to say Tenchi and Ryoko were not thrilled about being back in her lab so soon, but this did give Ryoko a chance to talk to Washu. Unbeknownst to them it also brought her new guinea pig right into her lab for testing.

Not knowing better Kiyone just followed the Ryo-Ohki to the dark side of the moon, and into the portal as they explained it was a back door to home. However once she disembarked from her ship she was astonished by the lab in which they were in, no to mention being assaulted by a funny little re-haired scientist that she remembered as Washu. She was asking the new girl hundreds of questions and looking over her carefully. Kiyone got the distinct impression she has just become an unwilling experiment.

She was saved for the moment by of all people, Ryoko. "Uh, mom?" She heard the ex-pirate call the scientist. "We need to talk." And at that the two of them left her alone. Tenchi was the next one to arrive.

"I am sorry about that, she tends to treat everyone here as a lab experiment."

She let out an uneasy chuckle, "I see."

"Are you ready to meet the others?" He gestured towards a door and taking a deep breath she went towards it with him. Tenchi stepped through first and called the others. She thought it was strange because he called for Ayeka and Sasami as if they were commoners. And even more surprising they came to him; acting like it was completely normal. Being this surprised to be surrounded and considered equal to three members of royalty she completely forgot to bow upon meeting them, but they did not even seem to notice. She stayed with them for a moment before she heard Mihoshi's voice.

"Hay Mihoshi," she heard Tenchi say, "a GP officer just arrived."

"Oh ok." And with that said Mihoshi entered the living room and stopped as she saw Kiyone. "K... Ki...Kiyone?" and then she fainted.

Sasami looked at the unconscious GP; "She's unconscious again." And then the two princesses began to laugh.