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Summary: Takes place after the Battle Frontier. Ash and friends: May, Max, and Brock so you are not confused, arrive at a town that is near a mysterious pyramid. The frontier brains, plus some of the Elite Four, mostly Drake and Lance, are invited for a special meeting. When going on an investigation of the ruins, a threat more powerful than any Pokemon ever is unleashed. Can the gang and their old and new friends take on this new threat. And Anabel plans on telling Ash how she feels, will she get time to do it, and what of Brock and Lucy, read to find out. Misty, Gary, Richie, Delia, and Prof. Oak are also in this story. This will be AshxAnabel, and BrockxLucy, and if I knew how old Greta was I could also do a Max and Greta pairing just for fun, so if anyone knows please tell me. Please enjoy. I hope you like it. I don't know a good rating right now, cause I don't know what will happen, but for now it'll be K+. R&R please.

A/N: This is my first AshxAnabel and BrockxLucy fic. I hope it's good. The reason I'm righting this, is there are not that many AshxAnabel or BrockxLucy fics. And they are some of my favorite pairings. I'm also doing this in movie format. I hope you enjoy, please read on.


Our world is inhabited by mysterious creatures, called Pokemon. Many trainers battle there Pokemon, too prove their strength in battle. One young man, who had done many challenges on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master. The boys name was Ash Ketchem, and he had placed in the top 16 of the Pokemon league, he won the Orange Legue, and he placed top 8 in both Johto and Hoenn legue championships. Recently he had conquered the Battle Frontier.

Ash is joined by Brock, who wants to be a Pokemon Breeder. May, who is a coordinator, she participates in a lot of contests, and her little brother Max. Together they have faced many challenges, and tough enemies. But nothing is as tough as what they will be facing next. An evil that could threaten the entire world of Pokemon. This story will tell of the legend that will change this world. It's time for Ash and friends, to prepare for their ultimate challenge. Let the adventure...begin.


The clouds rolled through the sky, raining hard onto the plains below. Outside a huge kingdom, was an army, that was marching towards the kingdom. Only a handful of Pokemon were protecting the people from the deadly army. On top of a large mountain, in the middle of the army, stood a black Pokemon. His body was wavy, which freaked most people and Pokemon out. His eyes were cold and red, two large fangs were shown in his mouth. His head had sharp spikes coming out, and his center body had a symbol, which stood for darkness. At the kingdom, a young man with black hair and brown eyes stood beside the princess of the kingdom, who had blond hair, and green eyes. "The army is moving fast," she commented to the man.

"I know Princess Ashea," the man nodded. "I wished the king was still here."

"I do too," Ashea whispered. "I miss father."

"Don't worry, I'll protect you and this kingdom," the man said. "I must give our son a good life."

"But how do you expect to do that Sir Arnorld?" Ashea asked. "Spooky is really powerful. He has built an army stronger than any thing we have ever faced."

"I know Ashea, but, there is a way," Arnorld said. He pulled out a small crystal from his pocket. Ashea gasped when she saw the familiar blue crystal.

"T-T-That's my fathers," Ashea managed.

"I know," Arnold said. "He gave this to me during that fight at Mountain Pass."

"What are you going to do with that Sir Arnorld?" Ashea asked.

"I'm going to use it to seal up Spooky, which will stop this war," Arnold replied.

"But how, this won't be an easy task," Ashea commented.

"I know, I would have to sneak into that pyramid and use the crystal in the throne room. Which will seal Spooky inside the pyramid forever...I hope," Arnold said.

"But, what if you die?" Ashea asked, tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Ashea, this is my duty, as the protector of this kingdom," Arnold answered. Ashea turned and threw her arms around Arnold's neck.

"I don't what you too go," Ashea cried.

"It has to be done Princess Ashea," Arnold said. "You need to leave, give our son a good future, and help the prosperity of this land."

"I don't care, I want you to stay with me," Ashea continued crying. Arnold sighed as he lifted up her face so that she was staring into his brown eyes. Taking one of his fingers he moved a stray blond hair out of her eyes. He then softly kissed Ashea on the lips. Tears poured down her face as they parted, and Arnold turned to the edge of the tower they were standing on. He took a deep breath, took one last look at Ashea, before jumping down onto the fields below. He then began to run down the mountain side. A silver bird, and blue and red bird flew beside him.

"Swellow, go find Charizard," Arnold commanded the blue and red colored bird. Swellow nodded and turned to find one of the generals of the army, Charizard. Arnold then turned to Skarmory, the silver bird, "I want you to hold off those that attack us until Charizard gets here." Skarmory complied, and turned his head to see if anything was coming. Spooky's red eyes followed Arnold, his teeth grinding together.

