(A/n) Yes, this is a DBZ/Code Lyoko crossover.

To set you all strait, there are a couple of things that you need to know.

1. This story is centered on Gohan, so if you do not like him. You may not like this story. This story will take place when Gohan is a little kid. Also this will NOT be a Videl/Gohan fanfic, because I hate Videl's guts. No offence to people who like her. But this doesn't mean that she won't partake in this fanfic. She may be around to stir things up, later on. And I may change my mind about it not being a Videl/Gohan, only if I get some reviews from people who do want that pairing. I will tell you the other possible pairings later on in the story, because telling you now will A. ruin the fun and B. It would be kind of pointless.

2. The saiyan Saga through the Android Saga will happen two years prior (before) the original set time. So Gohan will be two years old, when Radditz comes. Everything that happens in those sagas will stay the same, except there will be a different ending for the cell games. Also Gohan will be turning eight in the cell saga and not 11.

This is it for now. If you have any questions, just tell me and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Also this is my first story, just to warn you.

Now let the story begin.



Gohan was sitting in his room, doing his Calculus homework. Setting down his pencil, he rubbed his blue eyes tiredly. He then stared blankly out his bedroom window. How he wished that his life didn't have to be so chaotic. That he would not have to wonder, if he will survive another day. He has always wanted to have a peaceful life, without all of the killing and fighting. Don't get him wrong; he loves to spar, because his saiyan blood calls for it. He just doesn't like the fact that it is always a life or death situation and not for fun. Sadly his dream for peace will only be that, a dream. The reason is because in five days the dreaded Cell Games will begin. The only happy thing about this week is that his birthday is tomorrow; he can't wait for the delicious cake his mother is going to make.

He can't wait for all of this to be over though, so his family could finally have some peace. If they survive the Cell Games, that is. Right now his father and mother are in their room having their "alone time". He knew for a fact that it would be wise of him not to disturb them.

He is kind of angry with his father for being so carefree in the situation they are currently in. HELLO, they may not even survive the cell games, or even be powerful enough to defeat cell. And what does his father do to prepare? Nothing, his idea of preparation is relaxing most of the time, this irks Gohan a little.

It doesn't help that Gohan has an uneasy feeling about the future. He even told his father about his uneasy feeling, and what does his father do? He shakes it off with a smile and a "everything will turn out alright Gohan".

Just thinking about everything makes his head hurt and the noises from his parents room is not helping. He decided a nice rest, would help calm him down.

The Next Day

Opening his eyes groggily, Gohan slowly sat up in his bed. Sliding out of his bed, he made his way out of his room. Then he smelt some sweet aroma in the air like... like... BACON AND EGGS!!! Gohan zoomed down the hallway, to the kitchen and hurriedly sat down at the table. Ignoring his mother's giggles at his antics from her place at the stove.

His father entered the kitchen a split second later looking wildly for the table filled with food. Landing his eyes at the mountain of food, made him drool with anticipation.

Gohan and his father knew that his mother makes one hell of a meal. Sitting down quickly, Goku looked over at Chi-Chi with big, wide, pouting eyes, and asked, "Hey Chi can we start eating, pretty please."

With a sigh, Chi-Chi grabbed the rest of the breakfast from the stove and set it on the table. After grabbing some food for her first, she then told Goku, "Knock yourself out."

When those words left her mouth Gohan and Goku dove into the food. When breakfast was over, Chi-Chi sent Gohan out to get some groceries for her. Grabbing the grocery list, Gohan kissed his mom on the cheek and gave his father a hug. He then ran outside and blasted off to the nearest town, which was 500 miles away.

On the way there, Gohan couldn't help but wonder why his mother sent him out to get groceries. When she had just sent him two days ago to get groceries. The very same day he met Lime, a human his age. He decides that he could say hello to Lime and her grandfather, while also getting the groceries on the list. When he arrived at the town, he started to make his way towards Lime's grandfather's shop.

At The Son House

Chi-Chi after sending her son off, started to prepare for her son's surprise birthday party. At first she thought Gohan would catch on to her plan to get him out of the house. He is a smart boy after all; luckily he still does whatever his mom tells him to do without question. Except when it comes to studying.

Chi-Chi grabbed the ingredients for the cake she is going to make, when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Setting the ingredients down on the table, she headed towards the door. On the way there, she passed Goku, who was doing push-ups in mid air with one finger, while keeping an eye on something that was on a nearby table. She then turned her attention back to her destination, the door, and when she got to the door, she opened it to reveal...

((a/n) Well that is it for chapter one. Hoped you liked it. ... Just kidding, I wouln't be that cruel. On with the chapter.)

The Ox King holding a lot of wrapped presents. Stepping out of the way to let him in, she then guided him toward the living room, where the party will be held. Setting down the presents, the Ox-King turned toward Chi-Chi.

"Well hello there Chi-Chi, how are you today?"

"I'm feeling good, and you?"

Ho ho, I'm doing very well and I feel excited for my grandson."

"Well you should, it is his birthday today. Now that you are here, you can help me with the d├ęcor..." Goku, who ran into the room with a shocked and prideful face, abruptly cut off chi-Chi.

"Um... Chi," began Goku.

"What is it dear?" asked Chi-Chi.

"Do you remember when you told me to keep an eye on that pregnancy test you did earlier and to tell you when the results show."


"Well according to the test, you are pregnant," said a slightly uncomfortable Goku.

"WHAT REALLY?!" asked a surprised Chi-Chi.

"Um... yeah?"

"I'm... I...m... going... to... be a ... mother?" Chi-Chi asked slowly.

"Yep, and I'm going to be a father," Goku stated proudly.


Goku faltered, "Uh... Chi? Are you alright?"

Chi Chi's shoulders started to shake.


All of a sudden Chi-Chi jumped onto Goku while screaming, "HELL YEAH!! Finally after all this time, we are going to have another baby. Ohhh Goku."

After that little episode, the three happy adults were about to go back to setting up Gohan's party. When someone or something suddenly crashed through their window. Which turned out to be...

Back With Gohan

After getting the groceries, Gohan decided to stick around to catch up with Lime. He was curious on how her village is fairing.

"It's going alright, I guess. The town is back to normal, somewhat. But there is fear still lurking around and it will not disappear, until cell is destroyed," states Lime's grandfather seriously.

"I understand," replied Gohan.

Continuing on with their conversation, being completely unaware of something that will have a great impact on Gohan's future.


(a/n) Well that's it for chappy one I hope you all liked it.