"Mr. Winchucker?" Came a doctor's voice. Dean stood up.

"How is he?"

"Well he was very lucky. He had to have surgery to fix the shattered knee and some of the nerve and muscle damage. We installed fins into his knee and then it was set in a cast. The entry and exit wounds on his thigh and ankle were stitched, cleaned and bandaged. He has a bad infection so he is on heavy antibiotics."

"Will he be okay?" Dean asked.

"Well his leg may never be the same. He will need to be on crutches for at least 6-8 months and after that he might need years of physio."

"Can I go see him?"

"I suggest you go see the other guy. Sam is still in recovery and he is out cold from the drugs."

"Oh yeah! How is Ryan?"

"He got some stitches and is on antibiotics for infection but I don't see why he can't leave the day after tomorrow."

"Okay, thanks doc." Dean headed down the hall and into Ryan's room.

"Hey Dean." Came Ryan's tired voice.

"Hey." Dean replied.

"How is Sam?"

"He's hanging on. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Look you go be with your bother. You saved my life, I am great."

"Ryan, you returned that favor really well."

"Go Dean. Be with Sam."

"Thanks. Get some rest." Dean said as he left the room and headed towards Sam's. He walked in to see Sam completely out.

"Have a good sleep Sammy." Dean whispered as he fell asleep on the chair beside Sam's bed.

Dean opened his eyes and was shocked to see a happy face looking at him.

"Finally." Sam said. "I was getting worried."

"Sammy! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Dean. That was a bitch of a hunt wasn't it."

"Sure was."

"I don't remember the details."

"Sammy, you were pretty out of it."

"Oh god! What did I do?"

"Oh just a little karaoke and pole dancing."

"Jerk." Sam muttered.

"What was that, Bitch?"

Sam laughed. "So when do I get out of here?"

"You're not going to like this. Two more days."

"That's not that bad. I can't wait to get out of this town."

"Sammy, your leg was screwed up pretty bad. You're going to be on crutches for 6-8 months then will have to go to physio after that. Your leg might never be the same."

"It's okay." Sam said. "With you there I will be able to get through anything." Dean smiled and actually, for the sake of the moment, let his brother hug him. He even returned a small one himself.

Two days went by fast. Finally Sam was being wheeled out of the hospital. Dean pulled the Impala to the front and helped Sam hobble on his crutches then fit his giant plaster leg into the car.

"So Sam where too for that vacation we need so badly. Amsterdam?"

"Very funny Dean. How about Canada?"

"Yeah I really do want to see if the girls are hotter there."

"And if the government is run by beavers." Sam said

"Hey I heard they worship trees, maple syrup and live in igloos."

"Dean it looks like we don't know what to expect." Dean smiled to himself. That's they way he liked his twisted up life; never knowing what was going to happen next. He drove down a long road listening to his beloved music, in his beloved car, with his beloved little brother safely beside him. For now that's all that he wanted. Okay, maybe some beer too.



Okay sorry I had to add that last jab in about beer. It was lame. I know! So finally this short story is over. I have no idea why it took so long when it was so short. Review please.!!