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So this one's short- it's another twoshot. I'll be honest, the second part's more exciting than the first, but we wouldn't have the second if the first didn't come before it and lead us there.

This is supposed to be a little story that examines different decisions made during a hunt, what contributes to them, and what their outcomes are. It'll all tie together in the end. There are two main OCs in this that I needed to contrast Sam and Dean to make my point. I hate OCs in general, so I apologize for their prevalence, hopefully they're okay.

Also! There's lots of hurt!Sam in here, accompanied by some lesser hurt!Dean.

"Dean! Down!"

Dean dropped to the floor and cringed as he heard the shotgun blast sail over his head and into the kryepar standing two feet (0.6 m) away. Although unable to hurt the creature, the shotgun blast did give Dean enough time to roll onto his feet and begin running in the other direction of the warehouse.

Behind him, Dean heard another voice ring out. "What the hell you doin' Sammy?! Put that frickin' shotgun away! That ain't gonna do shit against these things."

Although unable to voice it during his high-speed game of chase, Dean agreed. The voice belonged to 'Desert'- a short, heavyset, latino man with a goatee, a bad attitude, a great sense of humor, and the probably the most extensive armament that Dean had ever seen.

"Des man, back the hell off the kid, Dean was in his shot!"

Dean rolled his eyes as he made a sharp turn to the right, narrowly avoiding the monsters claws. The second voice belonged to 'Willet'- an easy going guy, medium build, medium height, an even better sense of humor, and an abundance of knowledge pertaining to all things supernatural.

Desert and Willet had, on a few occasions, hunted with the great John Winchester, and although they were close to John's age, they even managed to teach the late hunter a few tricks of the trade. In this instance, however, they were hunting with his sons. Dean wouldn't have exactly called them family friends. He never really knew them well- just well enough to know that his father respected them, and as far as he could tell, they had no intention of hurting Sam.

Desert's voice rang out for a second time. "He ain't a baby, Will. Don't coddle the freakin' kid. Dean did his part. He set up the shot and dropped. He was out of the way. Sammy! Next time you take that shot!"

Another turn to the left and Dean found himself, once again, running toward his brother. This time he spoke. "You ready Sammy?"

Sam gave him a decisive shake of the head and readied the shotgun.


Dean watched his brother flinch slightly as Desert yelled out his name. Then Sam shook his head again- Dean didn't really understand why, but whatever the reason, Sam wasn't going to use the taser.

The monster that they were hunting was a kryepar, a relative of the rawhead- although kryepars, in general, were more intelligent. This one in particular seemed to be giving the hunters an exceptionally hard time. Unfortunately, like the rawhead, the only way to kill a kryepar would be to electrocute it. Therefore, if this thing was going to die, Sam would need to use the taser.

Before he could argue the point further, Dean watched as Desert came up along Sam's side. His brow seemed to be creased in frustration and annoyance. The man spoke with a nod, "Fine. You won't kill the thing. I will. Dean drop!"

Without a second thought, Dean dropped to the floor expecting to hear the zap of the taser hitting its mark behind him. Instead, he heard a yell from Sam and saw the taser's discharge hit the ground ten feet to his left. What the hell? Before he could ponder the situation any further, Dean heard the creature bellow and felt the beast's claws slice open is back. From his right, a shotgun blast sounded and the kryepar was thrown off its prey. Then Dean was pulled into a standing position and forced to run.

Dean looked at the man who had helped him up. "What the hell-"

Willet shook his head and threw his shotgun over his shoulder. "No talk, just run."

Dean nodded and followed his rescuer, both of them ducking as they slid under a forklift. It made sense that Willet had used the shotgun, his taser had been the first to 'shoot and miss'. In the background, Dean could hear his brother and Desert fighting.

Sam's angry voice echoed through the nearly empty warehouse. "You could've killed him!"

"Excuse me? Let me tell you something Sammy…right now. You don't ever knock one of my shots off-target again. You do and you'll be shitting blood for a month. You got that?"

