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Cell felt a shiver go down his spine at Pan's words and growled deeply before pushing her flush against the side of the pool, every inch of their fronts touching. The contact between their bodies was absolutely delicious! He had to hold back a moan at just thinking how it would feel to have this girl even hotter and under him. Leaning his head down, Cell kissed a path from her collar bone all the way to just above where her bathing suit stopped on her breast.

"Cell. I ah.." Pan gasped as the android's mouth moved to kiss over the cloth of her suit and, sitting her on the edge of the pool, kissed a trail down her stomach. She could feel his fingers messing with the strings of her bikini, but the moment was horribly ruined when both of them lifted their heads at the sound of the door opening and Bulma walking in.

"Ah there you are. It's time…..to…..go…" Bulma's words left her mouth as she looked at the……interesting position the two in front of her were in. She blushed before turning around to give them privacy to wrap towels around each other before saying, "Vegeta, Bra and I are leaving for home. This place is closing down for the night and I was coming to ask if you two would be staying at Capsule Corp. tonight." She nearly blurted out as Pan and Cell looked to each other. Come on, it wasn't every day that you saw your best friends grand-daughter and an ex-evil bio android making out and nearly going at it.

"We will be staying with you for the night Bulma. Of course it is your decision to let us stay or not, but we would highly appreciate it." Cell drawled, watching Pan excuse herself and run to the girls locker room. It took all his will power to avoid letting his lips twitch upward into a smirk at the blush that was still on her face at being caught.

"It's no problem with me. We'll be waiting outside for you two." As she turned to go, she felt a hand on her shoulder turn her back around and looked back up into the magenta eyes of the once feared android. "Is there something else you need Cell?"

Nodding, Cell motioned for Bulma to sit in one of the chairs provided by the spa as he took a seat opposite her. "Yes. I would be most grateful if you could find a house for myself and Pan to live in. A mansion would probably work out best, training rooms included if you could."

"It's no problem, I already have a house renovated actually, for when Pan moved out. It has two gravity chambers and is a third of the size of Capsule Corp. if that's big enough for you. You could really move in today if you wanted to. How are you going to get her to move out though? It especially won't be easy dealing with her parents you know."

"I think that it won't be that much of a problem to get Pan to agree. As your husband said, she has made it quite clear to her parents what she wants." Now Cell couldn't force back the smirk from earlier. "Would you please not inform Pan of this decision yet. Tonight we will leave after she has gone to sleep. I wish to surprise her with this. There is one other thing as well. Today's date is the thirteenth of February is it not?"

Raising an eyebrow and smirking much like her husband, Bulma merely nodded and leaned back in her seat, curious as to what the man in front of her had in mind. "It is. Am I to assume you have another little surprise planned for dearest Pan?"

"Of course." Cell grinned as he told Bulma of what he had planned and all that he required her to do for this gift to be a success. Around ten minutes later found Bulma and Cell grinning while Pan walked back out of the locker rooms.

"Guys, what's going on? Why are you two smiling at me like that?" Pan asked as Bulma just laughed and took her outside to wait with the others.

When they arrived back at Capsule Corp. Bulma had pulled out one of her many laptops and instantly started emailing the proper people in order to get everything moving by the time tomorrow rolled around. After all, there was so much scheming to be done. The blue-haired genius filed everything necessary for Cell and Pan to move in to their new home, now all she needed was a last name for Cell to put on the final paperwork.

"Seru if you please."

Bulma nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned her head to pout at Cell standing in the doorway grinning anything BUT innocently. "Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack. That would be bad and you're supposed to be one of the good guys now remember?" she joked as he sat down by her to help out any way he could.

"Much to my disliking, but I suppose it has it's advantages. Besides, how am I supposed to have fun now without terrorizing some one?" he joked.

"Ha ha. Very funny." she sighed before pulling up a three dimensional image of the house.

"I do try." he smirked as he helped her choose what color furniture to put in. The house had already been installed with the proper equipment, but Bulma, Pan, and Vegeta would be arranging the furniture however Pan saw fit. This would give Cell plenty of time to get what he needed done. He was positive the prince would chew him out for it later, but right now all that mattered was Pan's reaction tomorrow, and in his opinion dealing with a pissed off prince was a very small price to pay for that.

