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The Malfoy Manor

Lucius paced back and forth in front of the fire place with a letter from Dumbledore clutched in his hands. Gods what a position this has put the family in! He looked again at the letter.


I am sure that you expected to be in this place no more than I, but it would appear that you and I are now on the path to being allies…

That word made him stop. Allies? With Dumbledore? This went against everything that he had been working for in the last twenty years. He wanted a pure magical world, didn't he? This was so frustrating! His whole life he had been taught by his father, and then by Voldemort that in order for wizards to remain in power they pure bloodlines must be preserved. He remembered the lengths to which his own family would stretch to in order to make that happen.


Lucius was a boy of ten again at play with his cousin Violetta, a girl of sixteen who had recently come into her inheritance. Often she would leave the manor for several days during the summer and go off looking for her was his only Malfoy cousin, and thus his favorite (Although breeding Veela into the family makes the blood stronger, it also makes it harder to conceive after the first child.) so he was always lonely when she went off searching. One evening as the family was seated at the dinner table. The doors burst open and there was Violetta with the strangest looking boy Lucius had ever seen. He wasn't wearing robes and looked entirely too amazed to be in the Manor than any wizard should be. His Father, Abraxas, looked stood up and walked over to Violetta and her strange guest by the door. Lucius listened as Violetta told Abraxas that the boy was her mate. He was a Hufflepuff, a Prefect, and was muggle born. A hush fell over the room. Abraxas Malfoy's face, which was always rather pale, looked like pure alabaster as he calmly walked over to the mantle, picked up a trinket and presented it to the boy. Violetta's face looked so relieved until suddenly with a flash of blue light, her mate disappeared.

"Grandfather, how could you?"

Abraxas Malfoy's eyes narrowed. "The real question child, is how could you bring such filth into our family's noble home."

Violetta's eyes filled with tears as she grabbed for her grandfathers arm which he wrenched away. "Where have you sent him?"

Abraxas strolled back toward the table and sat down. "I don't recall," he drawled, "perhaps someplace very hot, or very cold. Was it wet or dry where that portkey went… I suppose we shall never know."

Lucius watched his cousin's tears streaming down her face as she turned and ran from the room. That was the last time he ever saw her… Later that evening as his mother put him to bed he recalled her saying that she hoped that if he came into his inheritance, she hoped that the gods saw fit to give him a better mate.

The Malfoys never spoke of his cousin in public, and when he finally asked his mother what had become of her she said, "We can only hope that she has found him and they are living in hiding somewhere in the world, because if she doesn't find him, she will waste away into nothing."

/End Flashback\\

Lucius stared blankly at the parchment in his hand, The gods must have a reason for giving Potter to my son…

His thoughts were rudely cut off by the arrival of another owl. He opened the letter and read.

My most faithful Lucius,

It is my newfound understanding that your family has made a great step towards the eradication of the most troublesome wizard of the moment. You must lure Harry Potter into your clutches and deliver him to me.

As to the reason that I did not receive this most wonderful news from you, I am sure you can explain when you are next summoned to my side.

Your orders for now are to become as close to the Potter boy as possible, send the boys gifts and begin to extend invitations to them to come spend the winter holiday at your home. The boy, and indeed that oaf Dumbledore must not suspect a thing. Do anything and everything necessary to earn their trust.

I will have a very special place of honor for your family and especially your son as soon as this ordeal is over. Do Not Disappoint Me Again.

The note was not signed, but Voldemort never felt the need to sign his letters. Was this the reason that Harry Potter was basically handed upon a silver platter to his son? Was this as cruel a jest as when Violetta brought home a mudblood as her mate? He was lucky that the gods had given him Narcissa, but would he act as his father had and then watch his only son waste away because of it… Lucius looked from letter to letter clutched in his hands, and with a sigh of frustration he set them both down and began to write a letter of his own.

At Hogwarts

Classes had begun. Draco grew tense with anxiety during each of the classes that the had apart. Harry was bombarded with questions about how he could be living with a Slytherin and Seamus was completely lost by the fact that Harry was betrothed to a man. He didn't know how to answer most of the questions they asked him so for the most part he just blushed and stayed silent. Parvati asked if the ring he wore was a gift from Draco. Lavender asked what Draco looked like without a shirt on. Ron told them all to lay off of Harry, and Hermione patted him on the shoulder and told him it would be alright.

"I think I would rather face Quirrel again than deal with all of this," Harry muttered as he, Ron, and Hermione walked towards potions.

Ron snorted and said, "Quirrel, I would go toe to toe with the basilisk if we could just go back to normal around here… although with you Harry, nothing is ever normal."

