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Chapter 1: Coming of Age

Draco Malfoy woke up on June 5th with a start. As his dorm mates slept on he could feel his body singing. He looked at the clock and saw that it was just after midnight, and then got out of bed knowing that there would be no more sleeping for him that night. He walked into the common room and sat down and he saw his eagle owl Arcturus standing there with a note on his leg. Draco held out his arm, and his owl flew across the room to land on his shoulder. He took the note off of his owl's leg and opened it.


If you are reading this then you have come into your inheritance. I have not told you of it before because it might have skipped you over. My son, you are not completely human, there is Veela blood in our family and some of it has passed on to you. Your Mother and I will be down to the school tomorrow to more fully explain what this will mean in your future. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Draco stared at the note dumbfounded. He was a Veela. How could this be? He looked at himself and noticed that his body had changed subtly. His skin was just as pale as before, but now it seemed to emit a soft glow. His hair seemed to have grown a few inches overnight and now it framed his face perfectly. Thinking about his face he rushed into the bathroom wondering what changes had happened, he saw much of the same, a proud jaw line, his eyes were depthless pools of sliver. His teeth, although they had always been well cared for, looked like pearls. His nose seemed much more sensitive as well, he could smell dozens of new scents, many of them interesting some of them completely disgusting. He also caught just a tiny whiff of, he couldn't think of how to describe it except for, perfection. He could not find that smell in any of the boys dormitories in the dungeon, and it didn't seem like it was coming from the girls dormitories so for now he decided, it would remain a mystery. He went back to the common room to wait for morning and an explanation from his father.

As soon as breakfast started to be served, he went into the great hall, and saw his parents at the high table talking to Dumbledore. His mother noticed him and motioned for him to join them. He walked up to the high table and didn't notice that every student who was already seated followed him with their eyes. When he reached the high table his mother smiled and hugged him in greeting.

"Draco my darling, come we will be eating in the small dining room today." She took her sons arm and walked behind the staff table and out of the hall.

Inside was a small table set for just the three of them. The Malfoy family sat down and immediately food appeared on the plates in front of them. Before beginning to eat, Lucius looked to Draco who was clearly waiting for some answers.

"I take it you got my note."

"Yes Father."

Narcissa beamed at her son. "Oh I knew that you were going to come into your inheritance. I could tell the moment that you were born."

"And what exactly does this inheritance entail," he asked.

"Well son, your first and foremost duty right now is to begin searching for your mate." Lucius told his son, "After you locate your mate you must begin the courtship and convince said mate to bond with you. Now Draco I want you to know that your mate can be male or female, and once you find your mate your life becomes tied with theirs. Whoever your mate is will have the utmost support of the Malfoy Family." He then sighed regrettably, "I only wish that your birthday could have been earlier, now you might have to wait the entire summer to find your mate."

Draco looked puzzled, "Why would it matter if it has to wait until next term Father?"

"You'll see Draco, You'll see. Now I suggest you eat and then go see if your mate presents themselves to you."

The rest of the meal passed in a comfortable silence. And when they were all finished eating, Lucius and Narcissa stood up and walked to the door.

"Good luck son, we shall see you at the manor tomorrow evening."

Without another word, Draco's parents walked out of the room and left Hogwarts only stopping just briefly to look out at the students eating breakfast wondering if one of them would become a new member of their family.

Draco walked out of the smaller dining room and headed towards the Slyherin table once again getting a faint whiff of perfection, but when he tried to locate it, it was gone. Sighing in frustration, Draco sat between Blaise and Pansy. Pansy leaned against him but when he turned his head to say good morning to her he smelled a fairly nauseating odor and had to turn his head towards Blaise who luckily smelled much better.

"Why were your parents here mate?"

"They came to tell me about my inheritance," Draco stated simply.

Blaise looked confused, "What do you mean wizards come into their full inheritance at age 11."

Draco nodded, "Yes, and veela come into their inheritance at age 16 apparently."

Blaise's eyes popped open, "You're a Veela!" Heads all over the great hall turned and stared at Blaise, then as people looked to see who he was talking to, many people went slack jawed. Shouts began to be heard from all over the hall.

