Chapter one: The new kid

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Kankuro asked nervously from the passenger seat of the dingy old BMW he was driving. "Because the headmistress said that you could wait until after spring break to-",

"No way!" Temari cut across him severely. "Gaara hasn't spoken a word to anyone besides us since we left Suna. He needs to socialize". Kankuro continued to grumble all the way to the school where Gaara climbed out of the back seat and smoothed the creases out of his school shirt. "I'll be fine", he reassured Kankuro as he started to walk into the school.

Gaara found the school's main office quickly and waited for the attention of the receptionist. She noticed him standing there and gave him a dirty look. "Can I help you?" She asked as if it was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Yes. I'm Gaara Sabaku. I enrolled here last week...?" Gaara replied uncertainly.

"And?" The woman replied nastily.

"I was told to come to the main office and-" The woman glared at him while he spoke and cut across him irritatingly.

"Fine!" The woman snapped "Fill out these forms while I get a guide for you". She handed him a clipboard and walked outside to grab the nearest senior she could find. Gaara filled out the forms as required and didn't like the questions one bit. They were all something like; "What is your greatest aspiration in life?" and "What is your greatest fear?". He despised psychological analysis.

When he was done, he looked up to find the prettiest boy standing in front of him, smiling kindly. "Hello", he said "I'm Haku. And you are?"

"I'm Gaara", Gaara replied, shaking the proffered hand.

"Well hello, Gaara. I'm going to be your guide until you feel you've settled in well enough. Come on. You're first class is Calculus, great! That's the one my friend, Sasuke is in. Lets go get you acquainted". Gaara nodded and Haku led the way through several courtyards and over to a boy with raven hair and a smirk on his face.

"Sasuke, this is Gaara. He's new here and is in your calculus class. I was hoping that you could look after him until lunch? His timetable is nearly the same as yours except he'll be in German while you do Japanese. Do you know anyone that takes German?" Haku said all this rather smoothly, leaving no room for argument.

"Naruto does German", Sasuke replied quietly, a smile spreading over his face. His voice was soft and dark and strangely captivating. Sasuke snapped out of his reverie and led the way to calculus. Once they sat down at the back of the class, a girl with pink hair came rushing up. "Sasuke!" she squealed shrilly. "How are you?"

"I'm the same as I was on Friday, Sakura. This is Gaara".

"Hi!" she said absently without even looking at him, her eyes still locked on Sasuke. "How nice and noble and generous of you to help the new kid!" she gushed.

"Can you please stop being"

"Sycophantic?" Gaara provided helpfully.

"Exactly!" Sasuke agreed happily. Sakura turned on Gaara and angrily exclaimed

"Just because you're jealous of the love we share!"

"What love?" Sasuke asked incredulously. Sakura promptly ran out of the room crying leaving a disgusted Sasuke and a chuckling Gaara in her wake. The teacher, a man named Jaraiya, walked into the class at that moment and told them to sit down and began the lesson which consisted mainly of him sitting at his desk writing and giggling while the students just talked amongst themselves. Gaara found that he quite liked Sasuke and realised quickly that he was very much a desired person. He mainly complained about Sakura and his fan club. After Calculus they had Biology and after that they had Language. Gaara met up with Naruto on the way to class.

"Um excuse me", Gaara said to Naruto "but are you Naruto? Because I'm new here and Sasuke told me that you would help me in German...? I'm Gaara by the way". Naruto stared at him for a few moments then gave him a huge smile, grabbed his hand and yelled

"You can sit next to me! I'm so great in this class! Come on! Let's get seats at the back!" Naruto led Gaara to the back of the room and proceeded to loudly tell him about the class and its teacher, Gai. He seemed to exclaim everything he said loudly so Gaara was surprised when the teacher didn't really seem to care all that much but just continued on about how the power of youth will allow you to become bilingual.

The bell rang to signal break and Naruto dragged Gaara off to go find Sasuke. They located him in one of the courtyards fending off a desperate Sakura. When he caught sight of them, he pushed Sakura to the side and hurried to stand behind Naruto, clinging to his shoulders, shuddering. Gaara laughed again and Sakura shot him a dirty look before glaring at Naruto.

"Get your filthy paws off my Sasuke!" she then ran at them and Gaara nearly fell over laughing watching Sakura chase them all around the courtyard.

The bell signalling the next period rang and they all hurried off to get changed for gym. Their teacher was a rather terrifying woman named Anko and she made them run 20 laps as a warm up exercise. Gym continued until lunch upon which Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara went to their usual eating place.

When they arrived, Haku was waiting for them and seemed desperate to find out how Gaara's day was going. Gaara liked Haku with his deep yet feminine voice and the way he had altered the school uniform so completely that it actually looked good. He had dyed the white shirt a dark reddish purple colour and somehow transformed it into a poet shirt. He had made the pants somewhat darker and more fitting. The tie had been turned into a headband and was now red and black rather than the original blue and green. "Haku, how come no one hassles you about your uniform?" Gaara asked curiously, wanting to know if he could change his to fit his style.

