The Truth about Dean Winchester

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Before: So Dean lifted his head and put on his best version of a demon's sneer and smiled a smile that sent chills down Jim's back, and laughed. Then he made his eyes shine green and said in his best wicked Maleficent (Sam was on a Disney kick at the time) evil dripping tone, Of course he had feasted on human blood, and he would never forget the sweet taste of it. John had no idea what he was missing, the power and abilities, did he really think that these ropes could hold him. At that point to emphasize what he said, he snapped the ropes holding him and by the time John turned and raised the gun, Dean was standing by the open back door holding a glass in his hands, the glass on the table which was filled with blood and proceeded to drain every drop from it to the absolute horror of Jim and John but not Bobby.

No not Bobby and as Dean shot him a glance, before running out the back door, he knocked John's aim just enough to hit the door frame and not Dean or at least he hoped so. John was about to follow him when Bobby grabbed him and kicked the door shut, twisting John round so that Bobby now stood between the door and him.

Jim spoke in quiet tones to his long time friend and tried to break though whatever Dean had (he believed) done to Bobby and Bobby well being the con artist he was, he just played along, long enough he figured for Dean to get clear away, then he snapped out of it and asked what John and Jim where doing here. Jim believed him but John was not so gullible and figuring Dean was gone by now, he insisted on tying Bobby to the chair and then left with Jim to try and track Dean down since nobody had heard a car start, so John figured Dean must still be in the yard perhaps wounded. Jim stated that they should leave by the front door just in case Dean being the hunter he was had the back covered. John agreed and sadly let himself be led to the front door which Jim opened and then shut pausing only to make sure that John understood to be very quiet. Then they waited in silence. John tried to talk and pointed to the car outside where Sam was but Jim motioned to wait and against his better judgment John did. Jim stood by his earlier theory, no matter what he saw and heard, Jim had faith that Dean was not a monster.

Dean was not sure what was going on as he waited about 20 meters from the back door but he knew he needed help and quickly, unfortunately for him the shotgun blast hitting the frame had also when the doorframe splintered, hit him with about 5 or 6 large splinters. He was bleeding heavily and he knew he had to get to Bobby and if his Dad or Jim was there well then he would not be in pain much longer. As he staggered to the back door, he was surprised and happy to see no-one inside except Bobby trying desperately to get untied. Dean realized it could be a trap but with the blood loss he now suffered it really did not matter. As he silently opened the back door which creaked slightly, Bobby stiffened, and then relaxed when he felt Dean start to untie him. Bobby turned and immediately reached into the fridge to get the last few blood packs he had. Pouring it into a glass, he got the first aid kit that was stationed in the kitchen, and started trying to quietly patch Dean up.

Dean you should not have come back here. To which Dean answered not much choice - needed help and gasped as Bobby pulled another splitter out and started quickly sawing him back together. On hearing the voices in the kitchen John's first reaction was to go in there and finish Dean off but Jim stopped him and again motioned him to be quiet. Jim wanted to hear what was going on and he wanted John to hear it too. You know your a fool Dean, he heard Bobby say. Why Bobby? Why, pretending to be a monster dean are you out of your mind, John is going to kill you and Jim will probably help him after that little stunt you pulled. Bobby he's going to kill me anyway or watch me like a hawk and never trust me again with Sammy or anything else for that matter. He's always going to hesitate when he hands me a gun and knives will probably not be allowed and I can't live like that and neither will he for long. Bobby you must understand, if he's worrying about me maybe trying to kill him or Sammy, then he won't be worried about the things he should be and one day he'll slip and then what Bobby. He'll probably take Sam with him on hunts and if he slips they'll be no-one to protect Sam and that I can't live with. It's better this way, he'll just view it as another hunt and he'll be able to focus on what's best for him and Sammy. Bobby you got to help me, set it up so that Dad finds me and - No!