"I'm a shoo-in for head boy next year!" "England is interested in drafting me for the quidditch team next year!" "I invented the cure for acne"

Draco shook his head angrily and stormed out of the hall. A hundred pairs of eyes followed him.

He headed back to the Slytherin common room and began packing waiting for his year mates to return, to see who his 'mate' was, because he was absolutely sure that his mate was a Slytherin. One by one his fellow snakes came back into the common room, he looked at them all intensely trying to see which was his mate, but he didn't feel anything. Eventually he got fed up and went to begin packing.

At dinner that night Draco walked into the great hall and caught another whiff of perfection, he was beginning to realize that the smell he was smelling had to be his mate. But the smell was not coming from the Slytherin table, and he was pretty sure that it wasn't coming from the Ravenclaw table either. Damn, that means its either a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor, I don't know which is worse. He sat down to his dinner and mused about what he was going to do about that. He decided that he would wait until he could talk with his parents about the problem, and find out if there was a way to find a more suitable mate.

The next day as the students boarded the Hogwarts Express, Draco decided that this would be a good time to try and find out who his 'mate' was. After the train left the station, Draco left the compartment and walked down the length of the train, the smell seemed to get stronger the closer he got to the back of the train. Finally at the last compartment he could tell that his mate was in there. He peeked in the window and froze, this was Potter's compartment. His mate could be a mudblood or, even Potter. He stalked away and went back to his compartment, wait until father hears of this.

Harry got to at his aunt and uncles and settled in like usual. Dudley was on another diet, and they were starving Harry, once again his friends had come to his aide and sent him care packages of food, and so he spent most of his time locked in his room. The Dursleys' didn't care. As long as he stayed out of their way they were completely happy to just ignore him. The summer progressed until the week before his birthday, when he began to feel sick all the time. He thought that it could be depression from the loss of Sirius, but he didn't understand why this would make him feel physically sick. The feeling got worse as it got closer to his 16th birthday. The night before, it got so bad that he couldn't eat, so at 7 he closed his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep. At a quarter to midnight he woke up and it felt like his entire body was on fire. His back was felt like it was about to rip open. His face felt like it was made of wax and was being reformed. He was forcibly reminded of when Ron and he had taken polyjuice potion. For fifteen minutes, his entire body was in agony. And then all of the sudden the pain was gone. Harry stumbled into the bathroom and walked over to the mirror. He almost screamed out when he realized what he was seeing. His face was, a little less human. His face had become graceful, his ears came to a very slight point, his hair was longer, and it reached halfway down his back. The most noticeable change was the fact that he had wings; they were thin and transparent, and almost as tall as he was. He ran back into his bedroom and dug in his trunk and brought out the standard book of spells, and looked up a glamour spell, he would cast it as soon as he stepped on to platform nine and three quarters, and he would not take it off until Hermione could explain all this to him. For the rest of the summer he stayed in his room, not wanting to be called a freak for the changes that his body had gone through. He denied numerous invitations to visit the Weasleys saying that he had too much homework to get caught up on. He sent Hedwig with a letter to Hermione communicating a desperate need to talk to which she responded:


What is going on? Why don't you come to the Weasleys house if you want to talk to me? I came here to spend time with you and Ron. PLEASE come. Ron and I are horribly worried about you. If you won't come, we could meet in Diagon Alley, the Weasleys and I are going next week to pick up our school supplies. Oh say you'll be there. Write back and let me know.

Love from,


P.S. Ron says 'hi'

Harry grinned as he read the post script. He could see Ron in his minds eye hovering over Hermione as she wrote to him begging her to tell him that he said 'hi,' nothing else, just 'hi.' He then turned his mind back towards Diagon Alley. He had to go and get his supplies for 6th year. He decided that he would meet them there under his invisibility cloak, and stay there until it was time to return to school. He was looking forward to seeing them, but a lingering fear had entered the back of his mind, What if Hermione doesn't know what to do…

The next Friday

Harry had sent an owl ahead to Tom telling him that he wanted to have room eleven for the two weeks before school began. Tom had readily agreed and had sent back the message:

Of course you can have room eleven Mister Potter! And I won't be taking any money for it either. It's the least I can do. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Harry smiled and began to pack.

