The Truth about Dean Winchester

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes, I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!! Don't shoot the writer!


I take it for granted that you all know the series Supernatural, but the question is do you??

Let me introduce myself - I am a Hunter! I was born in Romania out of a Swiss father and a Gypsy Mother and I have been fighting the darkness for a long time.

I am here to tell you the truth, not what Supernatural wants you to believe and yes they have been stringing you along haven't them. I don't mean to sound rude and forgive me if I do but you are all so focused on Sam, you miss the slight details that to a Hunter tells you a sad story and shows you who has the real power.

From what I have managed to dig up (Yup I am talking research here Yuk), The Winchester story actually started 3 generations ago with a Elizabeth Mary Anastasia Michaels. Yes her parents had great dreams of her meeting her handsome prince at the School ball and living and raising her children as solid pillars of society.

The Michaels where a good, solid, church going folk. Mr. Michaels was the town Sheriff and Mrs. Michaels helped out at the Church heading up the committee for Tea dances and summer parties and making sure all the right people came to them. They had one daughter and a son called Tom who was to follow his father into the Police force. The perfect American family until one night when Elizabeth was invited to the picture show by her long standing boyfriend Robert. That night was to change not only her life but the future of her family.

Let's just say that the evening did not go as well as Elizabeth had hoped. She thought that this was going to be the night Robert proposed, but unfortunately that was the furthest thing from Roberts mind and Elizabeth was forced to walk home after a rather forceful argument. The Night was bitter cold and her cloths where torn and she was freezing, walking along the main road to town. She tried to hike but no one stopped. The road was well known for strange occurrences and mysterious disappearances and nobody wanted to stop and vanish which gossip said was highly likely to happen. So Elizabeth pulled her tattered coat about her shoulders and walked on, hoping that she would not freeze to death. She knew better then to stop and rest. Rest meant sleep and sleep meant death from the cold, the intense bitter cold that already was biting though her now tattered coat. Maybe it was her stubbornness, maybe her courage to continue walking, or maybe just her fate, that the monster of the woods saw when he looked at her. He thought he had found another meal, a girl lonely with no family barely making ends meet and Elizabeth looked like that after the discussion with Robert. Her face was starting to Bruise and her coat was torn, her once neat skirt and shirt now look muddy and old i.e. the monster a vampire thought not that she was the daughter of a good family but she was a tramp or a street kid who knows hunger well and the streets better.

So no-one would miss her, no who would miss a street kid and the vampire attacked but with his first bite he knew his error. She tasted sweet. Her blood smelled of rich living and having no worries, of safety and love and yet it also tasted of courage, faith, hope for the future and power. So the vampire in a moment of weakness decided that Elizabeth would spend a few days with him and he would finish what Robert had tried to start. So Elizabeth awoke to a bed and curtains and food and warmth and a man who she discovered she could not say no to, so she said yes. Time seemed to slide and Elizabeth only thoughts where of the man who made love to her every knight even though she felt weak afterwards, she thought she was in love. It was only a few days she thought but in reality a week had passed and then another and another. In fact the vampire felt confident enough to allow her to roam his home, instead of making sure that the spell forced her to remain in her room. It was on one of these walks around the house that Elizabeth realized the horror she was trapped in when he saw the vampire killing and feasting on non other then Robert.

When Elizabeth vanished Robert had cursed himself and sworn to find her. He blamed himself for her disappearance and well in a way he was. He had spent the last month searching the forests and had seen the vampire hunting. Robert was a hunter, he hunted deer, but he had no knowledge of the darkness and thus the last thing he saw before death took him was Elizabeth with her hand over her mouth, and fear in her eyes. His last word was Run and later Elizabeth could not remember whether she heard him or not but run she did. She was in fact lucky Robert had came during the daylight figuring incorrectly that the vampire would be in his coffin sleeping (too many movies really), so when she finally made it to the road someone stopped and took her direct to the hospital.

When Mr. and Mrs. Roberts where called they thanked God for her deliverance, they prayed that Robert made it into heaven and that finally all was well. Elizabeth was not stupid, she did not tell them about a vampire, she said she had been kidnapped and Robert died saving here. She gave the Police directions to the house and when they got there, they found Robert dead and the house empty except for enough proof that the disappearances where all brought here. Imagine the benders about ten times over.

Now you may be asking what has all this got to do with Dean Winchester - be patient little ones. Elizabeth is Pregnant!