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Chapter 30: All Out War

The Kazekage laughed a little. "Your foolishness has caused Konoha to fall further and further behind... I have won."

Hiruzen would've glared at him if he could have. "It's not over until it's over... I thought I taught you that... Orochimaru!" The Kazekage reached up for his face and grabbed it, and then yanked on it. His face actually came off, revealing underneath the face of Orochimaru. "I thought this day would come... but you won't have my head so easily, my old student."

Orochimaru smirked. "I told you you should hurry up and pick the Godaime... because you will die here, Sandaime."

Kakashi grunted. "So many..."

Gai shook his head as he pounded another Oto nin. "The situation's a bit more dire than that. Look at the top of the central watchtower."

Kakashi's eye narrowed. "Barrier ninjutsu..."

Gai punched another man in the gut. "Look inside the barrier."

Kakashi's eye went into reverse and widened. "Orochimaru!"

Shikamaru peeped open an eye as he stayed slumped forward. Orochimaru? Who's that?

Gai grit his teeth as he kicked another man in the face. "I'm worried about Hokage-sama. Do you think he'll be alright?"

Kakashi smirked underneath his mask. "I wouldn't worry... he's Hokage for a reason. And... he's got Naruto for back-up. This new Naruto... who knows how he'll be able to help."


Naruto held his ground as the three white-haired guards sized him up. The still-human Tsukiko seemed to ponder something. "Hey... you're a Zoan, right? Are you artificial like us or the real deal?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Artificial? Never heard of that before..."

Tsukiko giggled. "Yep! We were created using artificial Akuma no Mi made by our dad!"

Naruto gripped his sword. "'Created'?"

Nagini sighed. "We existed before then... He wanted to make the ultimate shinobi, a human mind with animalistic instincts... the first several tries were with giving humans animal instincts. These shinobi were superior to pure-humans, but... he wasn't satisfied. Then he thought of something... if you could give animal characteristics to humans... why not human characteristics to animals?"

Naruto's eyes widened. "So you used to be regular animals, then?"

Tsukiko giggled. "Well, I wouldn't say regular... but yeah, we were. Being a human is soooo weird, though. You guys don't have enhanced senses and you have to work really hard just to keep your muscles at peak capacity. But, I look rather pretty if I say so myself, so I don't mind the tradeoff too much."


Hiruzen glanced at his old student. "So, you finally figured out how to make artificial fruit, did you?"

Orochimaru chuckled. "Ah, so you heard about my experiments, then? Yes, yes I did. It took me a long time to figure out the process of creating one... many seals, many handsigns, many materials. But once I got my hands on the Forbidden Scroll, I finally figured out the last component that I required- a human sacrifice."

Hiruzen's body went stiff. "..."

Orochimaru chuckled again. "Ah, I see that doesn't sit well with you. Where was I? Ah, yes. I've managed to create all three kinds of Akuma no Mi... Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Though my progress into Paramecia is rather limited, as is Logia, Zoans are by far the easiest to make. All you really need is a sacrifice of a human and the animal you want to make a fruit of... as for the Hito Hito no Mi.... kukuku, I'm sure you can guess."

Hiruzen growled. "You're a monster...!"

Orochimaru smirked. "Kukuku... well, anything else you want to say?"

Hiruzen closed his eyes in thought. "....you're not the type of man to act solely on vengeance. So why are you doing this?"

Orochimaru took the kunai away from Hiruzen's face and began walking towards one of the walls. "What can I say? A stopped windmill is so boring to watch... I'm a man of action. I want to see the windmill turn, with the smoke from the destruction of Konoha powering it!"

Hiruzen threw off his robes, revealing a black shinobi suit underneath, with armor on the right arm as well as a helmet with the Konoha insignia on it on his head. Orochimaru smirked. "I see you prepared your funeral shroud. Ah... it's been so long since we last fought..." He threw off his own robes, revealing the same outfit he had worn as a disguised Kusa nin.

The guard with six arms grunted. "It's starting. Put up the secondary barrier!"

The others agreed with him, but something happened right before they could do so- Kyuumaru punched the red-headed girl straight in the face, knocking her through where the wall would've been should she have been still supporting it. Kyuumaru smirked as the girl fell to the stands. "I... don't think so."

The walls shimmered and faded, and the other three ninja appeared by Orochimaru's side. The one with six arms spoke. "Orochimaru-sama! We apolo-" He was cut short when a snake wrapped around his throat. "Guh!"

