Hey Everyone...This is Just a short Note...turned long LOL

To Billybob...

Hey there. Ok, the Aeris/Tidus fic I only need help with ideas for fights and possible encounters.

It's called Otherworld

Summary : What if, when Aeris was stabbed By Sephiroth in the Forgotten City, she didn't go to the Promised Land? What if, instead, she went to another world all together? Who would she meet and what would happen?

I already have her in the other world and how she meets the people. I don't want to give too many details and spoil the story for the readers. Yuna and Tidus find their love has faded and mutually break up. Yuna and Rikku want to set them up, but Aeris knows that it will make him angry.

The help I'll need, is with the OC/Tidus and OC/Shuyin fic. I'm not sure how to even start it, but I DO know I wanna make it a high school fic.

What kind of plot should I use?

How do the girls come to the school?

Should they be new kids, or should Tidus and Shuyin be new to the school?

Should they be at odds with each other first, and maybe have the guys going out with evil Lenne and Yuna at first?

Then what kind of conflicts can they go through?

How do they fall in love? Errmmm...I'll probably figure that one out when I get going LOL.

LOL...WAAAAAAY too many questions I know. That's what I meant about having no muse. I have a few final fantasy school fics that I never finished or posted I could look off of for ideas, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I will take no credit except for Rika.


I will post what I have in the next few days (probably,,,I'm not sure yet...I'm busy this week, unfortunately), and when I do (it WILL be in the next week or two for sure!), you can go from there if you like.

The name for the fic, is Sisters Vs. Sisters.

Here's the summary (the only thing I have done).

Summary : Two new girls arrive at a Lucan College. They are sisters, who end up capturing the attentions of two best friends. Shuyin and Tidus are the school Blitz stars and are probably the most popular guys in school. Lenne and Yuna...well, they're just plain evil. Snobby witches who will say and do anything to get what they want, and what they want...are Tidus and Shuyin. Hmmm...Love triangles anyone?


To SkyFantasy

Thank you for the idea. I'll have to see what I can do with her. I've started a fic called Angel's Dilemma, which is an Angel/Cloud fic.

I've started a fic called Angel's Dilemma of Gods and Heros.

Summary : She comes from another planet. A god sent after a god-wannabe. A young woman after an evil murderer. Looking for revenge, will she be able to defeat her nemesis once and for all? What will happen along the way?

It's going with the plot you sent me.

Thank you, and I'll make sure credit goes to you.


General note to all readers and reviewers for my fics.

I appreciate all feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome to tell me where I have to work on the stories, and flames are welcome to a point if I accidentally copied a story and don't know about it. A lot of my stories might seem like they have similar themes, but I am trying to make them different.

So thank you for those who took the time to read all the chapters in my fics and reviewed, and thank you to those who reviewed at all.

I think I have another 13 or 14 stories in the works yet and have a list of storyline ideas that's about 5 feet long lol, so I will likely be typing my ass off for a while yet.

Thank you to everyone who's been so patient with me It's much appreciated, really!





If I am taking a while to get back to you, it is because of problems either with my puter, or with the site itself, but I do try to get back to you within a day or two.

Please bare with me, and if you would rather me email you, which seems more reliable sometimes, feel free to leave me a message or something. I'll see what I can do

I also have a lot going on right now and am taking some time to relax and get my head back in order. BUT! I am STILL working on the fics! I just...can't promise they'll be up real soon.



I have lost my muse for Final Fantasy fics, but am wracking my brain to come up with new ideas to work on them with. Every idea I come up with goes into my storyline ideas so I can use them at some point or another.

Currently, I am focused on PR fics, but I DO work on challenges that have been sent to me as well as stories concerning OCs that were also sent to me. I can't promise they'll be up soon, but I do try. I just need some time away from Final Fantasy to renew my muse for it.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone.