Ripples In The Water

Chapter 2


Zuko's voice was deep and steady, a total opposite to Sokka's own, which was frail, weak and strained. "I… I don't know how."

Leaning back, he moved a leg up upon the bed and curled his arm around it. "It's simple, just move to the music. Just move like the water does in the stream, move the way the fire dances with passion, rhythm and desire."

Sokka stared mindlessly at Zuko as he glanced down at the garments that were draped lazily around his body, showing of a healthy amount of skin at his neck and shoulders and there was a high slit that rested around his waist exposing an expanse line of skin that wasn't obscured by any underwear for he was given none to wear. "There is no m-music."

"It's there." Zuko said clearly forcing Sokka to look up into the intense golden eyes that reminded him so much of the setting sun on the horizon each day. "Shut everything out, it'll come to you, and then just listen to it." Zuko seemed to whisper as he looked deeply at the other male noticing he was starting to shiver despite the warm temperature in the room. "I want you to entice me."

Sokka's eyes widened slightly at what the Prince had just said. He wanted to ask and inquire, but not a sound left him and Zuko seemed to have read his mind. "I saved you from death. I cleansed you, dressed you and even fed you. This is your repayment."

A tongue slipped out to moisten dry lips as courage found its way into his throat to speak up. "And if I refused?"

"You don't have that option."

Closing blue eyes, he listened the sounds of his heart beat drumming behind his ears and chest and breathed in deeply, the fragrance around him filling his nose as he exhaled and breathed in again. Zuko was right, the music was faint, but it definitely was there. He swayed his hips slightly and then followed by his arms, he moved to the sounds fluidly and with each second, it got louder and louder till it was all he could hear and he moved his body in praise with it. Sokka could feel his body falling into the music as his skin felt hot and his mind was racing, yet at the same time he was calm.

Not once had he opened his eyes and they were snapped open when hands suddenly grasped at his hips and a yelped escaped him as his body was flung down onto the bed and his mind worked in a flurry trying to grasp at what was going on. The candles in the room were so dim that he could only make out the certain glows of Zuko's limbs and hot breath running across his skin, heated hands, reaching out for him, tugging, pulling and touching. Then in the midst of things he felt a knee pressing between his legs, forcing and prying them open and the other male's body was weighted down on him rather comfortably. Taking a deep gulp of air, Sokka found himself staring up into golden irises where he held a silent conversation with the Fire Nation's Prince before lips that felt like flames were descended upon his.

End Chapter 2

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