When everything was prepared as best it could be by tomorrow, Bulma retired to her room as Cell walked towards the guest room the Briefs had provided him and Pan with. It still rather shocked him that they would allow the two to stay alone in the same room but it wasn't as if he was complaining, and by the site of Pan curled up in the blankets sleeping soundly, she wasn't either. He slowly moved over to the bedside and picked up the little hybrid, making sure the blankets stayed secured around her and flew out the window towards their new home, doing his best to block out the wind for her.

"Soon Pan, I'll have you all to myself." he chuckled as he held her tighter. "And then the real fun may begin."

-------The Next Morning

Pan woke up slowly, rubbing the dust from her eyes and looked around the room. It took a few minutes, but when reality sank in, she noticed that this was not the room in Capsule Corp. that she had fallen asleep in. No, that room had plain grey walls and a smaller mattress. THIS room was designed with a huge four-poster bed, a lovely red-oak dresser with a mirror designed into it, walls splashed with violet hues. She gasped as her feet touched down and instead of a hard-wood floor like she predicted, it was covered with plush, deep purple shag carpet.

"Woah….where am I?"

Pan jumped as soon as she heard a chuckle come from the doorway and turned to see Seru standing there with a smirk on his face and arms crossed. Pouting, Pan walked over to the android and poked him straight in the chest. "Where are we Seru?"

"Why Pan, with that tone of voice it sounds like you think I had something to do with this. You wouldn't be implying that now, would you?" he grinned as he saw Pan roll her eyes and then was surprised so much that he actually yelped when said girl tackled him to the floor and straddled his stomach.

"Fine. Then I'm not letting you up until you tell me where we are." Pan smirked as she crossed her arms and posed very much like he had earlier.

Growling up at her, Seru flipped them over with lightening fast precision and in an instant their roles were reversed, Seru now on top of Pan with both of her legs on either sides of his hips. "Now what are you going to do my little beauty?"

About to answer him with some "not so nice" commentary, Pan leaned her head up only to have it hit the floor again as Seru's lips pinned her own. Not bothering with her witty comeback anymore, Pan slid her arms down his chest and back up, feeling the male above her shiver nonstop at the movements.

After breaking the contact of their mouths for air, Seru brought his hands up from her hips and mimicked Pan's earlier move, earning him the same result and the added bonus of that seductive purr he had come to love. Of course, as if Kami himself was pulling some sick joke on the two, Vegeta and Bulma had to pick that EXACT moment to come into the house and yell for the two.

"I swear it, the next person to interrupt is going to find themselves with a hole in their chest!" Seru snarled before hearing Pan laugh and glaring down at her playfully. "And what is so funny?"

Grinning, Pan rolled them once again before jumping off Seru and walking towards the door. "Just the fact that every time you make a move it gets interrupted….and then I get to see you with that cute blush on your face when you get angry." she said as she laughed once more and headed down the stairs to greet the Briefs, leaving Seru to glance at the mirror in the bedroom and frown. There was indeed a dark violet coloring covering from his eyes down to the tip of his nose.

As Pan reached the bottom of the stairs, she could hear Vegeta's muffled complaints about having to waste precious training time to help Pan and Seru move in. Always quite the nosey one, Pan stayed just out of sight on the last set of stairs and listened to the conversation.

"This is ridiculous. We got them this house and arranged for everything to be set up, so tell me why they can't arrange furniture and all of this garbage themselves." she heard Vegeta whine, followed by a smack which she assumed was Bulma's hand connecting with the back of his head.

"You know exactly why. Besides, it's time you spent your days doing something OTHER than being cooped up in that damned gravity room. Just think of it this way, with you and Pan being saiyans it will go much faster. Now stop complaining." Bulma chastised as Pan covered her mouth to keep from laughing and then walked forward and smiled at the couple.

"Hey guys. Thanks for coming to help. We appreciate it." Pan said cheerily. For now she would play it cool and act like she had been told that this was her new home, but when Bulma and Vegeta left……Seru was going to get it, BIG time.

Speaking of said person, Seru came down the stairs and grinned towards the Briefs before kissing Pan's cheek and smirking at Bulma. "Well then, since you two have arrived I shall be going. After all, there is so much to be done today."

At this, Pan almost face-faulted and rounded on Seru. "You mean you're not going to help us! You lazy jerk."

Seru simply grinned and shrugged before walking out the door and flying off to only Kami, and a certain bluenette, knew where.