Orochimaru's killing intent was now thick in the air, and a nearby roof tile cracked. "I'll deal with you later, Kidoumaru- if you get out of this alive." The snake unwrapped, letting Kidoumaru breath. "Sound Five! Deal with Jiraiya! Nagini and Tsukiko, take care of the fox brats! I'll settle things with my sensei by myself!"

Hiruzen threw a shuriken towards Orochimaru, and quickly went through several hand seals. "Shuriken Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" However, just as they were about to hit Orochimaru, he seemed to explode into a pile of white snakes, and the shuriken passed through them harmlessly. The snakes reformed into Orochimaru, and he chuckled. "My, did I forget to mention my Akuma no Mi? I think I did! I just made it the other day."

Hiruzen's eyes widened. "You...! A snake-element Logia fruit?!"

Orochimaru sneered. "Kukuku... not quite. You see, mine is the first of its kind- a dual type fruit! It has the combined powers of Zoan and Logia! I call it Hebi Hebi no Mi: Model Orochi! I created it by using part of my own soul as the catalyst for the fruit's creation!"

Sarutobi clicked his tongue. "I thought you seemed more monstrous than before... so you've lost part of your soul to the Sea Devil's curse..."

Orochimaru's tongue came out of his mouth and turned into a snake. "It's my curse now..."


Sasuke dodged another one of Kankuro's chakra strings as he flew high in the air. Those three siblings... they work well together. Another voice- his immature side, he supposed- yelled at him. Of course they work well together, they were probably trained together! He dodged a stream of sand, followed by a narrow dodge of a gust of wind, which removed a feather or two. Tch... I could probably take out makeup guy, but the girl and Gaara are gonna be tough... so how to go about doing this...


Hayate charged at Baki, sword drawn. "Mikazuki no Mai!" All of a sudden, there were several Hayates, and each charged from a different angle.

Baki's eyes widened when he found Hayate's sword lodged in his armor. "Tch... impressive, to know such a technique at your age. However, blades of steel can be stopped. Blades of wind, however..." Before he could finish his point, a needle found itself lodged in his neck, and he fell over.

Hayate smirked as his savior appeared next to him. "Thanks, Genma."

Genma clicked his tongue. "Great, now I need a new senbon to keep in my mouth. No way am I using that one again."

Hayate turned to the three Suna siblings. "Should we try to take them out, or leave them to Uchiha?"

Genma shrugged. "I get that Kankuro kid."

Hayate sighed in defeat. "I'll take the girl, then."


Sasuke smirked as he saw Kankuro get distracted by Genma, and Temari by Hayate. Now I can focus on Gaara...


Hinata charged at Dosu, intent on taking him out before he could do anything. However, he had other plans. He held out his golden Melody Arm in front of himself and gave it a ring. Hinata's eyes widened when she saw how much chakra he was packing into it. Before she could even say a word, she was thrown back by what sounded like a sonic boom. Dosu chuckled as she struggled to get up, and her balance seemed all over the place. "My, my... this works better than expected."

Kin had jumped to a different part of the arena, and Chouji had used his Baika no jutsu to turn into a fleshy wrecking ball and was rolling towards her. Kin smirked. "Time for my latest technique..." Her hair wrapped around her, and soon she seemed to be in a gigantic piece of armor made of hair, with her disproportionately small head sticking out of the top. She flexed the fingers of the monstrosity as Chouji approached. "Kami no Yoroi!" Just as Chouji was about to reach her, the arms reached out and grabbed Chouji, and he spun in place for a bit before coming to a stop. He shrunk, and jumped backwards before the large, somewhat clumsy hands could grab him. Kin growled. "Hold still, fatty!"

Chouji's eyes seemed to have a flame lit in them. "That's it! You're going down!"

Zaku aimed his fist at Shino, and it launched from his arm and at the shades-wearing shinobi, a long chain clinking behind it. Shino stepped to the side and grabbed the chain, and yanked hard, but nothing happened- Zaku was too heavy for Shino to budge. Zaku grinned, and the chain began reracting, and the detached fist grabbed onto Shino as it passed by him and brought him towards Zaku. Zaku raised his other fist and punched Shino in the face, but Zaku's eyes widened as Shino's face exploded into a swarm of bugs, and the rest of his body soon followed. Zaku jumped backwards to get away from the bugs, and Shino appeared to his side, a bit of a distance away. "You cannot outrun my insects forever..."

