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Chaptor 1:

Ra was high in the sky. A small village was in full bloom. Children where playing tag, older residence was laughting or watching the children, whilst the milddle aged catched up on the latest gossip.
"Come on Mana!" A girl cried. The small brown haired girl ran up to her friend, her blue eyes filled with joy. Her cream dress flowed around her.
"Hang on Iset, look" The girl known as Mana pionted out to a boy, around the same age, he had gray/blue eyes and light gray hair, almost white. He was sitting on a step, munching on an apple.
"Let's see if he wants to play." Iset said, she had soft emerald eyes and long black/brown hair.

The young boy looked up to see the two girls approche him. Since the whipe out of his own village, he had been to meany, yet by far, this one was his favorate, and it was the nicest. The residence where kind to him, he didn't even have to explain where he came from, or that his home used to hold theifs.
"Excuse me." The brown haired girl said softly. he just watched them. "Do'u wanna playplay tag with us?" She asked him. He said nothing but looked at the other girl.
"Hay, you just looked lonely thats all." She shrugged, "My names Iset, and that one there's Mana." Iset introduced. The boy didn't answer. He'd never gotten involved with the other children in the other villages before. They used to tease him and take the mikky out of him.
"Well?" Mana asked. "It would be nice if you joined" He threw his half eaten apple on the floor and smilled. "Good, we're all mates here." She added.
"So, whats your name?" Iset asked, her voice soft like the wind.
"Bakura" He answered quitely, yet loud enought for them to hear him.
"Cool, i'll go tell the others" and iset ran off ahead to fetch the other children.

Mana was telling Bakura about thier way's of living, her lifestlye, and what poeple did for a living.
He just listened to what she had to say.
"You new here them?" She asked him. He just nodded. "Where do you live?" She asked.
"Anywhere." He shrugged. Mana looked at him, confusion shone in her nile blue eyes
"Oh, do you travle around? Or are you heading into the City?" She asked, he said nothing. She fell silent. Sencing that she was walking into a pit of Cobra's with all her questioning.

"My perants past away" He asnwered her. She looked at him. "My villiage was slaughtered." and with that he fell silent again. Not even knowing why he had told her this.
"Im sorry" She whispered. He looked back at her. She had her head down and was looking at the ground. He saw a hidden beauty in her, though wasn't sure if she knew.
"COME ON!" Came Iset's voice, "EVERYONES WAITING!" Mana smilled and ran ahead. She stopped and looked back. She ran back and got hold of Bakura's hand.
"Come on" she smilled, he looked at the locked hands. "Come on" She reppeted and they both ran up to the waiting group.

Everyone was saying goodbye, to eachother. It had been fun. Mana was walking with her new friend. Yet saw something in him that fasionated her. Like that of a new rose bud, waiting to blossom. She couldn't help but find him realy...she guessed the apprete word was...cutie.
"Come on i live with my gramperants." She added as they came to a small house, with white washed walls. "Their realy nice" She smilled as she knoked on the door.

An elderly woman answered the door. She had gray hair and rich blue eyes.
"Mana, your back," She said, but her eyes fell into the boy. "And who do we have here?"
"His names Bakura, he has no home to go to" Mana expained "Do we have any spear rooms left?" she added. Her grandperants ran a small inn for those who travled to the city.
"I think so. Ja-kal, do we have any spear rooms left."
"Whats that Nefertina?" came a male's as Ja-kal appeared next to his wife. he saw the young
boy and smilled wormly. "I should think so, come in" He invited. They walked into the inn. It was quite big compared to the stables he'd slepted in.
"Why not show him to his room Mana?" her grandad said. Mana nodded and showed Bakura to one of the gratest rooms.

"If you need anything, I'll be down the hallway." and she left him to get use to his new berings. She sighed as she sat on her bed, looking at the picture of her mother and father, who worked in the Roal Court. She knew on ther 10th birthday she'd be called upon, and would have to leave all her friends behind her. Her birthday was a month away. She opened her opened up her diary, and wrote her day's events. Thier came a soft knock on her door. She put her diary back in her draw.

Mana got up and opened the door to find the boy standing thier.
"Whats up?" she asked
"Can i stay with you?" He asked quietly. Mana thought about it for a momonet then smilled and let him in. She got a spear bed for her and cover from her wardrobe. He sat on her bed watched her.
"There." She smilled as she looked at Bakura, blushing slightly he looked away. She smilled and went to open the curtans. "Look at this." She invited, he walked over to her window. The view was lovley. The star's glissoned in the sky.
"Isn't it beautiful?" she sighed.
"It is lovely." he agreed, as they both looked at her. "But so is something else." She looked at him, at him, he looked at her. She blushed slightly as he held her hand. Mana suddenly got a weird feeling in her gut. For the first time ever, she loved someone, but how was that posible? She'd only known him what? a day maybe less?
"Bakura, I..." She put her head down, "On my 10th birthday, i wont be able to see you." she whispered, avoding his gaze.
"How come?" He asked softly.
"Because...i have to go into the city." She answered, her fringe covered her face, so that he couldn't see her tears that where now forming in her eyes. "It was decided that the moment i was born that i'd have to work in the High Court of the pharaoh." She ended. He let go of her hand, she looked away from him. "Im sorry, i realy am"


The month flew by, the next thing Mana knew was that it was her birthday. She didn't want to move away. But she had no choice in the matter. She waved goodbye to all her friends as she stood at the entrance of the her village, her home. She tock a deep breath and began to start when someone called out to her. She turned round. It was Bakura. He ran up to her. Mana just looked at him.
"Here" He breathed as he held something out for her. It was like a crown, it had a gold rim with a creamy materal around it.
"Thank you" she whispered as he placed it on her.

Mana looked at him. A mixture of emotions ran though her. Yet kept them to herself. Locked awayy, for she knew she'd never meet him again. She placed a soft kiss onto his check. Whispering to him;
"Please dont forget me" She tock a step back from him. Turned her back and left her home. Ready to start her new life, in the Roal Court of the pharaoh himself.


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