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'Why is it so dark in here?' I thought as I walked across the clearing. Looking up at the sky I noticed that there were no stars, no moon, no light of any kind. It was just, black. Returning my gaze to look ahead, I saw that a thick fog had settled around me. It closed me in like a cage.

As I began to run, to try to find any means of escape, the voices began. They called to me with a melodic, eerie tone that once entranced me. Now their words caused me to fear greatly, I knew what was coming next. Panic filled me as I realized that there was no escape, I was trapped and would have to face it.

There was a loud noise behind me, I turned but could see nothing through the wall of fog. The voices began to pick up, growing louder and louder. A strong wind began to blow, and dirt flew into my eyes. My already limited vision was finally gone, I was truly blinded to what was about to happen.

I stumbled through the darkness, tripping occasionally. The noise was there again, only this time it was closer, much, much closer. I heared each breath, each growl, and every footstep that it took as it came to find me.

All of a sudden (1), the wind stopped, and the voices grew silent. Getting to my feet, I rubbed the dirt out of my eyes. It would have been better if I had stayed blind. For standing not ten feet infront of me tall and glaring was...

"Fang! Up and at 'em!" Max yelled as she moved from person to person in a pathetic attempt to get us all up and moving.

Groans were traveling around our temporary campsite. I slowly get to my feet in order to help Iggy prepare breakfast for the Flock. Unfortunately, as soon as I was standing upright I had a flashback of my nightmare and I fell back to the ground.

Max turned her head in my direction looking concerned. She was now walking towards me, but I could no longer see her. All I could see was fog. I could faintly hear Max's voice calling out to me, but the other voices were louder.

I was snapped out of my trance when I felt someone shaking me violently.

"Fang! What was that?" Max asked, her eyes wide.

"What are you talking about?" I countered while trying to keep my voice calm and even. Yea, that wasn't working out so well.

"You just fell to the ground and turned even paler than your normal pale. Did I mention that you were shaking?"

"I was? I thought that was you." Had I really been shaking that badly?

"No Fang, Mas wasn't even touching you." Angel stated. When did they come over here? I hadn't even noticed the other four members of the Flock standing there.

"Well I am fine now, see?" I stood up once again and this time managed to stay upright. The Flock eyed me suspiciously, but I didn't pay them any attention.

Making my way to the campfire that had been burning all night, I couldn't help but wonder what could have triggered that dream. Even now, I could still hear every sound, every smell and every feeling and thought that had been going through me at the time. The feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, the sound a the voices calling out to me, crawling across the cold ground and that thing, staring down at me. It had all seemed so real.

So what was it?

(1) Random thought on this phrase, All of a sudden. What is all of a sudden, I know that it is a well-known phrase, but what is it? And what is Part of a sudden? Sorry, you don't have to respond to my ramblings.

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