"Well my adoptive brother can be a little bit intimidating and if I tell him about my problems, he tries to fix them. He's a little over-protective but that's okay. So, have you seen any guys you like yet?" Haku replied, catching Gaara off-guard.

"How did you know?" Gaara asked miserably, afraid he might lose his new friends now that they knew his deep dark secret.

"Gay-dar", replied Haku with a smile "and because of the way you appraise everyone. I can see in your eyes where your attraction lies".

"Do you know of any other gay people around here?" Gaara was surprised that Haku was acting as if this was a normal occurrence.

"Well there's Sasuke, Naruto, Neji and I. And maybe a couple of other people", Haku responded calmly. Gaara was shocked. Back in Suna, he only knew one other openly gay person and that person had been Gaara's best friend.

"So, Gaara, do you want to hang out with us after school?" Sasuke asked smirking slightly.

"Sure. I'll just have to let one of my siblings know", he sent a txt to Temari and one to Kankuro just to be safe.

"Do you live with them? What's it like? Are they nice? Would they like to meet me? Could we come and visit sometime? How many do you have? What are their names? Do they like you? Do you like them? Would they-? Ow!" Sasuke hit Naruto over the head, stopping the barrage of questions that Gaara's mind was finally beginning to register were directed at him.

"Shut up, dobe. Stop pestering him!" Sasuke irritably commanded Naruto.

"Don't be such a teme, teme!" Naruto yelled back, rubbing his head where Sasuke had hit him.

"Yes I live with them, it's pretty good, they're usually really nice especially my brother, I'm sure they'd be delighted to meet you, I'm sure you could visit after we've settled in, I have two; a brother and a sister, my brother's called Kankuro and my sister's called Temari, I think they like me and I like them very much. Now what was your last question going to be?"

Everyone was frozen in shock at how Gaara had remembered all those questions and answered them all in one breath. Everyone except Naruto who promptly replied.

"Would they like me? See, teme?" He said turning back to Sasuke. "He didn't mind me asking all those questions!"

"Whatever", replied Sasuke, rolling his eyes.

"I'm sure they'd like you, if you stopped yelling just a little bit", Gaara answered with a smile. They spent the rest of the lunch period talking and getting to know one another before going to the assembly where the headmistress, Tsunade, a woman with ridiculously large breasts, rambled on about domestic violence before releasing them for 6th period. For the last period of the day Sasuke and Gaara had Performing Arts whilst Naruto had an appointment with the guidance councillor. Gaara and Sasuke were in a group with two other boys, Shikamaru and Kiba. They had to do several exercises before playing trust games. Gaara was particularly bad at these because he just didn't trust Sasuke to catch him.

"It's okay, Gaara. I won't let you fall!" Gaara was still nervous so Sasuke said that he could catch him instead. Gaara caught Sasuke and pushed him back upright. Then Gaara finally overcame his anxiety and just leaned backwards. While doing so, he caught sight of the most attractive boy he had ever seen. The boy had long dark brown hair and beautiful, captivating pale eyes. Gaara nearly did fall over backwards in a swoon and was glad that Sasuke was behind him. Gaara blushed and avoided looking at the boy with the pale eyes for the rest of the lesson.

After class, Gaara checked his phone and found messages from both Temari and Kankuro saying that he had to be home by 10pm. He smiled to himself as he read the other message from his best friend back in Suna, D'gani. It was a poem and had an emoticon pulling the finger at the end. Now that school was over the four friends decided to go back to Haku's house because only his brother would be there. They played Tekken Tag Tournament for a few hours until Haku's brother; Zabuza told them that dinner was ready. He had insisted on cooking and had made a chicken stir-fry.

Gaara understood why people found Zabuza intimidating. He was extremely tall with a very broad chest and spiky black hair. He had a deep husky voice and seemed to prefer to not wear a shirt. Not that the boys complained. (Hint hint )

After dinner Haku and Zabuza cleaned up while Sasuke and Naruto convinced a reluctant Gaara to play a game of poker. Surprising everyone, including himself, Gaara won. They played again with the same result. And again and again and again.

"It's because he doesn't have any eyebrows!" Naruto whined after losing for the fifth time in a row. The others just laughed. Gaara looked at his watch and realised that he had probably better get going.

"Sorry guys but I should probably get going now. I have to be home by 10", Gaara stated, standing up and stretching. "Thanks for the dinner, it was delicious". He smiled and nodded to Haku and Zabuza.

"It's quite alright", Zabuza replied with a grin "Anyone who can beat Haku at poker five times in a row deserves a free meal. It was nice meeting you, Gaara".

"You too, Zabuza". Gaara began walking to the door when he was caught up to by Sasuke and Naruto. They escorted Gaara to his street before walking home themselves. Gaara couldn't help but notice how close together they were as they continued alone. He smiled and walked over to his front door. As he let himself he was greeted with a drunken yell. His father was home.

"Where have you been, ya little faggot?" His father reached out and grabbed Gaara by the hair and hurled him against the wall. "Get to fucking bed ya little whore!" Gaara scrambled up the stairs to his room and got undressed. It was then that he remembered the boy with the pale, beautiful eyes.