"Houndoom! Go after that man!" Spooky commanded with anger. The Houndoom growled as they charged for the man. Skarmory saw them coming and turned his head and shot a sea of stars at the coming dog Pokemon. Skarmory then dove toward them, his wings glowing a white color as they collided with the Houndoom and knocked them onto the ground. A giant Pokemon with a horn spinning on his head marched towards Skarmory with angry eyes. But before he arrived to begin battle, he was sent sprawling onto the ground by a huge fire attack. Charizard landed down next to Skarmory, his head turned to see if Arnold was okay, which he was. Charizard turned to see more Pokemon charging towards Arnold. He roared out orders, which each Pokemon in the vicinity complied with. Arnold saw Charizard and some other Pokemon taking care of the attacking Pokemon. The ground began to shift and he looked down and saw dark vines shooting out of the ground.

"Crap," Arnold said as he grind his teeth. He jumped to the side to dodge the attack, and ran up the side of a mountain. He then jumped onto another landing, and glanced down to see more vines shooting towards him. He dodged the coming attacks, his eyes glancing at a red Pokemon with steel wings flying towards him. "Scizor, one of the two generals of Spooky's army." Scizor charged towards him, but before he could reach his target, he was knocked to the side by a giant green dragon Pokemon. "Rayquaza!" Arnorld called with relief. "Why did you decide to show up?" The Pokemon growled in reply as he dodge an attack by Scizor. He glanced behind him to see the other general, Salamence flying towards him. But Salamence was knocked back by a fire attack. Charizard then floated up beside Rayquaza. Growling at the green dragon. Rayquaza nodded and turned and flew towards Salamence, knocking the giant blue dragon back a ways. While Charizard was locked in battle with Scizor, who refused to be defeated. Spooky turned his eyes from the dueling Pokemon, to see Arnold approaching his pyramid.

"Dangit," Spooky growled. He then charged towards Arnold, fire burning in his red eyes. Arnold saw him coming and picked up the pace, he had to get to the pyramid before Spooky. The dark Pokemon lifted his hand and shot a dark ball at Arnold who managed to dodge it. Sweat was pouring down the mans face as he jumped into a ravine and continued running towards the pyramid. Spooky let out an angry roar as he dived into the ravine after Arnold. His eyes began to glow as he shot a dark beam at Arnorld. The man saw it and crouced to the side, letting the blast hit the wall of the ravine. He ran pass the falling debris, which slowed Spooky down briefly. Arnold saw the entrance of the pyramid up ahead, floating in the air. He jumped onto a ledge of the ravine, and used that ledge to jump to another, until he jumped into the pyramid He turned corners hear and there, trying to find the throne room. When he finally did, he saw a tablet on the right side of the throne. He slowly walked forward and pulled out the crystal. Before he could place it in, he was knocked into a wall by a dark vine. Glancing to the entrance, he saw Spooky glaring at him, an evil smirk on his face. "Looks like I caught Arnold, the only one who survived me at Mountain Pass. Now, you are finished."

"I don't think so," Arnold growled. "I'm not going to let you continue tormenting this world."

"What can you do?" Spooky asked with humor in his voice. "When I get the energy source from your kingdom, I'll be able to unleash the true power of my pyramids power."

"Sorry, but that won't happen," Arnold snarled. He took the crystal and tied it around his hand, so that the crystal was pressing into his palm. Spooky lifted his arms, and a sea of dark vines shot towards Arnorld. The man rolled ot the side to dodge the attack. He then jumped over a dark energy ball and sprinted towards the tablet. The place where the crystal belonged situated in the center. He dodged vine after vine, until he got to the throne. He picked up a rocky stool, and threw it at the vines, stopping them briefly. He then turned and quickly placed his palm on the tablet. A white light began to shine, and a white energy shot out, pulling Spooky into the tablet.

"Noooooooooooo! This can't be!" Spooky roared. He glanced to the side to see Scizor and Salamence being dragged into the vortex.

"I get to kill three birds with one stone," Arnold smirked. The man then grimaced in pain as his palm began to burn, but he had to endure. Scizor and Salamence entered the tablet first, followed by Spooky, who screamed all the way in. Arnold laughed slightly as he began to disappear as well. "Guess it's over." He vanished from the room, the crystal shooting out of its place and out of the pyramid. The giant pyramid then crashed into the ground, and all the Pokemon stopped to watch as a white light shone out, and began to calm every Pokemon. Ashea watched with tear filled eyes as the white light continued to shine.

"Arnold," she whispered. She then saw the crystal as it floated into her hands. "I understand," she nodded as she placed the crystal to her heart. "I'll protect this for my father, and you, Arnold." As the events ended a small stone piece, showing the symbol for darkness was placed where the crystal had once been. Sealing Spooky, and his two generals in their prison for as long as time let them. No one knew about the dangers that would happen next, or the power that would be unleashed. But, it was soon to come.

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of Spooky

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