Fic for Death Angel's Shadow 2. She requested the uke-pair. Be warned, I absolutely suck at writing Rikkai, even if Yukimura is my third favorite character and Rikkai is my favorite school (for now, I have a habbit of switching between Rikkai and Seigaku).

"Akaya?" Yukimura's voice called out into the dark club room after practice. Everyone had left except for the sole second-year regular on the team. Yukimura heard the sound of fists pounding against the walls of the room.

"Damnit!" He heard Akaya mutter under his breath in a mantra. Akaya's face was facing the ground, his eyes red, his hair as messy as ever, and beads of sweat trickling down his face.

'He must still be upset over his loss to Renji today.'

"Akaya," He called out again, this time louder and firmer, the voice he uses when he orders the whole team during practice. The voice that could even make Sanada shiver. Akaya looked up and to where the voice came from.


Yukimura smiled. "Taking your anger out on that wall and hurting your fists won't help you beat anyone." He said, taking a seat on a nearby bench and beckoning Akaya over.

The seaweed-haired regular plopped next to his senpai and looked at the ground, still sulky. "Sometimes," he confided, "I feel like I just can't catch up." His red eyes now reverted back to it's normal color, white.

Yukimura ruffled his hair. If it had been any other member, he would have frowned at them or perhaps even consider kicking them out of the team. But Kirihara was a special case. He guessed it was probably favoritism and unfair, but he continued on with it anyways.

"I thought that you said you were going to beat us all one day?"

He swung his arm around his kohai affectionately. Akaya snuggled against the warmth on instict.

"Can we stay like this a bit longer?" He asked. And so, the two sat in silence in the dark.

Well, at least until Aka-chan had a strong urge to comment, "I will beat you guys one day. Don't you forget it!" His statement was met by another chuckle.

I've been writing too much crack and not enough fluff lately, so made this fluff. I know I promised to update my multichapter fics, but my inspiration isn't complying.

Now, back to the job of running over my multichapter fics with a sledgehammer and roller -hums tune to "Shinjitsu"-

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