Darkest Hour The Darkest Hour


No one. No one was left to fight the invasion. Link was alone against a black sea of evil and he couldn't win. They were only about a hundred yards away now, flying at him like a tidal wave of sinister evil. The roaring of wave whose waters are the black swarms of darkness and whose mists are the blood of their victims.

They had swept across Hyrule, destroying everything in their path. They had killed everyone. None had survived their bestial fury. Everyone whom he had held dear was gone forever. The dark minions from another world were only fifty yards away. The land was torn up form its roots and every living thing was snuffed in their wake. The unfathomable evil putrefied the earth at its touch.

Forty yards. Link knew it was hopeless. He was the last survivor of the invasion...the last Hyrulian.

Thirty yards. Link knew that his lifelong duty was to protect Hyrule. He had failed.

Twenty yards. He longed to die, to be relived of the burden which had tormented him. The death. The blood. He was through fighting. He thought of all the lives that were taken by him and his enemies.

Ten yards. Link's grip on his sword slacked, and it fell to the ground. This is where it ends...He could finally cast aside his weapon and know, for a brief instant, peace. A smile crossed his face. He wanted it this way. He wanted to die without a weapon in his hand. He wanted to live without the thoughts of death and destruction clouding his mind.

But he was never given that opportunity.

He looked to the sky. This is where it ends...

He was engulfed by the evil mass.

It was the darkest hour.

And the brightest.