He walked into the Leaky Cauldron under his cloak, and snuck right up to his room for the next two weeks, having a very close encounter when his wings brushed up against a warlock having a pint. He got into his room and shut the door before taking off his invisibility cloak. He walked to the mirror and looked into it. His new reflection stared back.

"You have really filled out over the years my dear, and I must say the wings are a nice touch," Croaked his mirror.

Harry glared at the mirror and snapped, "Shut up about my wings thank you very much." Before flopping down on the bed and wincing when his wings got stuck underneath him. These damn wings, he thought to himself, always getting in the bloody way and completely useless. Even as he thought that, he knew it wasn't true. A few days after the change he had tried to get his wings to move and was surprised when he found himself two feet off the ground. He was so surprised that he forgot to keep his wings moving and fell in a heap on the floor.

Over the two weeks his body had gone through a couple of other changes, he no longer needed his glasses, and he had grown 2 inches taller and more slender. His skin seemed to have acquired a slight tan, and it made his eyes sparkle. He was pleased with the height, and the muscles that just looked a little bit better now that he was skinnier, but there was the hair and the ears and those damn wings. He had sent Hermione a note telling her that he would be in the Leaky Cauldron when they got there and asked her to come up and see him, but to please come alone.

Two hours after he arrived, he heard a knock on his door. "Who is it?"

Hermione's voice answered, "Who else would it be Harry? Open the door."

"Are you alone?"

There was a pause and then she answered, "No Ron is with me."

"I don't want to see him yet."

Ron's voice answered sounding hurt, "Harry, I'm your best mate. I want to help you. Please don't shut me out."

Harry shook his head, he should have known that this was going to happen. If a Weasley was anything, they were loyal. He closed the curtains and dimmed the lights, maybe they wouldn't notice right away and he could explain things before they saw him. "The doors unlocked," he called, "You can come in."

The door opened and his two best friends walked in looking concerned and worried. "What's up mate?" Ron asked, "Why is it so dark in here? Want me to open the curtains?
He moved towards them to be stopped by Harry's voice.

"Please don't open them yet, I want to talk to you first."

"Ok Harry, you know that you can tell us anything," said Hermione.

"Alright, but please don't interrupt me or I might not be able to go on." He paused and waited for them to nod their heads before beginning to tell the story of what had happened to him on his birthday. Like usual they were the perfect audience, gasping on cue and looking more and more horrified as he described his change. The longer he talked, the harder it got, would they think he was a freak now? Would they abandon him?

When he finished speaking, there was a moments pause and then Hermione stood up and said "Let us see you Harry."

Harry stood up and opened the curtains. Ron and Hermione gasped not believing how beautiful Harry had become. Harry took the gasp in the wrong way and fell to his knees. They do think I'm a freak. Suddenly he was being embraced by his two best friends, and he began to cry, finally letting go of the feelings that he had been storing inside for the past two weeks. When he had calmed down, he looked at his friends and found them staring at him. "What?" he asked, "What is it?"

Hermione looked at him with her eyes shining with tears. "Harry, you're beautiful."

Harry felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders, "You don't think I'm a freak?"

Smiling through her tears she shook her head and said, "Oh you stupid prat, is that what you thought? That we would think that you were a freak? Boys are so stupid sometimes."

Harry and Ron both laughed at that and then Harry asked, "Do you know what I am 'Mione?"

"I've got a couple of ideas the most realistic one is that you have some maillochefée blood because of your wings. It used to be common for wizarding families to breed themselves with magical creatures like Veela, Elves, engels, or maillochefée. There are a couple of others at Hogwarts with magical creature blood in them still, but they are usually from the older pure blooded families. It is not a bad thing at all Harry, I promise."

Harry felt much better after hearing what Hermione had to say, but he still had a problem, "I can't walk around like this 'Mione, is there a way that I can hide my wings at least?"

