What Are You Willing To Do?

By: I Laugh at ur Pain

For: Princesstarfire

It started as any other day. A cold, salt air blustered through her hair as she walked along the beach. Her crimson hair blew behind her as her emerald eyes stared at the ocean and sky. Pink and orange clouds, fluffy, full, floated above her. The sun, sitting upon the ocean, looking so peaceful.

"Starfire?" somebody asked her. Starfire turned around to face the one and only, Robin. Leader of the Teen Titans and the owner of Starfire's heart, without even knowing it.

"Oh, Robin, why have you ventured out here so early on this beautiful day?" Starfire asked him, a smile on her face.

"I could as you the same thing…. I saw you from my window and wanted to see what you were doing," Robin said before he started to walk away.

"Robin, you do not have to go. Please walk with me, I do not wish to be alone," Starfire begged.

"Alright, I can stay for a bit," Robin said and they began walking along the shore.

"Robin, what do you think we shall do today?" Starfire questioned. Robin opened his mouth to answer, but instead he said,

"I don't know Starfire. Nobody knows the future," Robin said. He looked over at Starfire to find that her face was scrunched together.

"Star you okay?" Robin asked.

"I was just thinking, maybe friend Raven can see the future. Then I can see what the future holds for us," Starfire said happily.

"Us?" he asked.

"Yes. You, me, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, us. Did you think of something different?" Starfire asked, Robin's face dropped and he said,

"Yeah, but it was a far fetched idea. Never gonna happen," he said, suddenly fascinated by the bug that crawled past his foot.

"Thank you for walking with me Robin. I must go now, for my tummy is getting angry. It wants food and is making funny noises," Starfire said, laughing a bit.

"I shall see you inside!" Starfire cried out and with a noise from her stomach, she flew into the tower. Robin just smiled, he loved the way she said tummy instead of stomach. With the thought of her smile in his head, Robin walked off.

That After Noon:

"Titans! Trouble!" Robin yelled. They sprang into action and when they reached the park, they were greeted by Clock Work.

"Hello Titans! Come to ruin my life again? Well too bad! I have what I wanted and now I'm leaving!" Clock Work cried out and opened a portal. He was about to jump in when Starfire jumped on top of him, but they still went tumbling into the portal.

"Not again!" Robin yelled before jumping in after Starfire just before the portal close.

"Oh no," was all Raven could manage to say.

With Robin and Starfire:

There were clocks everywhere. It was new for Robin, but old for Starfire. Robin was looking everywhere while Starfire was fighting Clock Work. ( I know OOC) Soon Clock Work disappeared and it was only Robin and Starfire.

"Starfire what happens next?!" Robin cried out to her.

"We shall soon be sucked into a different time period!" Starfire yelled back.

"We have to stay together! Gram my hand!" Robin yelled out and reached for Starfire. He grabbed her hand and slowly pulled Starfire close to himself. She clung to Robin as they started to spin out of control. Robin liked the feeling of Starfire clinging to his chest, but under the circumstances, it was hard to enjoy.

"Star what's happening?!" Robin yelled over the sound of wind rushing past them.

"I am guessing that we are being sucked into a time period!" she yelled back. There was a silence between the two and soon everything was quiet. Everything around them was white and not a noise was heard. Not even their own breathing.

"Robin, if we die. I just wanted to tell you that I -" but Starfire was cut off as they went flying into the air. Robin and Starfire were separated from eachother seconds before crashing to the ground.

The last thing Starfire saw was Robin's out stretched hand and then the ground. After that everything was blank. She still didn't wake when she people picked her up and carried her off so she may see the rulers of this new time.

New Time New Time New Time New Time New Time New Time New Time

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