I Will Love You Now And Forever.

Collapsing onto her bed, crying harder than she could ever remember crying in her life, Katie curled herself up into a miserable ball around her pillow.

Out of all the things the twins had ever done to her, she thought that this one was probably the lowest. She knew they hadn't meant any real harm by it, it had just been bad timing that she'd had that particular type of dream, but it didn't stop the humiliation from hurting her as much as it did.

Worse than the publicizing of her dream was Oliver's reaction.
He'd obviously found it hilariously ludicrous that they could ever be together… and that was what really hurt.

'Katie! Katie, wait, Katieeeeee!'

Calling out her name loudly as he took the stairs towards the Common Room three at a time, Oliver burst into the Gryffindor Tower and glanced around, desperately searching for the telltale signs of her long, mid-brown locks.

'She's upstairs.' said a familiar, authoritarian voice to his right, and Oliver spun around to see Hermione Granger looking at him curiously from behind a gigantic textbook.

'She is? Oh great, thanks Hermione.' Oliver said eagerly, already at the foot of the stairs to the girls' dormitories before he came to a skidding halt, 'Damn.'

Turning around, he let his best puppy-face expression slide onto his features.

'Hey Hermione?'

'There's a way to get up there, you know, you don't have to get me to take her a message.' She replied boredly, not even bothering to look up over the edge of her book, 'Fred and George figured it out the other day… I'm surprised they didn't tell you.'

Oliver wriggled impatiently, waiting for her to tell him how exactly he was supposed to get up there.

'It's quite simple really, I was surprised they hadn't figured it out sooner,' she continued on, seemingly oblivious to Oliver's pained expression.

'Hermione, I'm kind of in a hurry, so if you don't mind..?' Oliver muttered through gritted teeth, trailing off so that he didn't say something he would regret.

'Walk up the handrail.' She said in a tone that clearly expressed the fact she thought it was painfully obvious, 'you see, they only ever charmed the staircase, not the handrail.'

Laughing at the simple brilliance of it, Oliver thanked her enthusiastically and leapt onto the banister with unexpected grace. Stretching out his arms for balance, he walked slowly and carefully up the polished timber handrail, his boots slipping every now and then on the smooth surface.

When he reached the top, he was just about to leap down onto the floor, when Hermione called out to him. 'You have to jump straight from the banister into the dormitory – the staircase's surface is attached to the hallway parquetry.'

Giving her a thankful thumbs up, Oliver pulled out his wand and was about to magically unlock Katie's dormitory when the door opened suddenly and startled him, making him wobble dangerously on the railing, much to the horror of Katie, who was the one who had opened the door. She shrieked and grabbed his hand, stopping him from falling, just in time.

Upright again, Oliver swallowed his stomach back down his throat and glanced downwards, noticing for the first time just how high up he was. Not that the heights bothered him, being a quidditch player and all, but the marble floor ten feet below was looking particularly ominous.

'What in the name of Merlin are you doing?' Katie asked him, her hand still in his.

'Trying to find you...' He replied with a weak smile, acutely aware of her warm touch and red-rimmed eyes, 'Katie, I'm really sorry.'

She shrugged, her expression instantly turning to stone.

'It's fine… don't worry about it.'

'But is not fine,' Oliver said with a frown, gripping her hand tighter, 'I should've stopped them earlier.'

'Hey, you all got a laugh out it,' she said with a wry smile, 'that's all that matters.'

'No its not,' he said sternly, confused as to why she was being so strange about it all, 'you were upset by it and that's what matters the most.'

'Oliver,' she sighed, letting go of his hand slowly so that he didn't fall backwards, 'its fine.. don't worry about me, I'll be fine. It was just a stupid dream.'

It was then that Alicia's words came flooding back to Oliver, reverberating in his skull and bringing everything crashing down on him with dawning realization.

"That dream meant more to her than you think…"

'You're in love with me, aren't you?' Oliver mused, more to himself than anything else, but instantly startled her into freezing with horror.

'Wh-what makes you think that?' she asked, backing up against the door of her dormitory, 'because I don't… I just – it was just a stupid dream. Just a stupid dream…'

Grinning, Oliver shook his head as his own feelings began to fit in with all Katie's reactions. 'Katie, its okay.'

'No its not like that!' she cried desperately, exasperated tears escaping from her blue eyes and trailing down her glowing cheeks, 'Its not like that!'

Ignoring her for the moment and biting his tongue, Oliver squinted, trying to judge the distance from the handrail to the doorway. 'Watch out.'

'What?' Katie said, confused, before yelping and jumping out of the way as Oliver leaped off the rail and landed neatly beside her in the dormitory.

'Uh-huh!' he cried with a victorious smile, 'Now you're trapped!'

Katie felt the tears fall faster as the confusion, embarrassment and desperation beat down upon her, and she turned away from him.

'Don't cry…' Oliver pleaded, reaching out and touching her shoulder, 'Katie, there's nothing to cry about.'

That, it turned out, was the stupid thing to say, as the next thing he knew, she exploded in a violent fit of screaming and flailing arms.

'Nothing to cry about!?' Nothing to cry about!? I don't know where you've been the last hour or so Oliver, but from what I can see, I have quite a lot to bloody cry about! I've been humiliated by two of my best friends and laughed at by all of my Quidditch team. I've been mortified and rejected by the one person I've ever liked this much, and now he's bloody up here and trying to tell me I've nothing to cry about! So don't bloody tell me there's nothing to cry about! Because there's bloody everything to cry about, you Scottish bloody idiot!'

Doubled over and breathing heavily, Katie collapsed to the floor, no longer crying, but fuming fit to spark a large fire.

Oliver stood, opened mouthed and without the first clue on what to day, staring at her unbelievably frightened and in awe of her, but also strangely, dare he admit it, attracted to her, all at the same time.

'You know, you're the only girl I know who both scares and attracts me all at once?' he said after a few minutes of awkward silence.

'I don't think I've ever "bloody" that much in one conversation in my entire life.' Katie replied with another of her mysterious wry smiles.

Their eyes met and they held each other's gaze, before bursting into peals upon peals of hysterical laughter.

'So, what happened after I unzipped your dress?' asked Oliver teasingly, after they'd laughed themselves into silence.

Katie gasped and slapped him harder than was probably necessary.

'You bloody idiot.'

'You love it.' He replied with a wink, rolling onto his side so that his chest was pressed against her shoulder.

'Isn't this the part where I kiss your nose?' she said quietly with a smile.

'No,' said Oliver with a rogue grin that made her want to melt into the floor, 'this is where I kiss your lips.'

And kiss her lips, he did.


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