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Summary: A girl goes looking for the only family she's ever known. Being torn from him at a young age, she will travel on an amazing journey to find him again. She will

meet many new people as she searches, but what happens if her family doesn't remember her? Will things work out? Will she find something else as well?

Basic Bio:

Name : Skye Carehart

Age : 19

Hair : Short, light blonde with some black streaks, with a long tail (Just like Yuna from FFX-2, only blonde with black streaks)

Eyes : Bi-colored. One purple, one blue.

Weapon : A large Gunblade, bigger than Squall's, called the Black Flame.

Name : Rem Bridgestone

Age : 18

Hair : Black and to the shoulders like Rinoa's

Eye : Brown

Weapon : Long metal staff

Extra Info : Is a long time friend of Skye carehart.

Warning: This fic (just like all the others) is rated 'M' for a reason. Will likely be some language, and possibly perverse humor. Dunno if anything else will come up.




visions, memories, flashbacks

telepathic communication, messages and stuff

(Scene/POV Changes)


Standing on top of the cliff, looking out over the ruins of Midgar and the new city of Edge, a young woman stood, staring in worry at the sight before her. She'd travelled from Mideel, where she'd been raised all her life, coming in search of her remaining family, but she was worried. What if he didn't remember her?

Many years ago, she'd been forcefully taken from her family as a group of thugs killed her parents and her brother was dragged away. Well, her adopted brother that is. She had no family, and had been taken in by this loving family, only to have them slaughtered in cold blood right in front of her. She had been taken too. Knocked out and woken up later in a sunny little town.

This was Mideel. She'd been left there for a not so nice family to take care of. She was raised to use the Gunblade and had bonded with a large black creature that looked a lot like a big wolf. He seemed to be her only friend through her stressful life.

"Reminicing isn't going to help right now Skye." The black wolf said from behind her. He'd stayed by her side through her life and even came with her to find her family.

Turning around, she brushed a lock of blonde hair out of her face and inspected one of her black streaks, as her black wrapped tail brushed the backs of her legs. Skye Carehart. That was her name. And the big black black wolf with the silver bands on his front paws was Raider. "I know Raider. It's just..." She hesitated as her eyes narrowed in worry. "What if he doesn't remember me?"

Shaking his head, the wolf came up beside her and looked down over the city. "There is more to it than that. He will need time, but he will remember, and besides, you must find a lead to the Turks."

Now she growled in anger. The Turks. They were the ones who killed her family in cold blood, in the name of Shinra. All because they wanted something they wouldn't give up. They were the reason she was sent to live with an abusive family. She still had scars on her back from the beatings she got! "If I find them, I will tear them apart painfully and watch as they die slowly!"

Suddenly, she felt a strange sense of peace flowing around her in the form of a warm breeze and closed her eyes as she willed herself to relax.

"Things change you know." It sounded like Raider, but also like another voice was imprinted over top of it.


Opening her eyes, she found herself in the familiar field of lilies known as the Promised Land. Looking to her left, she found the brunette who was always waiting for he there.

Aeris Gainsborough.

She was an ancient with long brown hair and piercing green eyes. Dressed in her usual pink dress and red jacket, she smiled in Skye's direction. "Things change you know." she repeated.

Heaving a sigh, Skye shook her head. "I know, but I still want them dead." Part of her didn't really understand it. Aeris kept taking pains to show her that the Turks had changed, but whenever she saw them, or heard about them for that matter, she still felt the unbearable hatred and wanted to kill them. It almost seemed uncontrollable.

Aeris just shook her head and looked down sadly. "I know I cannot change your mind, but why not look for him instead? Find him first."

Looking at the brunette sadly, she tilted her head slightly. She remembered when she'd first met Aeris a year ago and how she was killed by the evil General, Sephiroth. Aeris had told her all about it, but because of her bond with the planet, she also saw the images. She remembered the faces of her friends, torn and deathly pale. What she remembered the most was the horrified and guilty look on the blonde man's face.

Shaking her head again to clear her thoughts, she looked around, looking for the familiar man who was always there. "Where's Zack?" she questioned politely, when she found no trace of him.

Giving a small laugh, Aeris raised an eyebrow. "Watching over Cloud in his wolf form."

Nodding, Skye remembered that Zack had the power to take on the shape of a large grey wolf that hounded this man, Cloud, all of the time.

"And no changing the subject." she scolded playfully, noting the slightly disappointed look on Skye's face. Giving a sigh, she tilted her head slightly and regarded the bi-eyed girl in front of her. "Anger and hatred don't become Ancients."

Yes, Skye was an ancient too. A full blooded ancient.

Nodding her head, she bowed a bit. "I'm sorry Aeris. I just can't fogive them for what they did." It was the truth. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't forgive them.

"Forgiveness takes time." Aeris was always so full of wisdom. This time wasn't any different.

"I can't promise I won't kill them, but I'll look for my brother first." Giving the woman in front of her a curious stare, she continued. "I knew him well enough to know he wasn't big on crowds and making friends. What makes you so sure he's there?"

Aeris laughed, a light sounded that comforted all that heard it. "Simple. He's not."

Now Skye's mouth dropped open. "He's NOT?!" she almost screamed. If he wasn't there, then what was the use of her journeying here to begin with?

As if reading her thoughts, she was answered. "Your not looking for him at the moment. Your looking for a woman named Tifa Lockheart who runs the Seventh Heaven bar. She'll be the link to finding him."

"Oh...ok." That made sense. Maybe this way she could find out what he was like now too. "Thanks Aeris."

Nodding her head, Skye closed her eyes.

End Vision

When she opened them again, she was back on top of the cliff and Raider was looking at her questioningly.

"I met with Aeris again." she told him quietly. "We're looking for a Tifa Lockheart who can help me find my brother."

Nodding his head, he seemed to accept that and slowly got up. "And the Turks?" He didn't hate them, but would follow and help Skye with anything. He just wished she'd realize that murder wasn't the only way.

Glaring a bit, she closed her eyes and heaved a heavy sigh. "We're not looking or them at the moment."

Before he could reply, they both picked up the sound of a motorbike coming closer and Skye drew her huge gunblade as she took a defensive stand and looked for a possible threat. She moved a few steps back, placing herself near to the large sword in the ground. The Buster Blade.

Soon enough, a black motorbike with a clearly blonde rider pulled up, and the man leaned back, watching the girl by the sword carefully. Pulling off his goggles, he put a hand to his back and grabbed his sword, seeing that she looked ready to fight, and slowly got off his bike. "Who are you?" he almost demanded as he watched her warily.

He seems so familiar. Who is he? "I could ask you the same thing." she retorted as she lowered her gunblade a bit. Somehow she felt this man wasn't a threat, and a moment later, a flash of grey darting behind a nearby boulder confirmed her suspicions. That looked like...Zack? Then this must be... Lowering her sword completely, she slowly put it away, knowing she was in no danger from this man.

Narrowing his eyes in confuion, he watched her put her weapon away before slowly doing the same. "My name is Cloud Strife." He honestly didn't know why he was answering her, but something about her aura seemed vaugely familiar.

"Skye Carehart." she answered his previous question. She looked at him closely and realized why he was so familiar. He was the same man from Aeris' death. The one who looked so guilty. "Your..." she trailed off, not wanting to give away what she knew, knowing she'd then have to answer to HOW she knew it. "Nevermind." She shook her head and stood straight.

Raising an eyebrow, Cloud wondered what she'd been about to say. I'm what? he mentally questioned himself. Deciding to put it aside for now, he looked at her intently. She had on a tight, purple, sleeveless shirt that was open in the front, showing off her cleavage, and was held from falling any more open by an intricate 'S' done in black metal. Her skirt was extremely short and was a deep black with small slits up the sides of the legs, and she had knee high black boots. Her weapon looked like a cross between a gun and sword, showing she was from Mideel as they were the only ones to use gunblades, and she had short blonde hair with some black streaks in it, that came to just past her ears, and what looked like a black wrapped tail of it blowing around behind her in the wind.

What really got him though, were her eyes. Unlike the usual one color, no matter what color, they were each a different color. One was a deep blue and the other a light purple.

Overall, he had to admit, she was rather lovely, but pushed that thought aside as quickly as it came up.

"What are you doing here?" he asked quietly.

Now the black wolf stood in front of her and turned to face him with a strong, yet gentle look in his eyes. "I am Raider, Skye's companion, and we are looking for her family."

Frowning a bit, she held back a glare. She really didn't want to advertise what she was doing, but at the same time, she somehow knew this man would know him. Still, she wasn't going to give out anymore information than she had to.

Cloud looked at her closely again. "Family?" She didn't really resemble anyone he knew, but at the same time, that familiar aura wouldn't leave him alone. Just who is she and why does she seem so familiar?

Shaking her head, she sighed a bit. "My brother. It's been years since I last saw him."

Nodding a bit, he watched as she slowly went over to a purple and black motorbike. "Nice bike." Strangely, it seemed to be the same model as his, but he thought his was the only one out there.

Giving him a small smile, she turned back. "Shiva. Thanks. I can say the same."

Glancing at his own bike, he held back his own smile. He was proud of it, the way it stood up to constant beatings and kept looking new and working perfectly. "Fenrir. Thanks." he deadpanned. If she wanted to play the word game, he could too.

Turning back, he caught a faint nod before she stared up her bike and took off the way he had come, heading back towards Edge, Raider running at her side effortlessly.

Once he was alone, he breathed a sigh of confusion. That one simple meeting had his heart pounding but he didn't understand why. He also couldn't figure out why she seemed so damn familiar. "Who the hell is she?" She told him her name was Skye Carehart, but he knew that there was more to it thant that. He'd seen several scars on her back and wondered where they'd come from.

Shaking his head, he knew he'd see her again. There was a lot more to this girl than met the eye and he planned to find out just what it was.


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