"And let me tell you something. You don't ever aim a weapon anywhere near my brother again- or you won't be shitting at all for a month. You got that?"

Dean couldn't help but laugh as he made a sharp right, narrowly avoiding the kryepar's claws for a second time. Although in this instance he agreed with Desert- Sammy should've taken the shot with the taser- he couldn't help but think that Sam really had a way with words. Especially considering, that if Sam and Desert ever ended up going one-on-one in a fight, despite Sam's serious advantage in height and age, Dean had a feeling his brother would definitely come out on the losing end.

Beside him, Willet also laughed and then called out to the debating hunters, "I hate to break up the cock fight you two assholes have going on over there, but we could use a little help here!"

Dean grinned, despite the pain in his back, and turned to his running partner. "On the count of three, we split."

Willet nodded and then with rapid succession, he fired off the numbers, "One, two, three."

Dean rolled his eyes at the man's speedy counting and spun quickly to the left. The kryepar couldn't follow both and fortunately for Dean, it chose to follow Will. With a sigh of relief, Dean jogged over to his brother.

Immediately Sam turned him around and pulled up his shirt to look at the gashes, "Are you okay?"

Despite Sam's soft, relaxing touch, the attention to his back brought the pain from the kryepar's slice to the surface and Dean found himself growing angry. If Sam hadn't ruined Desert's shot, the kryepar would be dead and his back would be without pain.

Brushing his brother's gentle hands off his back, Dean turned around. "What the hell's wrong with you, man? Why'd the hell you ruin his shot? What?! You like watching me get sliced open?"

Sam stepped back, a guilty, yet unremorseful look on his face. "You were right there, Dean. The wires could've hit you. He just as easily could've waited for a clean shot."

Dean shook his head. "It wouldn't have hit me, dude. Desert's a good shot- so are you for that matter. You could've shot it without hitting me."

Considering the conversation over with, Dean moved to help Willet. However, before he could go far, Sam spun him around. "It wasn't worth the risk Dean. You could've been electrocuted. I'm not…" Sam shook his head trying to find the right words. Then he met Dean's eyes, "I've already been there. It's not happening again. I can't."

Dean took in a deep breath. There really was no arguing with that. Sam didn't want to relive his electrocution. Dean nodded and tapped his brother's arm. "Okay, we'll wait for a clean shot." Really, what was he going to say?

Sam sighed, relieved, and both brother's drew their attention to the kryepar and the other hunters. Willet seemed to have a decent lead on the creature, but it was clear from his expression that he was tiring. Dean called over to Will's long-time hunting partner. "Yo!"

When Desert turned, Dean threw him his taser. The man caught it and nodded. Then, he yelled to his friend. "Will! Drop!"

Matching Dean's previous movements, Willet dropped to the floor as Desert fired the taser. This time the shot was unobstructed, however, once again, it did not meet its mark. Apparently, the beast learned from experience and back-peddled out of range as soon as he heard the word 'drop'.

Willet rolled over and looked behind him. "Freakin' intelligent piece of shit!" He got up and ran towards the brothers. Once he had joined them, he leaned his arms on his knees, trying to catch his breath. "We couldn't be hunting a rawhead? At least those mofos are dumb as hell…"

Desert walked back to the others while keeping his eye on the now still kryepar. "We ain't huntin' a rawhead. It's a kryepar. These suckers learn fast."

Willet nodded and Desert turned a patronizing scowl over to Sam. "See that Sammy. I said 'drop,' Will dropped, I fired, and he lived. See how it works?"

Sam narrowed his eyes and then smirked. "Funny. All I saw was you waste another shot. Now we only have one left."

Sam held the other hunter's stare until Desert growled something under his breath and turned away. Willet laughed as he straightened up. "Thanks Sammy. It's not too often I get to see someone get the best of him. That was good."

