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"The Kazekage, Subaku no Gaara is here Master Hyuga." The servant quickly allowed the young red-headed man of twenty to enter the study room of a angry-looking older man.

" You have finally arrived, Kazekage." He took a minute to catch his breath, "I had send an invitation two months ago." The man looked incredibly pale, and about to fall over.

"I am Kazekage, I can not abandon my duties for a summon, even if it is from a Hyuga." Gaara was not about to let the older man intimidate him.

"I will let your insolence past, for I am in need of your assistance." Hiashi Hyuga sat down behind his desk, "please, sit down." The older man was not going to make the mistake of getting on the wrong side of this monster, he knew Gaara could be the solution to his problem.

Gaara sat down, remaining silent to await a full explanation of his visit to Konoha. He had avoid it for as long as possible; but since the Hyuga clan was one of the major investors in Suna he could delay no longer.

"My daughter, Hinata will be send to Suna for the next year to serve as ambassador. She, of course, is still unaware of this transfer." A sudden cough caught the old Hyuga. "Sorry, where was I? Yes, my daughter Hinata will be in your village."

Gaara did not add anything to this, he just sat there impartial to what this man wanted from him.

"I want my daughter to permanently, shall we say, stay in your village." What was this man getting at? Gaara was getting irritated, why couldn't the man just state his business. "I need you to make sure this happends." Hiashi Hyuga looked sick, that was it; Hiashi Hyuga was dying. "Hinata has to disappear- accidentally of course."

"You want me to kill your daughter?" This man was making no sense, Gaara thought; did he want him to protect or kill this daughter of his?

"Yes." The whisper was barely spoken but it reached Gaara's ears clearly.

"Why?" If he was going to kill someone, he needed a reason. He had been a monster as a boy, but no longer. He hadn't killed anyone for pleasure since his battle with Naruto. He could control Shukaku now.

"She is not fit to take over the Hyuga clan. I need a strong heir, and she is not it. My Hanabi will become heir as soon as you manage to take care of my bothersome daughter." He took another breath and drank some tea. "This is the only way."

"Why me?" Gaara did not want Konoha to cut trade with Suna, "if Konoha were to find out that a Hyuga was killed in Suna, then all shall be hostile again between the two villages."

"That is why it has to look like an accident!" Hiashi shouted, rapidly followed by a coughing fit. "If Suna does not accomplish this simple task, I will be force to stop all investment with Suna." So that was it. "Of course, if the task is accomplish by next year, I will reward Suna handsomely."

Gaara knew that Suna dependent on the Hyuga clans trade; but what the Hyuga didn't know was that there were already four other top families that had recently started trade with Suna. But there was something elseā€¦"I will see what I can do," was Gaara only response. If he didn't take the task then somebody else would, and that would surely end in the demise of Hinata, one of Naruto's friends (the only way Gaara thought of her).

Hiashi knew this was the only response he was going to get; but, he was not about to dispute it. "Then I hope you do well." With this the older man allowed the younger Kazekage to take his leave. They both knew no formalities were necessary.


"Do you think Gaara will kill Hinata, papa?" A innocent looking girl spoke with a sweet voice, "he knows Hinata is one of Naruto's friends."

"Do not worry, Hanabi. Even if Gaara does not complete the task, then others shall. What is important is that Hinata will be outside of Konoha, where she can be easy prey to anybody." A deep and malevolent laugh filled the dark study room.