Zaku smirked. "Hello? Steel exterior! They're not gonna suck my chakra!"


Tsukiko pouted. "I guess we have to start fighting now, huh? Alright then..." Naruto narrowed his eyes as she began to transform- her limbs became longer, and she began growing fur on her fore-arms and lower legs. Her face structure altered so that it was the mouth and nose of an animal instead of a human's, with several whiskers sticking out of the sides. Her ears shifted to the top of her head and grew to great lengths, firmly setting her identity as some manner of rabbit. Lastly, her chest seemed to expand a little, making her look more like a woman than a girl. She smirked. "Here I come!" To the casual observer, she seemed to disappear, but Naruto could read her movements and blocked her punch with his sword.

As she bounced away, he seemed to have a grin on his face. "Fox versus rabbit, huh? Let's see where this goes."

Nagini slithered towards Kyuumaru slowly, and stopped a short distance from him. She began coiling up, still facing Kyuumaru the entire time. Kyuumaru yawned. "You going anywhere with this?"

He blinked, and in that instant she shot forward at high speeds. Kyuumaru yawned again as he sidestepped the thrust and kicked her in the stomach as she passed. "Please... is that all you can do?"


Jiraiya smirked as the Sound Five- or Four, seeing as how the girl was incapacitated due to Kyuumaru- surrounded him. "Hey there. Sorry, but I don't exactly have time to play games, so if you kids don't mind, I'll be making this quick."

Kidoumaru growled. "I don't think so, old man." He spat out what appeared to be a giant spider's web that flew towards Jiraiya. Jiraiya smirked before disappearing altogether, and the web hit the fat one and entangled him. Kidoumaru's eyes widened. "What the-" He didn't finish his sentence as he was knocked out from behind. As Kidoumaru slumped forward, Jiraiya cracked his knuckles. "Geez, two of you down already... let's see what we can do about the other two, shall we?"

Aoi clicked his tongue as he took out what looked like some kind of sword handle. "Didn't think I'd be needing this, but..." There was a sharp hiss, and what looked to be a small bolt of lightning extended from the hilt. After he sliced an Oto nin in half with it, Ibiki appeared next to him. "So, that's what happened to the Raijin no Ken. You have quite some nerve, bringing that with you to Konoha."

Aoi smirked as another man tried to cut him with a kunai, but he blocked it with the sword and electricity flowed into the other man's body, knocking him out. "Never go anywhere unprepared. This sword is extremely useful you know."

Ibiki sidestepped a man, grabbed his head, and twisted- hard. As the man fell to the ground, Ibiki snorted. "Seeing as you're not hostile to us here, I can't do anything to you... right now. But don't expect me to help you out if I see an attack heading your way."

Aoi's smirk widened. "With this sword, I'm invincible, so what does it matter?"


Hiruzen bit his thumb and placed his hand on the ground. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" Smoke shot up from his hand, and when it cleared, a very large ape stood in front of Sarutobi, dressed in clothes similar to Hiruzen's as well as a tiger-skin jacket over that and a Konoha hitai-ate on his forehead. Orochimaru frowned. Monkey King Enma, huh?

Enma looked back and forth between the two combatants. "Orochimaru, huh? So it's come to this then..." He turned to Hiruzen. "You're pathetic, you know that, Sarutobi? You should've killed him when you had the chance."

Hiruzen's eyes narrowed. "What do you think I'm trying to do now?" Enma rolled his eyes. Sarutobi coughed to regain his attention. "Anyways, turn into the Kongounyoi!"

Enma nodded, in a moment he was covered in smoke. When the smoke cleared, instead of a monkey he was now a long black staff with two yellow tips. Hiruzen grabbed the staff and twirled it expertly, before settling on a stance and staring down Orochimaru. Orochimaru chuckled. "Ah... that looks interesting... I have my own weapon, you know." He tilted his head back, and a large snake appeared from his mouth. The snake then opened its own mouth, and a sword came out of that. Orochimaru grabbed the sword's hilt as it fell to the ground, and pointed it at his old sensei as the snake retracted back into his belly.

Enma growled despite having no visible mouth, or any other body parts for that matter. "The Kusanagi no Tsurigi, eh? I'm gonna be so sore when this is over with..."