Sam gave a small smile and Willet continued, "He was right though. You shouldn't have screwed his shot before. You could've gotten your brother killed. If you have a shot with the taser- so long as Dean's not in the direct line of fire- you should take it."

Dean watched his brother's head go down in what looked like either embarrassment or shame. Dean shook his head, while he agreed with the two elder hunters, he also understood where Sam was coming from. Sometimes the right thing's not always the right thing.

Reaching over, Dean hit his brother's arm. Sam turned to look at him and Dean stared back. He didn't need to say anything- Sam would get it. If Sam wasn't comfortable taking a shot around Dean, that was okay. Dean spoke through his expression- Sam had nothing to be ashamed of.

Sam's face seemed to lighten in response to his brother's look. Apparently, as long as Dean thought it was okay, then it was okay.

Dean nodded, now that that was over with- back to the problem at hand. "Alright Sammy. Yours is the only taser left. How do you want to do this?"

Before Sam could open his mouth, Desert interrupted him. "I'll tell you what we're gonna do…" He pointed to Sam. "You-"

"Hey!" With a voice filled with unwavering authority, Dean cut the other hunter off. "It's Sam's shot. You do this his way or you leave."

For a moment, all the hunters stared waiting for the response. Finally, with a reluctant sigh, Desert crossed his arms and turned away. "Fine. Sammy's way it is. Try not to make it suck Sammy."

Sam glared at the man. "Is your name Dean?" When the hunter turned back around, Sam nodded, "Then don't call me Sammy."

Dean snorted. "I don't think that kryepar's gonna sit around all day waiting for us to come up with a plan here. What're we doin', dude?"

The kryepar was standing still at the far end of the abandoned warehouse, sizing up the hunters in the same manner that they were assessing it. Sam kept his eyes on the creature as he relayed his plan. "Okay, we know it likes to chase. One of us will get it to chase and lead it towards the taser. Instead of dropping, we'll have a sign and at the last minute, whoever it's chasing will make a sharp left and then we'll fire."

Dean took a breath. "Okay. Sounds good. I'll get it to chase me, you be ready with the taser."

Sam nodded and readied the taser. "Right." Then he turned to the remaining hunters. "Can you guys cover him with the shotguns?"

Both men nodded. Then Desert turned to Sam, a softer look on his hardened face. "You're gonna discharge this time right? You're our last shot. It's all on you kid."

It was meant to be kind and Sam took it as such. He held up his right hand. "Scouts honor…you got his back?"

Desert smiled, racked his shotgun, and nodded. Despite their arguments over when to fire the taser, all four hunters had been grown to truly respect each other over the past week. And on more than one occasion, both Willet and Desert had saved the brothers' lives.

Now that everyone knew their roles, Dean took in a breath and began running toward the kryepar. It didn't take long to coerce the beast into chase. When he was still about 10 feet (3 m) away, the creature growled and sprang forward. Immediately, Dean did a 180 and slid on the floor as he tried to regain his balance that he had lost on the turn. Luckily, his feet managed to find the floor again fairly quickly and the older Winchester found himself, once again, being chased by the kryepar.

He was running toward Sam now, and Dean kept the eye-contact steady with his brother, waiting for the signal that he should turn. Finally, Sam gave an almost imperceptible nod. Dean caught it and growled as he made a sharp left, taking himself out of the line of fire. Behind him, he heard Sam fire the taser and the creature's loud footsteps ceased. Panting, Dean spun around to check the kryepar's status.

Sam's taser had indeed discharged, and the monster was lying still on the ground. Dean watched as his brother stood on his toes, five feet away from the downed monster, apparently trying to see the its face without actually going near it. Dean sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "Sam."

Sam turned at his brother's voice and Dean looked at him, exasperated. "You can't tell if it's dead from there."

Sam shook his head. "I don't think it is dead. It looks like it's still breathing."

Dean's eyes moved back to the kryepar. "Then why's it down?"

