I'm Sorry I Can't Be Perfect

Summary-Prequel to Rose Truscott Learn about Rose and her life before she moved to Malibu and before she got abused. See what Lilly's life was like before Rose came. Twin problems come in two's you know.


A/N: In this fic, I'll be doing the first chapter in Lilly's P.O.V, the second in Rose's P.O.V, the third in Lilly's and so on. So, you'll get both sides of the story.


Chapter One-Lilly Truscott

You see the three friends over there, walking and laughing. Two are girls and one is a boy. Yeah, that's me and my friends. I'm the one in the middle with the long blond hair and green eyes.

My name is Lillian 'Lilly' Truscott.

The girl on my right with the dark brown, kind of curly, hair and green eyes is my best friend.

Her name is Miley Stewart.

The boy on my left with the bowl cut dark brown hair and brown eyes is my other best friend.

His name is Oliver Oaken.

I know what you're thinking. How can two girls and a boy be best friends without any sexual attachments? Well, its simple. If two of us dated and then broke it off, our friendship would never be the same. And, we don't want that to happen.

So anyway, we were on our way to Rico's, a kind of cabana on the beach. All the teens go there. It's like the hippest place. Plus, Miley's older brother Jackson works there and he can give us food with a discount.

I know, that's real sweet.

But, this is the one trip to Rico's that's going to change out lives forever…

"Hey, Jackson" Miley greeted her brother as she, Oliver, and I grabbed three stools and sat on them.

"Hey Miles, Lilly, Oliver. What can I get for you?" Jackson asked, tuning around to face us.

"I'll take Buffalo wings and an orange smoothie" I replied. Man, I loved that combination.

"Make it two" Oliver replied.

"Three. Only, I'd like a strawberry smoothie" Miley replied, getting comfortable in her seat.

"Coming right up" Jackson replied with a nod. As he got out of ear shot I turned to Miley.

"How cool is it that Jackson works here? I mean, free food! Who could not love that?" I asked, my eyes shinning.

"I know. Isn't it great?" Miley asked with a big smile.

"I don't know. I think they need to start selling nachos here or something" Oliver said, jumping into the conversation. Miley and I gave Oliver a look.

The three of us have been best-friends with each other since a couple months ago when Miley first moved in. We're in the eighth grade at Seaview Middle School.

In these few months, Oliver and I have learned a lot about Miley. The number one, ultra coolest thing, is Miley is Hannah Montana! I know, I couldn't believe it at first either. But, it's the truth. Plus, I am Hannah's best friend, Lola Lufnagle…or however you pronounce her last name.

"What?" Oliver asked innocently.

"Nothing, never mind" I replied as Jackson came back with out orders.

"Thanks Jackson" Oliver and I said in unison as Jackson put the plates and drinks down in front of us. Miley reach for hers, but Jackson pulled it away.

"Jackson!" Miley cried, banging the counter with her fists.

"I'll give this to you guys for free but on one condition" Jackson replied with a smirk. There's the Jackson I know and love.

Wait! I didn't mean it that way! I'm not in love with Jackson Stewart!

"Name it" Miley said as her stomach growled. "I'm starving."

"You have to wash my gym clothes for a month and give me some of your-"Jackson trailed off and looked around. The next words he whispered. "Hannah money for some things I want to buy."

"Don't do it" Oliver warned.

"Yeah, it's not worth it. Jackson, you're being a jerk!" I spat.

"Hey, I'm just doing this because I have been doing lots of things for Miley and never getting a 'Thank you.' So, Miles, what'll it be?" Jackson asked tantalizing Miley with the plate and drink.

"Fine" Miley spat through clenched teeth. "Thank you for the food Jackson."

"No problem…Cinderella" he replied, his smirk growing bigger before he walked off.

"Man! Jackson and his stupid ego!" Miley said, seething with anger.

"You shouldn't have agreed to it" Oliver said through a mouthful of buffalo wings. I flinched as bits of mashed buffalo wing hit me in the face.

"Yuck" I groaned, grabbing a napkin and wiping at my face.

"Speaking of disgusting things"

The three of us turned and saw Amber and Ashley, the 'most popular' girls in our class, walking towards us.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Why would you eat that Lilly? You're getting curves in all the wrong places" Amber said with a little laugh. I raised my eyebrow as I looked at them.

'Are they calling me fat?' I thought to myself.

"You might want to watch all the calories you inhale" Ashley added. "Maybe you should start skateboarding more often?"

"Cut it out you guys" Miley said, getting to her feet, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Yeah, Lilly's not fat" Oliver replied. "You're just so insecure about your own problems you have to make fun of other people to feel better."

It was great to have friends like them. But, why would Amber and Ashley call me fat? I'm not fat. I think I look great.

'Just ignore them, Lilly. They're wrong and you have friends to hang out with' I thought, biting my lower lip.

"Why don't you guys just go home and squeeze your foreheads. I see pimples starting to show" I said, pointing at their foreheads.

"EWWWWW" Amber and Ashley yelled in unison and rushed off.

"Thanks guys" I said, staring after Amber and Ashley.

"No problem" Miley said, her eyes narrowed in anger.

"Yeah, we've got your back. Don't worry" Oliver said, smiling his cute smile.

Wait! Cute smile? Why'd I think that?

"Aw, you guys are the best" I said, laughing.

"I know. We are" Miley and Oliver said as they put their arms around me.

"Come on you guys. Dad is making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. You guys can stay for dinner" Miley said as she grabbed her strawberry smoothie.

I reached for my orange smoothie but Oliver grabbed it first and handed it to me, smiling. He held it out to me and I took it, smiling. But, I felt a tingling sensation when my fingers grazed his. What in the world was going on?

"Yeah, thanks" I said, staring at my feet.

"No problem. I'll walk you guys over to Miley's I have to get on home. Sorry, I can't stay for dinner" Oliver replied as we started towards the Stewart household.

"It's ok, Ollie" Miley replied, chewing on her straw.

"it won't be the same without you though" I replied.

"Well, this way, you can talk about girly stuff without me there. Besides, the Victoria's Secret swimsuit edition magazine came out" Oliver replied with a lopsided smile.

Miley and I laughed and slapped him repeatedly. He laughed and covered his head with his arms.

"That's just like you. All you guys drool over models" Miley replied.

"Not just models. Hot looking, skinny, curvaceous models" Oliver replied, rapidly raising and lowering his eyebrows.

"You're sick!" I said laughing.

"Well, we're here. See you alter Oliver" Miley said. She gave a wave and entered her home.

"Later, Ollie" I said with a laugh. Oliver waved and headed home, whistling.

I spotted the new Victoria's Secret magazine on the table and looked at the cover. The model on the front was skinny. And very beautiful.

'I wish Oliver would look at me the same way he looks at them' I thought with a sigh. "Where did that thought come from?" 'Well, he does like skinny girls and Amber and Ashley noticed I was a little overweight. Maybe I should lose a few pounds.' "Maybe Oliver will like me then."

"What'd you say?" Miley called form the kitchen.

"Nothing. I didn't say anything" I replied.

I dropped the magazine and my eyes widened. I think…I think I'm falling in love with Oliver.

My best friend, Oliver Oaken.

Not just my best friend.

My cute best friend…