Hermione grinned, "One good thing that has come out of this is that it has given me a reason to research some wizarding genealogy," her voice dropped to a whisper' "I haven't found any of the special blood that you have Harry… nowhere in the Potter line have I found any reference to magical crossbreeding."

"Well it could have been Harry's mum then, couldn't it?" Ron asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes and said, "Please Ron, what mystical fairy would have bred with a muggle?"

Ron muttered something about 'maybe it was a very attractive muggle… or a rather dim fairy.' They laughed and continued into the dungeons. Right outside the potions classroom, Pansy Parkinson was waiting for Harry.

"A quick word, Potter?" She asked.

Ron and Hermione stopped and glanced back at Harry, who motioned for them to go into the classroom. Harry hoped that she was going to be the first of many Slytherins that would become an acquaintance if not eventually a friend. He gave he a small grin which faded as he noticed the way she was staring at him. "What is on your mind Pansy?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Listen Potter, you may not know this, but I have been working towards being the next Lady Malfoy since I was eleven. I will not allow you to stand in my way. Do you understand me?"

"Listen Pansy, first of all, I didn't ask for any of this, and you can be sure that I would not have agreed to this if Draco wouldn't have died if I said no. Second of all, Even if I had never been born, you would not be the next Lady Malfoy because Draco has way better taste than that. Hermione was telling me that a lot of the old wizarding families crossbred with magical creatures… did your family try with a pug?" Harry turned his back on her and began to walk into the dungeon when he heard a wand behind him. He was just about to dive for cover when he heard a scream and whipped around to see Pansy crumple to the floor in a heap. He was then grabbed and pushed behind Draco who still had his wand pointed at Pansy's prone form.

"Harry I don't think it was a pug, I think it was a slug that the Parkinson's bred with." Draco walked towards Pansy, "The next time you point a wand at my mate, I wont just stun you, and that is a promise." He turned and walked back toward Harry and grabbed his hand. "Harry, please come and meet some Slytherins that are worth your time," he paused and then turned toward Ron and Hermione, "why don't the two of you come as well. Hopefully all of us will be spending a lot more time together."

Later that day

Harry sat in the Gryffindor Locker Room at the quidditch pitch. He was getting ready to hold tryouts for new players. It was going to be a very young team this year, with only Ron, Katie, and himself remaining. He shook his head, it was going to be hard to replace Angelina, and even harder to replace Fred and George. Naturally there was a huge turn out for the try outs and he spent the first part of it weeding out the hopefuls from the hopeless. Finally he began to try players for positions, he would make up a team of chasers and have them try and score on Ron while pairs of beaters tried to stop them. In the end he had worked up a new line up of Ginny (who did excellent as the seeker when Harry was banned) Dean Thomas, and Katie as chasers, a new pair of beaters by the name of Coote and Peakes, and Ron barely scraped his way back into his role of Keeper. There were enough talented players (and enough bad luck where Harry was concerned) that he was able to field a small reserve team as well. He had rather high hopes that with some work the Gryffindor team could be amazing this year. He took of his shirt and was just unbuttoning his pants when he heard footsteps behind him. He buttoned his pants and whirled around, and then let out a breath as it was just Ginny, who had already finished changing.

She took a few steps closer to Harry and then sat down on the bench next to where he was standing. "Hello Harry."

Harry grinned at her and sat down next to her, " 'Lo Ginny, great job out there tonight." He pulled on his sweater, "Think we will have a good team this year don't you? I was really surprised by…"

His words were cut off as Ginny lunged over and covered his lips with hers. Harry's eyes snapped open and he gently but firmly pushed Ginny off of him. Ginny looked at him with an incredulous look in her eyes. "But, Harry… You must want to be with me more than that stupid snake."

Harry looked at the girl who had a crush on him since the moment she saw him, he thought of all of the fun they had together. "Ginny," he began, "you would have been the logical choice for me… but it would appear that at the moment I don't have a choice at all. For now know that I love you like a sister and always want you to be close to me, but the closeness is limited to friendship. In the few days that I have been with Draco he has proven to me that he is not the selfish, spoiled prat that I knew from my first year. I have to give this as much of a chance as I can, and the weird thing is," he paused and grinned, "I sort of want to give it a chance."

Ginny's eyes filled with tears and she shook her head angrily, "but you are both men! You can't possibly love a man, Harry. What about children?"

Harry shook his head sadly, "I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we get to it. I really ought to get back, I will see you later Gin." He leaned down and gave her a quick hug before leaving the locker room.

Ginny sat there staring blankly ahead. This cannot be happening! How could he want to be with Draco Malfoy instead of me? Harry will be mine, he was going to be mine since I was ten and it will happen! She stood up and angrily marched out of the locker room and back to the Common Room to plot.