"UUUUUUUH!!! He is so…..so….." Pan growled.


The saiyan girl tilted her head back to Vegeta and sighed. "Yeah, that."

"He isn't the only one kid." Vegeta smirked and started unpacking everything before Pan could even stutter out one syllable to retaliate with, leaving her glaring at the prince of her kind and muttering 'jerks all around' under her breath. This was going to be a long day.

-------SCENE BREAK--------

A long day didn't quite cover it. At least, not for Seru anyway. He had been to every store in West City and none of them had carried the item he still needed to attain. Looking back at the signs hanging above the stores, he walked down to the last one on the street called "Exotic Craving." The person at the last shop he had been to said that this was one of the only places he could find what he needed. He was just praying that this shop had it.

Walking in, the first thing Seru noticed was that the store's scent was definitely exotic. Next he saw rows upon rows of things such as incents, body oils, and "toys." As he strode up to the counter, a girl in a short black mini-skirt, blue tank-top, and knee-high boots winked at him and smiled.

"What can I do for you?"

Her voice was practically oozing with lust, making him mentally smirk. 'Hopefully Pan will have a reaction like this if things go well.' "I'm looking for a certain item and this is my last chance to find it."

Leaning over the counter more, the girl's smile turned into a grin and she giggled a bit. "Well then, tell me what it is you need and I'll see if we can….assist you."

Eyes alight with laughter at this girls brazen actions, he proceeded to instruct her on what he was searching for and was ecstatic to hear that they carried said item. After purchasing it and tossing away the girls phone number in a trash can outside, Seru teleported back to the spa Bulma had first taken them to so that he could set everything up.

"What a day this will be." he grinned to himself, making his way to one certain room in the building and setting down all the bags from earlier that day.

------Scene Break-------------

"I'm going to KILL Seru when he gets back!" Pan shouted as Bulma was sitting on the couch laughing. They had gotten done arranging everything in the house around half an hour ago, Vegeta thanking Dende and leaving no later than two seconds afterwards, and Pan was now steaming that Seru had been gone the entire day and not helped one bit.

"Pan calm down. I'll tell you what, the spa is closed today so why don't we go down and have a dip in the hot-tubs. I'm sure that will make you feel a bit better at least. Then you can kill your boyfriend when you get back." Bulma chimed.

Sighing and slumping her shoulders, Pan nodded as Bulma got up and they both walked to the car that the genius had been adamant that they use. It only took them about an hour or so to arrive at the spa, and when they did get there and Pan stepped out of the car, Bulma hid her grin and closed Pan's door.

"Hey. What are you doing?" Pan screeched. "You're not leaving me here by myself are you?"

"Sorry Pan, but I have some work I have to catch up on at home. You go ahead and go have fun alright. I took the liberty of arranging a massage for you so go ahead and get ready for it alright. It's the second room on your left down the third corridor. See you later Pan." and with that Bulma sped off, leaving a very confused Pan walking into the spa.

"I swear I'm getting left alone more times today than I could count." she said as she went into the girls changing rooms and stripped down before wrapping a towel around her and following Bulma's directions. When she got to the door, Pan stopped for a moment and sniffed at the air. Lavender. She smelt heavy lavender scents coming from the room. 'It's probably just the oils they use.' With that Pan turned the knob on the door and walked in……..before stopping dead in her tracks.

The massage table had been replaced with a king-sized bed and laying on it wearing nothing but black rose petals on his lap was Seru, grinning at her. The room did indeed smell like lavender, but not for the reason Pan thought. No, instead there were lavender scented candles lit in small indentions in the walls, providing the only light sources in the room, giving it a romantic scene like no other she had ever saw before.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to get her love." Seru said as he stood up, noticing Pan's blush and grinning wickedly to himself. He could have sworn he saw her eyes glaze over for the briefest of moments before she steadied her gaze on one of the candles. Making his way over to her, Seru shut the door as he wrapped his arms around her stomach and began nuzzling her neck. "Do you know what day it is Pan?"

"What day…….." it was then that Pan finally got the memo. It was Valentine's Day. Bulma and Seru had set her up! They planned this whole thing! Oh she would SO get Bulma for………Pan's thoughts then took a nosedive as she felt Seru's hands slowly slide the towel from her body and heard it hit the floor before she was guided over to the bed and laid down on it, Seru grinning and hovering over her. Okay, so maybe getting even with Bulma could wait a bit.

