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"Dad What are you gonna do about it?" Sidney shouted, "Toots is right, we've just lost our mother to some white coat people and we're acting normal"

Toots sighed. Now she was in for it. She'd get in trouble a-

"TOOTS" Came the voice she was dreading

she looked in the mirror. Definitely back to normal, before the argument, before anything. She swallowed and walked out of her room

"Yes?" She asked, looking curiously down the hallway at the frustrated man. Sidney gave her a sorry look before speeding into his own room.

"I'll thank you to stop filling your older brother's head with silly thoughts." He snapped, holding onto her shoulders.

"Dad" Toots started, way too calmly, " He is my older brother by, fifteen minutes. You got that dad? FIFTEEN" Toots yelled, pushing her father away.

"And they're not silly thoughts, it's the truth" She called back.

No one would ever have guessed but the two twins had always had a troubled home life. Her father loved Sidney more than Toots, even though Toots was normally better than him at sports. Her mother just seemed to use them for her own purposes which never seemed to be good, she'd managed to forget that she'd left them on a paddle boat when they were 11 while she was with her friends. Luckily Toots and Sidney loved water and didn't mind one bit. They regretted it later though when they each got a cold for three weeks.

"Toots, it's time for school" Toots' father knocked on the door cautiously.

"OK" She said through her duvet before getting up fully. Toots looked around. Her black skirt and blue and black striped top was hanging on the end of her bed. Somehow what she was going to wear always ended up on the end of the bed the next morning.

"Love you dad" She whispered,throwing her arms around his neck.

"What is this for?" her dad asked, not as sharply as he might have done before, but still accusingly as Toots only ever said this when she wanted something

"I've been thinking. I've got to cope with what I've got and some people don't even have a mum or a dad, so I should feel lucky"She explained, letting go of him and walking out the door to school.

Danny was waiting outside her garden gate like Toots predicted him to be.

"Hey"He waved to his new girlfriend.

"Hello" She smiled, and turned her back on him to see if Sidney was coming out the door yet. She loved him really, but sometimes he could be so slow.

"Lets go" She turned back around and pulled on Danny's arm.

He seemed reluctant to leave his friend behind but he didn't want to get on the wrong side of Toots. Not since he nearly lost her.

"Heeeey" Came a familiar voice and something sped into the space next to him.

"Hi Sidney, er, we weren't going to go off without you" Danny made up something quickly.

"Who says?" Toots snapped back but smiled. "God I'm joking Sidney. Don't give me that look"

"Hey we're late by the way" Danny stepped in, looking at his watch.

Toots and Sidney spun around and followed Danny, deciding to fight later.

In class, Danny wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next. He had the girl of his dreams but didn't know where to go from there.

"Hey Danny..." Toots asked, waving a hand in front of him

"huh? Oh right. What?" he replied

"Look, I can tell you're scared about us, I am too. So, Don't interrupt me Daniel," Toots warned as Danny opened his mouth to argue," I think... it's... better if we kinda gave each other, er, space for a bit, until we're sure." She finished, looking worried about Danny's reaction. Surprisingly Danny agreed. Although he was heartbroken inside.

Was this just an excuse to break up with him? Had she found someone else? The thought made him angry.

"Thanks for understanding" Toots smiled and turned to her maths problems. Danny did the same but couldn't concentrate.

"OK class. Today, we are going to be checking for carbon dioxide (I think it's this. I'm not good at science) in air."Teacher said

"But sir we know it is, otherwise plants won't live and.. and.. you told us carbon dioxide is in the air so we don't need to test it." Sidney called out, earning shocked looks from everyone. Surely not the second twin was a brain box too?

"Er, I looked at Toots' notes." Sidney pointed to Toots' book "And he did tell us so yeah why are we testing it?"

"Oh do shut up Sidney, this is a very good opportunity to learn out of text books" Cuthbert said loudly.

"Why don't you shut the hell up, no one likes you, you stupid -" Toots began but Danny stopped her by putting his hand over her mouth before she said something really bad that she couldn't take back. Not that he would care if Toots said anything about Cuthbert that really was horrible. It was just saving Toots from a lot of trouble.

"Dear Dear, If I'm stupid then what does that make your poor boyfriend you just dumped that will keep wishing and hoping that you will go back to him? Well-" Cuthbert laughed. Danny turned three shades of red in two seconds but Toots remained calm looking and spotty rolled his eyes and knocked him backwards, making him trip over and fall out the window. (It's open by the way lol)

"SPOTTY, Get outside now and apologise to poor Cuthbert." Teacher yelled

"Everyone's bloody poor today, Poor Danny, Poor Cuthbert, what about me?" Spotty said angrily.

"Now" Teacher wasn't in the mood for joking.

Spotty stuck his tongue out but went out.

"How did Cuthbert know?" Danny hissed to Toots

"He doesn't" Toots said simply "He thinks I've dumped you to go off with someone else but I'm not."Toots added "But yeah I don't know how he found out anything.

A few seconds later and a lump flew back through the window. The lump squealed and uncurled from a ball.

"Oh. How did I end up here?" He asked

"And you're supposed to be smart." Came the voice of Spotty as he jumped back through the window. "Boy geniuses don't half weigh a hell of a lot."

"Spotty" Teacher yelled, even louder than before.

"OK OK" Spotty held his arms up in defence and sat opposite Danny, Toots and Sidney.

Just then, the bell rang and everyone leapt out of the classroom. Spotty chose the window again which earned him an after school detention

"Now, I've decided that we will not be doing our science experiment today because it involves fire." Teacher said, after lunch. He'd also locked the window shut too.

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