Tell Me All Of Your Hopes, All Of Your Dreams.

Katie Bell was a girl of many talents.

She could stay on a bucking broom fifty feet in the air, and she could spell out almost any word you needed.

She could recite the lyrics of literally hundreds of songs at the drop of a hat, and she could most certainly talk the leg off a wooden table.

But one thing she was not good at was staying awake through their Captain's early morning marathon pep talks... and for that, she dearly paid.

Whilst Oliver was garbling on about formations, routines and positioning, Katie would frequently drift off into her own little world, where she would stay until he either realised she wasn't listening, or had run out of air and was sucking in large gulps of oxygen noisily enough to startle her from her dreaming.

The large lapses in concentration weren't necessarily that bad, it was just that whenever she floated away into her dreams, it was the sound of Oliver's voice that followed her, and so the ensuing "day dreams" would more often than not revolve around the Captain himself. And even then, that wouldn't have been so terrible, except for the fact that the dreams were less what you would call innocent and more what you would call graphic representations of repressed desires for his rather stunning Scottish physique.

And that was when she struck trouble.

'So, if we want to beat Ravenclaw this weekend, you'll need to...'

As Oliver's voice washed over her in one large bath of deep Scottish brogue, Katie felt herself drifting away from concentration unusually sooner than she usually did.
It was normal for her to have at least suffered through one paragraph of his bulleted notes before immersing herself in her day-dreams.

'Angelina, you'll need to make sure Alicia and Katie stay on your r -'

His voice faded into silence as the rest of the room was blearily erased from her sight and replaced by the curious darkness one experiences when the sun shines through closed eyelids.

A rush of sweet, warm air swept across her face and she looked up, smiling dreamily at Oliver, who was staring down at her, his dark hair shining a deep chocolate in the mid-afternoon sun.

'Nice of you to wake up, sleepy-head.' he said teasingly with a wink, stretching out a calloused hand for her to take.

Accepting his grip, Katie placed her slight, smaller hand in his and pulled herself to her feet, smoothing down the billowing folds of the knee-length yellow sundress that had suddenly appeared wrapped around her athletic body.

'I want to show you something.' Oliver said quietly, leaning down to whisper in her ear.

And the next thing she knew, she was struggling to keep up as he sprinted through the un-mown grasses of the Hogwarts grounds, pulling her behind him, his large hand still gripping hers tightly.

'Slow down!' she cried with a merry laugh, scowling slightly when he shook his head playfully and increased his speed.

Grinning, she stopped suddenly a few seconds later, digging her bare heels into the soft soil and making him topple over onto his stomach.

Giggling hysterically as he hit the grass with a large 'oomph!', she shrugged as he glared at her over his shoulder.

'I told you to slow down.'

Rolling over onto his back and spitting out a mouthful of grass, he growled, springing at her and pinning her to the ground with his body.

'You're a sly little minx, you know that?'

Laughing, she merely placed a small kiss of the tip of his nose and then laid her head back in the grass.

Rolling his eyes, Oliver silently brought his right hand up in front of her face and flexed his long, slightly crooked fingers menacingly, snorting when she shook her head violently.

'Oliver, no!'

Chuckling as she struggled violently under him, he walked his fingertips across her ribs and began to tickle her, dancing his fingers to and fro around her body, making her squirm and writhe trying to escape his touch.

Shrieking happily and laughing fit to burst, she fought with him in vain, managing to throw him off her and then proceeding to rumble around with him in the long grass; hands, fingers and legs everywhere.

Just as suddenly as the raucous had begun, it ended, and they lay back together, side by side, breathing heavily.

'You're a maniac, you know that?' Katie informed him loudly, prodding him in the chest harder than was probably necessary.

'I'm the maniac!?' he yelped with a snigger, 'I'm not the one who started the wrestling... I was having a fine time tickling you before you started playing rough.'

'Oh, don't be a wuss;' she replied with a saucy grin, 'you know you love it.'

In reply, Oliver leant over and placed his lips gently to hers, not necessarily in a kiss, but with enough contact to make both their mouths quiver with anticipation.
It was Katie who, after two minutes of fighting temptation, could take it no more and crushed her mouth against his in a kiss that was definitely "playing rough".

As they kissed, Oliver gently drew her, inch by slow and steady inch, on top of his body, so that after ten minutes or so, she was lying full-length over him, her hands cradling his face tenderly as she searched his mouth.

Pausing to draw in much needed air, he smiled at her in a way that made her want to melt, and before he could even fathom what was happening, she was clawing at his Puddlemere jersey, yanking it up his lean torso and over his head.

Laughing, he helped her pull it over his head and threw it to the side, encircling her with his long, muscular arms as he fumbled with the zip of her ---


A/N: Chapter titles are lines from 'Take Me With You' by Secondhand Serenade.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot. Katie, Oliver, Fred, George, Angelina, Alicia and Harry are all JK's. The song lyrics belong to the ever-talented Secondhand Serenade.

A/N: Chapter titles are lines from 'Take Me With You' by Secondhand Serenade.