Hiruzen pointed his staff at Orochimaru, and it extended rapidly. Orochimaru blocked the tip with the flat of his blade, but then Enma's head seemed to sprout from the side of the staff and reached out at Orochimaru in an attempt to bite him. Just as Enma was about to bite into him, though, Orochimaru seemed to greatly expand in size, and Enma got hit in the face by Orochimaru's expanding shoulder. Enma retracted back to Hiruzen's sides, and both he and Hiruzen stared at the monstrosity before them. Orochimaru had turned into a very large white snake with a human-ish face and black hair, with long arms at his sides. "Kukukuku.... here's the Zoan aspect of this fruit..." He pointed his arm at his sensei, and a swarm of snakes appeared from his sleeves and headed towards the old man. They seemed to leap into the air and practically blotted out the sun from Hiruzen's point of view. He lifted the staff and spun it into the swarm just as they reached him, and they seemed to be pushed back by some force. Orochimaru frowned as the snakes disappeared, no longer sustained by the power of his fruit. "What did you just do...?"

Hiruzen smirked. "You want to find out? Well, why don't I just show you, then!" He charged his old student, and began spinning his staff wildly as he tried to hit Orochimaru over and over, but each time the blow was parried by the Kusanagi. Soon, though, Hiruzen got a strike in past Orochimaru's defenses, and Orochimaru was shocked as he was pushed back from the force of the blow. "You...! You shouldn't be able to hit me with my Logia powers! How did you do that?!"

Hiruzen's smirk did not falter one inch. "Jiraiya has spent a long time traveling the world... and since he knew you would most likely go for a Logia fruit for yourself to use, he taught me a technique he picked up that makes Logia users think twice about their battle tactics."

Orochimaru seemed to sneer. "Is that so? Maybe I'll be able to figure out how you do it when I dissect you!"


Sasuke grunted as he flew around the tentacles of sand lashing out at him. Great, he keeps the sand up at all times... and he always keeps enough close to himself to counter attack should I get a hit in. If this keeps up I might actually get hurt... I need a way to get past his defenses. Well, there's always that, but I don't feel like using up that much chakra. Though it looks like I won't have a choice soon enough...


As Hinata stood trying to regain her balance, Dosu sneered and ran straight at her, his right arm raised for another attack. As he swung at her, though, she not only ducked under it but brought her hand across the golden Melody Arm. Dosu's eyes widened as the bottom half of the device slid right off of his arm, and the top half soon followed. "My... Melody Arm! What did you do to it?"

Hinata gave a small smile. "In my studies of water type chakra, I found out something- if you narrow it into a small, high pressure stream, it can cut through objects just as well as wind chakra can. I used that to cut your Melody Arm in half."

Dosu grit his teeth under his mask. "Why you...!" He took another punch at her, but this time his fist was stopped right before it hit her in the face. What?!

Hinata's smile widened a bit more. "Kaiten!" She started spinning rapidly, and a dome of chakra seemed to cover her. Dosu yelled in pain as the dome pushed against his whole body and sent him flying. Hinata struggled to regain her balance as the dome disappeared and she stopped spinning. "Another thing I found out about chakra is... that you can use it to deflect attacks. Like so." She noted that, in the stands, her father was looking at her, and was that... approval on his face?


Chouji grit his teeth. "Bubun Baika no jutsu! Both arms!" His arms and hands grew to gigantic proportions, and then he swung them forward, apparently intent on crushing Kin between them.

Kin merely smirked. "Did you forget about my hair spikes?" All of a sudden, several spikes grew out from various places along her armor. Chouji clicked his tongue and brought his hands back, and they went back to normal. Kin's smirk grew. "Face it, fatty. There's no way you're going to be able to get to me without piercing yourself on my spikes. This armor makes me invincible! I'm going to squash you like the fat little bug you are!"

Chouji growled loudly enough for her to hear even in the middle of the chaos. "Why you-!" He froze. "Wait... that's it!" He stringed together several handsigns. "Chou baika no jutsu!" Kin could only gape as Chouji suddenly became gigantic in proportions. His voice boomed over the stadium, and almost everyone stopped to watch what was going on. "I'm going to squash you like a bug!" Kin's reaction was to make as many spikes as possible. Chouji smirked. "What do you think shoes are for?" Kin could only scream as he brought his foot up, and then brought it down on her- hard.