Draco and Harry's Rooms

Harry rushed past the painting of the red haired girl into his new rooms and found Draco sitting on one of the couches by the fire with a far off look in his eyes. He walked towards him and sat down on the couch next to him. "Draco," he said, "what's the matter?"

Draco glanced up at him and then looked down again. "I am sorry you are stuck with me Harry, If you wish I will tell Dumbledore that this is not working and he can have you moved back into the Gryffindor Tower."

Harry's eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. "Move, but Draco, you and your father said if we weren't near each other than you would waste away and die…"

Draco nodded, "It is true. If the stakes were reversed, I don't know what I would do in your place…" he smirked briefly and then frowned again, "well actually I do know what I would do." He paused and looked up to meet Harry's eyes, "I would have been happy to watch you waste away because I despised you for so many reasons. You were everyone's golden boy, even my father couldn't go a week without talking about you… it was all about how to get rid of you, but still. The crazy thing is, even as much as I hated you, now I would rather waste away and die rather than have you hate being here with me."

Harry reached out and put his hand on Draco's arm, "Why do you think I hate it here?"

Draco quoted, "You can be sure that I would not have agreed to this if Draco wouldn't have died if I said no… is that proof enough?"

Harry's eyes widened. "Draco, I am so sorry. I did do this so you didn't die, but every day spent with you I realize that you are not the same person I used to hate. You can understand why I still feel a little trapped though can't you? It's only been a week."

Draco shook his head, "To be honest Harry, I can't understand it, but it is because you have become the most important person in the world to me." He leaned over towards Harry, "I love…" his nostrils flared and his eyes darkened. "Who have you been kissing?"

Harry leaned away from him, frightened of that look in his eyes. "Draco, I didn't kiss anyone." He paused and blushed, "Ginny kissed me, but I told her that I just wanted to be friends and that I was going to see this through with you." He hesitantly leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Draco in a hug. "It is all going to work out Draco, it will just take time."

Draco felt himself relaxing into his mate. He wouldn't forget that Ginny Weasley was after his mate and would be more vigilant of those around him, but for now he was content to just be in Harry's arms. Suddenly he felt his Veela urges taking over and he gasped out, "Harry, Go. To. Your. Room… NOW!" It took every bit of self control to push him away and not leap after him and take him there.

Harry ran into his room but left the door open. He leaned against the door so that he could see Draco who walked over and sat down on the other side of the door frame. Draco's eyes had changed into the veela eyes, just pools of liquid silver without pupils. Harry was frightened and at the same time slightly turned on by the way his mate looked. If I just step through the doorway, he thought, no… I don't want it to be this way for the first time, it should be more magical. He pulled his knees to his chest and smiled at his mate. "Draco," he said, "thanks."

Draco separated from his mate by a magical barrier, struggled to control his urges. he blinked his eyes several times until they reverted to their normal state, and grinned at Harry, "Next time be careful when you initiate contact. I will do my best to fight off the urges, but you may want to warn me before you do anything physical with me." He waited for Harry to nod before he continued, "One more thing Harry, I, er, happened to overhear Ron and Hermione talking about an inheritance that you came into… and, er, I was wondering if you might be willing to let me in on the secret."

Harry sat silently for a minute. He is my mate, and I should trust him and tell him. He waited for the 'but' in his thoughts, however it didn't come. He stood up and looked at Draco, "Don't freak out, but I am not one hundred percent human myself," he grabbed the glamour ring on his finger and pulled it off and allowed his wings to appear. "I hope you don't think that I am a freak now," he said, unwilling to look at Draco.

After a few minutes of silence, Harry looked up to see Draco standing on the other side of his door and staring at him with a queer look on his face. "You do think I am a freak don't you?"

Draco blinked twice and then shook his head as if to clear it. "Freak? The only way I would use the word freak in the same sentence as you would be to say, 'my mate is freakishly beautiful'. Harry, what are you?"

Harry laughed with tears in his eyes. "Maillochefée."

Draco sat down again on the ground outside of Harry's door. "I didn't know the Potter's had crossed with magical creatures before…"

"I hadn't either," Harry replied.

"I will ask mother to look into it. She keeps a detailed record of all of the old families and their magical crossings." He smiled at Harry and said, "Thank you for trusting me." Harry smiled and nodded and Draco stood up to head to his own room, "Oh, and one other thing, please when we are alone in the rooms together will you remove the glamour and let me see my mate as he truly is?"

Harry grinned and nodded, "I guess that is ok, but please don't let anyone else know about it yet?"

Draco snorted, "As if I would give anyone another reason to try and take you from me," he paused and turned back to his own room, "Goodnight Harry, pleasant dreams."

Harry watched his mate cross their common space and head into his own was a lot he had to think about that night as he went to bed, and for the first time as he dreamt, it was about him and Draco.

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