((First ever Beano fanfic wooo By the way I don't own anyone and never will.. thought i'd better say. My fave characters are Rodger and Minnie and the Bash street kids sooo... yeah that's a kinda warning for the story revolving around these people lol

Minnie: Heeeey why can I see myself talking?

Rodger:er... maybe because you're in a story?

Minnie: I knew that...

Rodger: Yeeaahh...

Toots: Shut up people.Noone wants to hear you two arguing They're here for the story... Now have some pie and shut up

Rodger + Minnie: PIE eats

Anyways i'll put where they live here to save a huge paragraph later Goes from one end of street to the other by the way

Dennis: End of the street)
Walter:next to Dennis Minnie:Next to Walter Rodger: Next to Minnie Danny:next to Rodger Toots and Sidney: Next to Danny Plug: Opposite Dennis Cuthbert:opposite Walter Wilfred:Opposite Rodger Spotty:opposite Danny Smithy:opposite Toots and Sidney but often lives in his garden Fatty: Next to Smithy Erbert:opposite fatty IVY(luff her) Can live next to Fatty and Ball Boy can live opposite her soo... yeah... On with the story))

Curly and pie face, Dennis's two best friends were waiting for Dennis to leave class. He'd been kept in for moving Walter's chair as he was about to sit down, causing everyone to laugh and Walter had ran out screaming in embarrassment.Rodger and Minnie were also kept behind because they had been caught talking in the test and were made to redo it.

Some time later, the three teenagers came out of the school building looking a bit more than annoyed.

"Stupid teacher keeping me in for no reason whatsoever" Dennis growled, waving goodbye to Minnie and Rodger who walked back to their houses and walked quickly to Curly and Pie face in case the teacher called him back for anything else.

Walter was in the garden making daisy chains with his dog, Foo Foo (Is that even possible?) As he saw Rodger and Minnie walking past. They looked over at him as he shot inside. He didn't socialize, talk to or have anything to do with people that reminded him of Dennis... including the colour red and black. Which of course Minnie and Rodger wore all the time.He was even scared of Ivy. The small toddler that lived on the other side of the street, Ball boy, and the Bash street kids. He'd talked to Toots a couple of times because they had been put in a school project together and he was just making conversation. Walter liked Toots a lot but knew that he couldn't go near Toots at school because he'd been given threatening looks from Danny and the rest of the Bash Street Kids, and outside of school he had to run past her house in fear that Sidney, her twin brother, would do something bad to him. Being the only girl in their group made her pretty much off limits to anyone outside the group. The only person that he could talk to was Cuthbert, a know it all at school that got good grades

"Freak" Minnie muttered, deliberately walking slower past his house, Rodger shook his head and said,

"You really should leave him alone you know,what's he done to you?"

Minnie stopped and stared at him, Rodger felt uncomfortable under her shocked look and mumbled a bye and walked towards his house. they lived nxt door to each other so he didn't have far to walk. Minnie watched him walk away and sighed.

The Bash street kids were sat outside Danny's house, waiting for him to come outside. He had to clean his room first before he was allowed outside.A huge shout was heard from a couple of houses down.

"Ivy" They all muttered. Ball Boy was probably annoying her or she had taken his football hostage again for the fith time that week. Danny was finally allowed out and he jumped on Fatty and Sidney, sending all three of them flying. Sidney bumped into Spotty who landed on the bin.

"Hey" He complained, getting up and brushing off what looked to be crisps on his jacket.

Smithy and Erbert had no idea of what was happening so they decided to see if humans could fly if they used sheets as parachutes (I didn't know what to do with them sorry lol I'll try to fit them in somewere)

Ivy came running into view, her hair was not up as usual, it was down and looked like it hadn't been brushed for ages.

" you gotta help me. Mum's gone crazy. She's not doing house work or making dinner or anything and she didn't even care that I've been banned from the playgroup and she's always complaining and... and... er... and she's GROWING. Dad won't tell me what's happening either" She said quickly, gasping for air after she'd finished.

Plug tried not to laugh at this Tiny girl looking like she'd been dragged out of a hedge backwards ten times. Danny and Toots kicked Plug in case he actually started laughing. Ivy could turn very nasty sometimes when angry. He retaliated by pushing Toots into Fatty. She spun around and looked like she was going to slap Plug but didn't. instead, she turned her back on them all and walked to Ivy

"I'll help you Ivy, let's go" She took Ivy's arm and they both moved away from the group of boys. toots shot an evil look over her shoulder as the others just stared at her

"Well done" Sidney said sarcastically, clapping his hands slowly. Danny looked resentful but shook his head.

"Lets go" He ordered and they all walked to the park.

"Ok explain what happened again" toots asked Ivy, they were wandering around the woods

"Fine. Well Mum came home, and she had a chemists bag. and she went to the bathroom and when she came back down she was all stressy. She talked to dad in the kitchen, and they were really happy and excited about something when they came back out of the kitchen."Ivy explained

"And you say that she's growing" Toots asked, already knowing what the answer would be

"Yeah me thinks she ate a baby chicken or somethink and that baby chicken wants to get out" Ivy smiled.

Toots laughed so much she couldn't stop. Ivy looked confused. She didn't know what was so funny about a chicken trying to get free.

"No Ivy, I think your mum's pregnant" toots giggled, still unable to stop laughing

"ooooooooooooh... That's another way of saying a chicken growing and trying to get free right?" Ivy said hopefully.

"Er... no... she's got a mini baby human in her growing and that will be your brother or sister" toots eventually stopped laughing.

Ivy looked annoyed

"I don't want a brother or sister. Make it turn in-" Ivy began

"Say Chicken one more time I will dump you in that pond" Toots warned. Ivy quickly shut up. They continued to walk until they reached the park. Danny looked over towards the two girls. Almost at once they all ran over to Toots and apologised. Toots gave them a mock angry look but suddenly grinned.

"S'ok. I wanted to see how long it would take for you to all come crawling back to me" She laughed. Ivy saw her dad walking past and waved goodbye to everyone before racing after him.

No one noticed Walter and Cuthbert behind them talking about homework and things. Walter saw the group and panicked. He knew what would happen if they were caught. Toots, as she was facing them gave them a look that told him to get out of here now. He knew that she probably hated his guts but he liked to think that one day she might actually like him. Too late. As Walter stood daydreaming, Cuthbert had noticed the others and ran, leaving Walter behind. Wilfred, Plug and Fatty had seen Toots look past them and they looked behind them too.

"you owe us" They growled to the shaking softy boy, " You got us a D on our homeworks and you're going to pay"

Sidney jumped in to stop anything from happening. Sure he hated Walter, but he'd been through a lot through this week... and it was only Wednesday.

Fatty had already raised his arm and accidently hit Sidney. Toots grabbed Spotty's hockey stick that he brought with him most days in case he needed it, and hit him with it. Although she made it look as though she didn't like boys, with the exception of being in a group of boys... she didn't handle her brother getting hit very well.

"Hey"Fatty complained, pushing Toots over into Wilfred and spotty. Soon, everyone in the Bash Street kids were fighting... Except Danny. Being the leader, he knew that he shouldn't fight. So he tried breaking it up. After a lot of shouting, he'd managed to get everyone to stop, except Toots and Plug. They had stopped fighting but were shouting at each other.

"Well you think you're so special that you're the only girl here but you're not, if you were you wuold be pretty. You're far from it haha no wonder no one wants to go out with you" Plug shouted so loudly that it was possible that you could hear it a mile away.

Toots scowled at him before running away. She began to think Plug was right.Some tears escaped her eyes as she closed the front door behind her.

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