This is the first non-J/7 thing I've written.

I think Janeway felt something for Celes during Good Shepherd. Perhaps it wasn't sexual, but it almost seemed like Janeway wanted to drop everything and just wrap her arms around the poor girl and just hold her. Or maybe that was just me.

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She shivers and wraps herself tighter in the covers, leaving you naked and cold on the starchy blue sheets. You can't bring yourself to be annoyed, though. Involuntarily the corners of your lips twitch upwards and for the first time in a long while you feel a twinge of what you think might be happiness.

She looks so relaxed and natural. You kissed away her awkwardness and nuzzled away all of her incompetence. You felt her shiver and shake, you heard her moan and sigh and mew, and you exhausted every last bit of self-depreciation, and you loved her.

And now you think you might be in love with her.

She's impossibly adorable in her slumber. Her chestnut hair is stolen from its customary bun and thoroughly tousled, askew strands of it whisking upwards and drifting vaguely back down with each steady breath. Her eyes are gently shut and her lips are upturned in an innate smile, one that you hope you never see her void of again.

You brush your fingers against her cheek softly, and she whimpers sweetly and scrunches her nose. You can't resist the urge to brush your lips against those elegant ridges between her eyes, causing her to squeak and wriggle deeper into her cocoon of blankets, alienating you and your chill further.

"Tal, I'm cold!" you whisper as quietly as you can.

"So am I," she breathes back and yanks the blankets up to her nose.

You vaguely remember being deemed the cover hog in past years by past lovers, but you push thoughts of other times away and focus on the present. The thermal controls must be malfunctioning, or perhaps this quadrant of Hell is just a bit cooler than the rest, because you really are freezing.

You snake your hands up under the sheets, searching for smooth flesh, and she lets out a shriek when you finally make contact. She thrashes and grasps at your wrists as you nestle beneath the bedding, pulling her warmth against you.

"Captain!" she squeals, "You're like ice." Despite this, she still cuddles back into you, and you relish in the contact.

You smile and kiss up her neck and ear, pausing to nip at the delicate cartilage. She moans a throaty moan that makes you melt inside, but you have duty in a few hours, so you push back your desire and are contended to hold the young woman into you.

"Captain?" she says, her voice shy and somber once again.

"Hmm?" you inquire and nuzzle her delightfully silky hair.

"I think I love you." She wraps her slightly bigger hands around yours and rubs her thumbs against yours nervously.

"I know." you say and lean forward to kiss her cheek reassuringly.

You lay together for long moments in an increasing state of somnolence, before she drifts back into comfortable slumber. You close your eyes, knowing full well that you'll never fall asleep, and enjoy these fleeting moments of bliss.