Hermione considered this for a few moments and then darted out of the room. After a few moments she returned carrying a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. She flipped through the pages until she found the section on maillochefée. She skimmed the pages and then looked up at Harry. "Yup, its definitely maillochefée blood that you have, the book says that if you want to hide your wings all you have to do is focus on bringing them back into your body and they will disappear, can only hide them for ten hours a day, the rest of the time you will have to keep them out." She read on some more, "Oh Harry, this is so amazing, in addition to being able to fly, you have some natural healing abilities and your magic should be even stronger. I can't wait to see all the new things you can do when we get back to school!"

Harry smiled and shook his head, of course Hermione would be excited about this, he only hoped that he did not become too much of a test subject this year. He concentrated for a moment, and then the wings vanished. He sighed with relief. "Shall we go shopping?"

"Oh yes but Harry, you look so different even without the wings. We had better try and avoid people we know for right now. Maybe you should wear the invisibility cloak?" Hermione sounded a little bit nervous.

Ron shrugged, "We just won't let people get too close to him for right now, Harry needs to get some sun, isn't that right mate?"

Harry smiled, "Yeah I'd like that."

After looking at his clothing, which he had crudely cut to make room for his wings, Hermione decided that they should also stop atBarbary and Keddle's to find him some new clothes that would accommodate the new wings. And so they were off to do some shopping.

Draco was going crazy. He was filled with a need to find his mate and be with them so badly that he was very close to getting on his broom and flying to the Weasley's house to see if one of them were his mate. His parents tried to keep him occupied, but his mind was only on one thing. The closer it got to when school started, the more time Draco spent and Diagon Alley, deciding that this was the most likely place to run into his future mate when they came to shop for their school supplies. Every day Draco would floo to the Leaky Cauldron and spend the day wandering around the shops hoping for a scent of perfection to float by.

Four days before he was scheduled to board the Hogwarts Express he caught a whiff. There were so many people here that all of the scents were getting confused and he was developing quite a headache. He looked into shop windows looking for a glimpse of red hair, in hopes that he could narrow the list of possible mates down, and had finally located one of the Weasleys' in Barbary and Keddle's. He couldn't understand what A weasel would be doing in a shop like that, he certainly couldn't afford to buy any of the clothes. Then he saw Granger and someone else walk up to Ron, he didn't recognize the newcomer, but he was gorgeous, tall and slender, with long black hair. He wondered who this person was and why they were hanging out with Potter's friends, then he looked around trying to spot Potter and didn't see him anywhere, then he looked more closely at the strangers face, and gasped. The stranger was Potter! He looked different, as if all of his flaws had been erased, his face had been refined. Draco was determined to find out if one of them was his mate and so he snuck inside and tried to get closer to them.

The closer he got the stronger the smell was. Damn, it is one of those three, I hope to the Gods that it's not Granger; I think father would kill me. Harry and Hermione walked away again and Draco snuck closer to Ron, but the closer he got the more sure he was that it wasn't Weasley. That left two. He looked around the store and could see Hermione helping Harry pick out some clothes. Draco edged forward as Harry walked off into the changing room. He got close to Hermione, and realized that it was not her either. He breathed a sigh of release, and then his breath caught in his chest. His mate was Harry Potter. His enemy for five years was the one he was destined to spend the rest of his life with. Gods, why do you hate me? After he had calmed down, he snuck back out of the store, went back to the leaky cauldron, and flooed home. His father would know what to do about this… he hoped.

His father kept him at the Manor for the rest of the vacation, not wanting Draco to do something stupid and jeopardize his chances with Potter. At the moment Lucius couldn't decide what to do. Once the Dark Lord discovered that Potter was Draco's mate, he would demand that they use Draco to deliver Harry into the Dark Lord's clutches. If he allowed that to happen, when Voldemort killed Harry, Draco would die as well because when a Veela's mate died, so too did the Veela. If he allowed Draco and Harry to bond, he would have to protect him which meant he would have to turn to the light. There was the other option, but Draco would never forgive him, and Lucius didn't know if he could be as heartless as his father was. The Malfoy Lord had a lot to consider.

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