Forgive me Mookie, for having a little too much fun with a younger Jacob here. All three Deegan brothers are really good at sewing.. you know?

Warnings for... Strangeness and disturbing imagrey.

Summary: Family fun time with Jacob and Greggers. Now comment XD


Sewing Lessons

Gregory Deegan learned to sew years and years ago, though the circumstances weren't exactly normal. He'd been taught by his older brother--it was a skill that ran in the family...

Gregory looked down at his leg and screwed up his courage. Biting down on his lip, he pushed the needle point through the skin, earning praise from his teacher.

"Yes, that's right baby brother, stitch up your cuts just like Jacob's doing."

"A-are you sure this all is safe, Jake...?" The older boy smiled tenderly and his pale, bone-white hands took the needle from the smaller fingers and tugged, illiciting a slight cry from the younger. His voice was smooth as velvet, low and comforting,

"Of course it is, you trust your older brother don't you?" The crippled boy was fighting a sob. He didn't want to cry in front of his eldest sibling,

"B-but it hurts.."

"It's okay Gregory, we'll try to drain the blight out of you again tomorrow... Let me tuck you in." Gregory arranged himself under his blankets, settling back amonst the pillows, pale and sweating still from the ordeal. With almost maternal fondness, the teen bent down and brushed his cold lips against his brother's forehead. A tired voice floated up to him,

"Good night, biggest bro.." Jacob Deegan smiled in a mix between hunger and a show of pride,

"Good night, kiddo." Gregory missed the smile, already having closed his eyes. Jacob smirked again and left the room. Already in his mind he was paging through tomes of forbidden, heretical power. Though once again he had failed, there was no hurry; he had plenty of time.

He'd get his sample yet.