Chapter 9: Big Surprise

Robin held Starfire's hand as they went rushing into the hospital. People around them were staring in shock as she went rushing past them and into a room.

"Deep breaths," a nurse told Starfire, pacing next to them. Starfire winced in pain as she took another deep breath.

"The contractions are getting faster!" another nurse yelled.

"Hold on Starfire, you're doing great," Robin said, kissing her on the forehead.

"We need you to push," a doctor said. A nurse placed a damp towel on Starfire's forehead as Starfire closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I can see the head," the doctor said smiling.

"Get us a towel!" one of the nurses in the background cried out.

"Come on Star, deep breath," Robin said, giving her hand a light squeeze. She took a deep breath and sighed in relief as the crying of a new baby filled the room and echoed in her ears.

"Keep pushing!" the nurse cried.

"What? Why? The baby is out!" Robin asked.

"She's having twins," the nurse said.

"Oh God!" Starfire cried out before pushing again. Robin quickly returned to her side and grasped her hand.

"Come on! You're doing great! Almost there," the doctor said.

"Somebody get a fresh towel!" a nurse yelled, watching as the brim of the baby's head started to show.

"Another one?" a nurse yelled back..

"Yeah! We got twins!" the same nurse yelled before another nurse came rushing in with a dark blue towel and handed it to the nurse.

"Good luck," she said before running off.

"Come on Star, deep breaths," Robin said, rubbing his thumb across her tightened fist. Crying, once again, filled the room and Starfire collapsed into the bed.

"You did great," Robin said, giving Starfire a light kiss before walking over to their new born children. He picked up their daughter and brought her to Starfire.

"She's beautiful," Starfire said, looking up at the baby.

"She has your eyes," Starfire then added. Robin smiled down at his beautiful wife before looking at the deep blue eyes of his daughter. The nurse brought over the other child and placed her in Starfire's arms.

"And she has your eyes as well!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Well at least Josh has your eyes," Robin said, chuckling a bit.

"What should we name them?" Starfire asked, looking down at their daughters.

"Well, I think she should be Emma," Robin said, looking down at the baby girl in his arms.

"Okay, I like it. Now what about this cutie?" Starfire asked about the baby in her arms.

"Hmmm… how about Cassandra?" Robin asked,

"Cassandra, I like it. We can call her Cassy for a nickname!" Starfire said happily.

"I'm gonna give Emma to you so I can go see the others real quick," Robin said, placing Emma in Starfire's empty arm and giving her a kiss. He then walked out the door to be greeted by Raven.

"Is she okay? I heard something about twins," she asked.

"Yeah, Star is fine and had twins. They're girls, Emma and Cassandra," Robin said, smiling at her.

"Thank god they're girls!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, but now you have to have a boy. Don't want Josh to be stuck with two girls and nobody to play with," Robin said.

"What if Cy and Bee have a boy? Then can I have a girl?" Raven asked as they started to walk towards the others.

"Hey Robin! How's our girl?" Cyborg asked, standing up and walking over to them.

"She's doing good. So are the other girls. Oh, and Raven wants Bee to have a boy," Robin said.

A boy? Yeah right," Bee said, standing up.

"What's so bad about having a boy?" Cyborg asked.

"Yeah, why would you want a girl?" Beast Boy asked, stepping into the picture.

"It's something called Daddy's Little Girl and girls night out. Along with seeing chick flicks, talking about boys, going to the spa, and shopping," Bee said.

Not only that but you can also share poetry, music, writing, and magic," Raven added.

"Oh yeah, well what about father, son day? Going to see a funny movie, teaching them how to write their name in the show with pee!" Beast Boy cried.

"Ewww!" was all Bee and Raven said.

"Along with fixing cars, talking about mean, playing game station, seeing an action movie, and talking about cars," Cyborg added, making the list very long.

"You know what? NO matter what, boy or girl, they'll be in a safe placed and loved. No Red X, no Slade, almost no crime in the city, and some of the best parents. They'll have a fine life," Robin said, interrupting their fight.

"True, but I'm still not having a boy," Raven said before the fight started once again.

"Daddy!" Josh cried, running over to Robin and taking hold of his finger.

"Hey Buddy. Come on, lets go see Mommy and your new sisters," Robin said before they walked off.

The End!!!!

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