Dean looked up to see his father in the doorway and he pushed bobby away from him. He was weak and tired and he just wanted this over with, settled and now he knew all the evil acting in the world would not make his father pull the trigger and he wondered if maybe he should have just stayed outside and bled to death instead, because not even Dean himself knew if he could control this for the rest of his life. John looked at the gun he was still holding in his hand and dropped it, then he just went over and did something very unJohn like, he hugged his son. Dean no matter what, I realize now that we can do this, we can work this out. No, dad we can't. I don't know whether I can control this and I don't want to hurt anyone especially not you or Sammy. You'd be better off if you killed me dad. No, listen I want you to answer Jim's questions and this time I want the truth and any explanations or background Dean. But Dad I... Dean that's an order said John as he knelt down to continue the stitching of the wounds that he had himself inflicted on his son.

So, Dean answered the questions, No he had not killed in fact he asked Bobby to kill him when he arrived but instead Bobby had willingly slice his arm and fed him the blood he needed. When he saw his dad shaking his head, Dean hung his and John realized that Dean must have misunderstood his movements, Son I meant Bobby should not have had to do that, it should have been me. I had planned to be there when you got to the door but there was this poltergeist and I thought that I would be back before you woke up. Son we can work with this. I can adapt your training to include resistance and control techniques, meditation maybe and then he admitted Bobby thanks I... Bobby stopped him before he got any further offering him a beer and Jim said he was going to get Sam out of the car. To this Dean sat up nearly tearing his stitches, Sam was here, he couldn't see him like this but that was as far as his thoughts got as Sam ran into the room knocking over two chairs, hugging dean, and apologizing for leading his father straight to him, and a thousand questions about how Dean got hurt, what kind of monster he was facing, and how dare he go after anything by himself and how dad was right to be mad about Dean going hunting alone and was everything ok now and as Sam was going on with questions Dean realized he was tired and leaned on the table and the last thing he heard before darkness overtook him was Sam screaming his name and calling for John.

When Dean woke up he was in bed and Sam was sleeping on his father's lap while his dad was in a chair sound asleep. Jim tiptoed over and rearranged the blankets over Dean, You gave us a scare son, he said, you've been out for a week. We've had to raid two hospitals to get enough blood back into your body, but you seem to be over the worst of it. Anything I can get you... Hmmm Dean thought a second, a camera, a cheeseburger or two and a large bag of m&m's. M&M's asked Jim as Bobby hearing the quiet whispering brought in a giant bag of them and a camera and Dean smiled and said yup if this adventure has taught me anything, it's always have a giant bag of M&M's in the car. You know they hardly left this room Bobby said pointing at the sleeping beauties while taking a few pictures.

Dean grinned maybe everything would be ok even if he was a dhampir. Jim heard him say I want one framed for blackmail purposes as he watched Dean go back to sleep. Jim nodded to Bobby it's not going to be easy hiding this from other hunters is it. Bobby replied with a shake of his head - No it would not be easy. Dean would have a tough life ahead, maybe tougher then anyone else and no matter what he did, if other hunters ever found out, Dean would be hunted without mercy for to other hunters he would be a monster. Jim and Bobby could only hope that Dean managed to hide his bloodlust in the hunt so that everyone thought he was just a very very good hunter following his father's footsteps chasing a demon who killed his mother and destroyed his family's normal life, and not a dhampir surviving by killing every evil monster he could get his hands on, while chasing the demon.

In the coming years Jim and Bobby would only say when people asked them what made a great hunter such as the growing legend of the Winchesters. Jim would reply that the Demon choose the wrong Family to mess with and that it was the Demon's greatest mistake and yes that was true. Neither Jim or Bobby would point out, even when they found out about Sam demon related abilities, that the Demon greatest mistake was not choosing the wrong family but choosing the wrong child. Actually they had to thank him for helping to create a hunter named Dean Winchester, for without the Demon's intervention Dean would have ended up like any other dhampir either a crazy killer or dead! But I guess the biggest joke of all was that while Bobby, Jim and later Elkins knew about Dean, the Demon did not until one night they met at a cabin but that and what else happened to Dhampir Dean is another story.


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