Smirking, Seru bent down and captured Pan's mouth with his own in what could be called the fiercest kiss ever. His tongue lapped at her lips, swirling everywhere and playing with her own when Pan moaned into him and opened her mouth. Not even noticing it himself, he felt her shudder and moan once more when his hands made their way up and began slowly massaging her breasts.

Never looking away from her, Seru licked, nipped, and kissed his way down Pan's body until his lips brushed over her thighs, making Pan tilt her head back. "Enjoying yourself?" he whispered, his own voice now heavy with his own cravings.

"Nnnn…..y….yes." Pan gasped out before she felt something slide into her where no one else had touched. Looking down, she saw Seru feed his craving a bit by moving his tongue in and out of her faster than her desire-clouded eyes could see. She then screwed her eyes shut and tossed her head back with a groan as she came, Seru not missing one drop of her nectar as he continued to pleasure Pan.

Grinning, he then reached under the bed and pulled out a small, white tube and opened it.

"S….Seru, what are you….doing?" Pan moaned, feeling something very cold on her thighs.

"It's a little something that I had to search everywhere for. I thought it would make this more….fun." he chuckled. Seeing Pan look at him, he slowly turned his head to her now white thighs and licked off the vanilla flavored chocolate that covered them. He made sure that he went as slowly as possible, driving Pan crazy again as his tongue cleared away every inch of chocolate before he used the last bit to place on his lips.

Climbing back up her body, Seru merely waited and watched as Pan's chest moved heavily with her breathing until she calmed and her eyes opened again. He had to grin at the look on Pan's face just then. Her eyes barely open and glazed, skin dark red with blush, and her mouth open slightly, pulling in air. Leaning down, he breathed in her scent and blew across the skin on her neck, reveling in the shivers that passed through them both. He moved his head back to hers, the chocolate still on his lips and claimed her mouth. After making sure that she was now once again fully aroused he slowly removed his lips from hers and ran them along her cheeks. "Do you want me Pan?"

Gasping a bit from the breeze Seru had just sent over her, Pan summoned what strength she could and twisted her hips up to meet his, causing Seru to let out a shaky groan, before pushing on his shoulders and turning so that she was now hovering over him, his hands resting on her hips until she moved them to the bed and tilted her head so that her mouth brushed his ear. "Let me show you."

Seru's eyes almost widened so much that they were nothing but black as Pan made her own way down his body, kissing along his chest and tracing the lines of his abs with her tongue. He kept his eyes glued to her as she gave him a grin that alone sent his mind reeling and proceeded to run her tongue up and down his shaft.

Hearing his reaction to just her tongue on him, Pan was encouraged to grasp his entire length before descending her mouth down on him, slowly sucking and licking him. She could feel him writhe beneath her and was loving every second of it.

"Oh…..Gods Pan." he moaned as her head bobbed on him. The pressure that her mouth was creating between his legs was more than he could describe. "P….Pan, come up….here" he breathed out, watching as Pan gave his now fully erect length one final lick and slithered back up him. He then turned them once again and gave Pan a dizzying kiss as he pushed into her with one swift thrust, feeling her muscles tense inside and out and hearing her gasp into his mouth.

Finally, feeling her relax, Seru raised his head from hers. Wiping away the small tears from her cheeks, he kissed both of her eyes and gave her lips a loving peck, asking through his eyes if she was alright. When she shifted her hips against his, he laid his head in the dip of her neck before beginning to move within her. It wasn't long until his pace quickened and his thrust became so hard that the bed itself threatened to break.

"Seru!" Pan screamed as she came once more, tightening all around Seru and clutching at his back with her nails, her tail slashing through the air madly.

Feeling her nails bite at his skin made Seru groan her name loudly and bite into Pan's neck once more as he climaxed harshly, feeling Pan mark him once more as well. Once their orgasm had passed a full two minutes later, Seru crashed down on the bed next to Pan and pulled her so that her upper body rested on his.

Looking up at him, Pan smiled and reached up, pulling Seru down into a soft kiss before snuggling back into his chest. "I love you Seru."

It was that sentence that made him wrap his arms around her just that bit tighter and smile. "I love you as well, Pan." Slowly, both fell asleep in each others arms, the candles burning themselves down as Seru and Pan slept soundly, each dreaming about the other.


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