SlayerFaith02: Woho! Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

"Where we going Mana?" Celta asked, they had passed the market quite a whilt back

"We're going to the nile." Mana answered as thier horses rode on.

They came to the nile and dissmounted. Watching the stars in the sky. Each one glissoned brightly. Celte looked at Mana, who just looked over the river. A distant look played on her features.


"I use to come here as a child, just to clear my head." Mana smilled faintly. She walked up to the rivers edge and got out of her dress, tock off her shoes and jewlry. She steeped into the cool water. Turning to Celta, never mind the fact she was completly nakeid. "Wanna join me?" Celya nodded and removied her robes and jewlry, and also steeped into the water. Celta blushed slightly as she saw mana's body in the clear water.

Mana slipped under so that the water was up to her shoulders, she closed her eyes and sighed slightly as the water relaxed all her mussles. Celta watched mana silently, a slight tinge of criomson visable from her blush. It was a few weeks before she had to go back to her own temple complex. But why was she getting embarised around mana? They where good friend after all. But why on earth was Celta like this all of a suden?

Come on Celta, this is mana. she thought.

Mana opened one of her eyes to catch Celta still looking at her. Celta blushed and turned a deeper shade of crimson and looked away, concentrating on the flying birds and nothing else. Celta hurd the sound of moving water, yet tried not to look around. She hurd someone behind her, worm hands on her shouders.

"your realy tense." Came mana's voice, soft like the summer brezze. Celta sighed as mana untenced her mussles, and slipped lower into the water, so that the top of her cleverage could be seen.

Celta felt worm air on her neck as mana told her in bearly a whisper that she was done. Celta leaned back onto mana's chest. Closing her eyes slightly. Now this was a brake. Mana was stoking Celta's long auban hair, holding her with the other arm around her chest, like she was a fragile china doll. Celta opened her eyes and looked up at mana who just smilled wormly at her, Celta turned round in the water to face her.

"You have lovely eyes", mana complamented, Celta blushed slightly and put her head down.

Mana raise her hand and gently raised Celta's head up by the chin, leanng in, placing a small kiss onto Celta's lips. She then looked at Celta as she broke away, stoking the side of her face, before they both kissed again. However this time, a flash of a boys face eneted Celta's mind, and she broke away quickly. Mana looked at her as if only seeing her for the first tim, Mana stood up and got out of the river, her head down as she reached the bank.

"Im sorry, that shouldn't have happened." Celta watched as mana placed on her dress, shoes and jewlry. Celta sighed and got out, placing on her robed and other items. Mana sat down on the rivers bed and started crying. Celta looked at her friend and whent over to her.

"Mana what's wrong?" Celta asked, Mana looked at her.

"You're going back to the temple of anubis," Celta shuddered at the name "Keka i hardly see. I cant stand being alone" She cried. Celta hugged her friend, Yet as mana looked up, something caught her eye. Celta let go of mana, as she stood up, her tears glissoned on her checks, she bgan to walk towords the river. Celta called out to her, but the figer was to intressting to pay atention.

"Mana! watch out fo the river!" But mana kept on walking. The rivers water coming up to her waist. The figer looked at her, its gray/blue eyes gloing in the moon light as thier Ka appeard behind them. Mana's too appeared trying to pull her out pf the water, but she walked in deeper, it came to her neck, then with out worning, she slipped under. "MANA!" Celta cried. Mana's Ka looked at celta.

"Come, we must let pharoh know" Celta nodded and mounted Kizzy and rode back to the palace.

Mana felt her scence go. To her, she was lost to the world...


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