When Chouji had become a giant, Aoi was distracted by it. Unfortunately for him, the said could not be said for a nearby Oto nin.

Ibiki saw the man take out a kunai with an explosive tag on it. He said nothing. He saw the man throw it at Aoi. He said nothing. He saw it embed itself in Aoi's back. He said nothing. He saw the tag ignite. He said nothing. He watched the tag burn down quickly. He said nothing. He watched Aoi explode into pieces. He smirked, and said, "Boom."


Zaku panted- this guy was impossible to hit. He had used up nearly all of his ammo- bullets and his flamethrower- trying to hurt the guy, but he was faster than he looked. He grit his teeth. "Time to pull out the big guns." He took off his right hand, and aimed the hole in his arm right at Shino. "Say goodbye, bug-boy!" However, just as he was about to fire, Aoi's sword came out of nowhere and sliced clean through his shoulder, and his arm fell to the ground, useless. "AAAAAH! MY ARM! I'M GONNA KILL THE GUY WHO DID THIS!!!" He was about to pick up the sword, which had landed hilt-up in the ground, when Sasuke came out of nowhere.

"I'll be taking this!"

Zaku stared in disbelief as the tengu flew off, sword in hand, leaving Zaku standing bewildered. He heard a loud buzzing noise, and saw a swarm of insects coming from his right. He looked down at the hole in his side. "....Crud."


Sasuke smirked- the sword had sliced right through the boy's metal skin. It shouldn't have much trouble slicing through Gaara's sand, as well. He blinked as the blade seemed to disappear. He had noted that chakra had been running through it, but... he charged it with his own electrical chakra, and he smirked as a now white-blue blade appeared where the yellow one had been. "Ah, that's better. Now then... time to win."


Naruto tried to slice Tsukiko in half over and over again, but each and every time she would dodge it. This time she jumped backwards as Naruto lodged the sword into the rooftiles. He jumped over the blade while keeping a grip on it, did a flip in mid-air, and then brought the sword from behind him into another chop, leaving a large cut in the roof. Unfortunately, she dodged it again. Naruto grunted as he hefted the giant sword over his shoulders. "It would seem that I'm at a huge disadvantage here... I'm still not good enough with the sword to land any hits on an opponent who can see it coming."

Tsukiko closed her eyes as she giggled. "Well of course, silly! I'm a rabbit, I'm supposed to be hard to catch for a fox!"

Naruto took advantage of the opening and tried slicing her vertically, but she jumped backwards. As they resumed their fighting stances, Tsukiko blinked when her top split open, revealing her fur covered chest. Her eyes darkened. "You... you... PERVERT!"

Naruto put up a hand in front of him, covering her chest from vision even though there was nothing to see in her hybrid form. "Ah, wait, it was an accident! I was trying to slice you in half! Wait, that came out wrong..."

Tsukiko growled. "No more nice little girl act. I'm going to use my full-on-animal form for this battle. Let's see you compete with that."

Naruto blinked as she began growing larger and larger, fur covering everything now that she was more a mass of muscle than anything else. Her eyes were well shadowed, and claws sprouted from the ends of her paws, both hands and feet. Naruto gulped- she was taller than him by a few feet now. Tsukiko snarled, revealing many, many pointed teeth. "Let's see how you like being hunted, fox!"

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Hito Hito no Mi: Human Human Fruit, a zoan fruit for human forms. Chopper from One Piece has the original fruit, but Orochimaru has found away to manufacture it.

Hebi Hebi no Mi: Model Orochi: Snake Snake Fruit, Model Great Snake: A dual-type fruit that Orochimaru created using his own soul, it displays Zoan and Logia properties. Great Snake indeed.

Baika no jutsu: Expansion technique.
Kami no yoroi: Armor of hair. Pun on "Kami no yoroi (armor of God)", showing Kin's arrogance.
Raijin no Ken: Sword of the Thunder God. From the same filler arc Aoi is from, a lightsaber-ish sword used by Senju Tobirama.
Kuchiyose no jutsu: Summoning technique. Used to summon animals, objects, and even people.
Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Sword of Grasscutter or Grasscutter Sword, a legendary sword.
Kaiten: Heavenly Spin
Bubun Baika no jutsu: Partial Expansion technique.
Chou Baika no jutsu: Super Expansion technique.