Which one?

By: Llama mama23

Disclaimer: I own Twilight and New Moon. (Seriously, they are sitting on my bookshelf right now) But I didn't write them.

I could feel my eyes watering slightly, and I tried to ignore the gentle squeezing sensation in my throat.

Blue? Red? Maybe even multicolored? This was so difficult.

I glanced at my watch; it read 12:30, telling me that Edward was probably at home waiting for me. I needed to hurry this along.

This was COMPLETELY ridiculous! Nothing in life should be this complicated…NOTHING!I had been able to decide if I wanted to give my soul away easier than this!

I swallowed against the lump in my throat and reached for the green one (Sometimes I shock myself) but pulled my hand away before it even touched the box.

It was too green. A lighter green would have worked but this green was totally unacceptable.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw an employee come around the corner of the aisle but once they spotted me, their eyes widening in shock and horror, the person swiftly turned around and powerwalked away.

A single tear spilled over the edge and I swiped at it hastily; I shouldn't be crying over this!

I was so lost in my own, strange world that I flinched as I felt a cool stone arm wrap around me.

"I think you should pick this one." A smooth velvet voice murmured against my hair, waving a box that I hadn't seem yet inside my field of vision. "It screams you."

"I don't like that one." I said sulkily.

Edward sighed and leaned against the shelves. "How long have you been here?" he asked, a glint of amusement in his now topaz eyes.

"Um…I don't think I should tell you that." I said hastily; I don't think Edward would approve of me being here for 2 hours.

He leaned forward slightly, his eyes smoldering; shattering what remained of my focus. "Two hours." I muttered quickly. He rolled his beautiful eyes.

"Bella I can't stand seeing you in this much pain." He announced (very dramatically) "I'm doing us both a favor and getting you out of here."

Before I could protest, or beg for five more minutes, he picked me up, throwing me over his stone shoulder.

"Edward please!" I whimpered.

"No." he said, in a voice that killed any argument I had left in me. "This ends now."

He picked up the light blue one I'd most recently been eying, and marched up to the counter, paid for my toothbrush, and carried my kicking body out of the store.

"Edward!" I whined, after he's thrown me into the car and locked the doors. "I didn't get toothpaste!"


A/N: I've always hated one shots like these: stupid, no point, and written totally randomly. But has anyone else noticed Bella's strange obsession with dental hygiene? Here are a few quotes I found, that gave me inspiration for this story.

"I stuffed my old wallet, a clean T-shirt, and sweatpants into my backpack, and then threw my toothbrush on top."-New Moon, pg 421

Bella is running to save Edward. She loves him. Yet she pauses to pack a toothbrush.

"I'd forgotten that I had access to a toothbrush. It brightened my outlook considerably."-New Moon, pg 492

She just saved the man she loves. It makes her happier to know she has a toothbrush.

I know that there are more of them, but these are all I found on my quick look-through. I still love the books though! Despite Bella's odd toothbrush fixation.