Desert spoke up. "It's probably just an illusion, Sam. I saw the taser hit it. It's dead."

Sam disagreed. "I think it's faking."

Dean gave a humorless laugh. "Right." Of course it would be faking…

This time Willet spoke. "I'm with Desert. The thing's dead. But if you want to be safe about it…Sam you go from the left, I'll go from the right, this way, if it isn't dead, it'll only be able to get one of us."

Sam nodded and began making his way toward the kryepar. Up close the thing smelled- bad. Willet grinned at him over the creature. "Smells like someone took a skunk, pissed on it, and then threw it into a fire of burning hair."

Sam made a face- that was exactly what it smelled like.

A yell from desert interrupted their lamentations about the smell. "Will you two chicks stop complaining about the smell and check the damn thing already?"

Both Sam and Willet looked over at their friend, and smiled. Without warning, the kryepar sprung up, threw both Sam and Will into the wall. So much for it being able to only get one of them…

Dean watched, shocked, as his brother flew 20 feet (6 m) through the air and hit the far wall of the warehouse, landing inside what looked like a metal cage. Panic rocketed through his body, but Dean had no time to check on Sam. With Sam and Willet out of the way, the creature had its eyes set on him.

Dean groaned as he realized that all the tasers had now been used and there'd be no easy way to fry the kryepar. "Shit."

The kryepar made a move, and Dean took off running in the other direction. His worries still with Sam, Dean called out to check on his brother. "Sammy?"

For a moment, the only thing heard in the warehouse were Dean's breathing and the creature's footsteps. Then, Dean got a response, although not from whom he would have hoped. It was Desert's voice that answered him. "Looks like he's stunned, Dean. Probably hit his head on the consol in the cage."

Dean ducked, sliding under a forklift, and then turned so that he was running toward his brother. Sure enough, Sam was lying on his side, his back to what looked like an electrical consol. From his distance, Dean was unable to tell if Sam's eyes were open. He yelled again while cutting to the left. "How's Willet?"

Once again, Desert responded. "He's good."

Dean turned again, and began running toward the two elder hunters. It seemed that Willet had also landed in a small cage, although a different one from Sam. While Sam's cage protected the electrical consol, Willet's appeared to protect the boiler. In front of him, Dean saw Willet pushing against the bars of the cage. The elder man responded through gritted teeth. "I don't know about good…" He threw his body into the cage- it didn't even rattle. "Shit!" He sighed and looked at Dean with an annoyed expression. "When it threw me in, the door slammed shut. Now I'm stuck here."

Dean nodded; it was probably the same with Sam. At least there he'd be safe from the creature, even he was trapped in a cage. Dean made a quick right and ducked as one of the kryepar's claws sailed over his head. Behind him, he heard the creature growl in irritation.

Dean called back to the other hunters. "Yo! How we gonna kill this thing?"

There was a grunt from Willet- apparently still trying to break out of his cell- and then an answer. "Uh…hang on…"

Dean rolled his eyes. The running was tiring him out. He was running in circles, top speed, through an abandoned warehouse with a kryepar on his heels, swiping at his head. And they wanted him to hang on… Mimicking a move from football, Dean piveted his body to the right before quickly changing direction and cutting to the left. With a roar, the monster tried to copy the sudden motion and ended up falling and sliding across the floor. Immediately recognize the chance for a respite, Dean ceased his running and leaned against a nearby pile of short pipes, trying to catch his breath. "Guys…any…day now…"

Looking over, he saw Willet nod and point his hand out through the cage. There's a lot of wires and what looks like a fuse box on that wall. If you can get it near there and then cut the wires, there might be enough electrical output to fry it."

Checking his shotgun, Desert shook his head. "Not unless Sammy…" He glared over at Dean. "…I mean Sam…can turn the electricity on first."

Dean's eyes immediately moved back to his brother. Sam had moved and was now on his hands and knees, swaying slightly. Although he was clearly conscious, it was also clear that his brain wasn't working at its full potential.

A roar from his left shifted Dean's attention back to the kryepar, who was once again charging him. Dean rolled his eyes and whined under his breath. "Not this again…" Didn't the beast ever get tired?

Just as Dean was about to resume running, a shotgun blast knocked the creature off its feet. Dean turned toward Desert as the man shouted at him. "I'll keep stinkweed busy. You get your brother to turn on the electric."

Dean nodded in understanding and thanks and ran over to his brother's cage. Sam was still on all fours. "Sammy?"

Sam turned his head toward Dean's voice, but the movement seemed to jar his balance and when his head turned to the left, he fell to the right. Dean cringed as he watched his brother fall over.

Not willing to stand by while Sam needed help, Dean pulled on the rusted metal bars of the cage door. As with Willet, the door wouldn't move- didn't even rattle. Sam was stuck. Dean sighed…one problem at a time.

Seeing Sam looking up at him with unfocused eyes, Dean tried to coax his brother back to full awareness. "Sam? Come on, man. Pull it together. We need your help."

Dean watched the determination enter his brother's expression as Sam nodded. Then, slowly, and very unsteadily, Sam managed to push himself up to a kneeling position. Once he was kneeling, Sam looked back up at Dean and Dean saw his brother's face loose all its color. Sam swayed, and before Dean could react, his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell to the side.

With a frustrated yell, Dean grabbed the rusted metal again and shook the cage with all his might. Once again, nothing moved.

Will's voice sounded from his right, "Uh…I hate to rush you guys, but Des ain't exactly quick on his feet."

There was another shotgun blast, originating from Willet's cage and Dean turned around to see Desert doubled over, out of breath, and bleeding with the kryepar on its back twenty feet (6 m) behind him. Dean shifted his attention back toward his brother. "Sam!"

Sam's body jerked at the sound and blearily his eyes opened. Dean barely gave his brother time to regain his bearings. "Sam! Wake up! We need your help."

Once again, Sam's face took on a determined look and he began pushing himself onto all fours. Dean spoke as Sam clumsily moved his body. "You need to open the consol above your head and flip the main power switch."

Sam nodded, closed his eyes, and pulled himself up the consol. Even from his position on the other side of the bars, Dean could see the sweat glistening on his brother's skin. With fumbling fingers, Sam opened the door to the consol and stared. Dean pointed through the bars. "There Sam. On your left. The big black lever."

Sam moved to the left and began pushing the large lever up. It seemed that he had to use his whole body to do it, but after a few seconds, the lever clicked into the 'on' position and a low humming noise filled the warehouse. Then, slowly but steadily, all the overhead lights began turning on, illuminating the human and creature who seemed to be playing tag in the middle of the floor.

With the switch now on, Sam slumped back down to the ground and Dean turned his focus back to the kryepar. Moving himself in range of the wires along the wall, Dean readied his knife. "Desert! I'm ready. Do your thing, man."

The considerably exhausted hunter merely waved Dean off as he ran past. A few seconds later, when the kryepar was directly in front of the wires, Will shouted, "Des drop!"

The heavyset hunter hit the ground and a shotgun blast echoed through the warehouse. The kryepar was sent flying off its feet and straight into the wires on the wall. Immediately, Dean threw his knife into the largest wire, directly at the point where it met the fuse box and the creature's head. Sparks went flying in all directions and the kryepar's body left the ground as it shook with the electrical current.

Dean stepped back in relief. There were more than enough volts going through the monster to fry it now. Then without warning, the creature spoke with a hissing, electrified voice. "You think that was smart? At least I won't die here alone."

Before Dean could even process the fact that the kryepar had spoken, much less what it had said, the beast exploded, sending its sticky, stinking, an now flaming guts all over the warehouse. Although the tiny firebombs that had hit the floor didn't seem to catch, those that hit the walls and the asbestos ceiling were a different story. Within seconds, nearly half of the warehouse was covered in flames.

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