Chapter 19

"I…do…don't…hate you…Gohan."

Gohan looked up at the ceiling from his sprawled out position on his bed, the picture of his old friends and family clutched in his right hand. All this time he believed his birth parents hated him. That it was because of him that they died.

"But…nothing Gohan…I will never hate you…Actually I am proud of you."

Gohan turned on to his side and curled into a ball, holding the picture close to his chest. Proud? His father was proud of him how? If Gohan was only faster maybe he would have made it to save them before they died. How could Goku be proud of the son that wasn't strong enough to save him? He HAS to despise Gohan. Gohan clenched his eyes shut trying to keep the tears at bay. Be…Because…if his father never hated him and is instead proud of him…then running away had no meaning.

"It's true Gohan…you have become such a wonderful fighter…I can see you have grown up well…too bad I wasn't there with you when you did."

Gohan slowly opened his eyes and looked blankly at the wall. How many years passed with him blaming himself for their deaths? How many times did he remind himself that they hated him? How many times did he silently cry himself asleep wishing things would have went differently?

Too many.

If only he realized the unconditional love his father had for him…maybe they would have been a family years ago…instead of all this drama. He was a big brother now for kami's sake! Gohan put his left arm over his eyes.

A big brother…wow…he never thought that would happen. Gohan let out a sad chuckle, and what a great big brother he turned out to be. Didn't even realize he had a little brother until recently that would be an awesome conversation starter with his brother. 'Hey how are you? Yeah I am your big brother, sorry about not being a part of your life. Funny thing I was sure everyone hated my guts and when I realized they didn't YEARS later, they decided to inform me that you existed.' Yes an epic introduction indeed.

Gohan sighed as he got up from his bed. He looked around his room sadly. There is no one to blame for all that has happened except him. Why did he doubt his father's love? He never realized how much leaving would hurt everyone; at the time he believed leaving was the best choice. Yet seeing his father face to face made him realize that it caused massive emotional pain. Gohan could tell just by looking into his father's eyes.

Father, Gohan thought, I am so—Gohan's train of thought was cut off when his eyes came across two pictures on his desk.

"There is nothing to be sorry about."

He set the photo of his old friends and family on his bed and then walked softly towards his desk. The one on the right was a picture of him and his adoptive family. Even though they weren't his blood family, he loved them. They cared for him as if he was really their son. They didn't care if he was different. They accepted him for what he was.

Gohan looked away from the photo and looked to the one next to it; it was one with all his friends. Even though they didn't know all of his secrets, he trusted them. He cared about them greatly. They all have been through so much together. Gohan didn't forget about the promise he made them about telling them everything. They deserved to know the truth, hopefully they will accept him for who he is, as well as forgive him for keeping it a secret for so long. Gohan gave a small smile; no matter what happens, the memories of what they all accomplished together will stay with him forever. He doesn't and will never regret befriending them. In his heart they will always be his friends.

Gohan opened his eyes in realization.

HIS friends.

If Gohan never ran away, then he would have never met any of his friends. What would life be like then? At this moment the thought of not having Yumi, Ulrich, Aelita, Odd, and just recently added to the list Sissi in his life seems terrifying. If he wasn't here, Lyoko probably wouldn't have been discovered for quite some time, meaning Aelita would still be trapped. Not only that Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi probably would have never become friends or as good as friends. Well…Ulrich and Yumi would have eventually gone out with each other…it is obvious they would have liked each other even without the Lyoko experience. Sissi she would probably still be chasing after Ulrich and acting like a pompous princess. Finally himself, for all he knows he could have turned out to be some nerdy kid who decided to go around using his powers to fight crime while wearing a stupid costume and performing idiotic poses.

Even though my decision caused me to lose countless years from my family, thought Gohan. I am not sorry…not anymore. He looked at the photo on the bed, more precisely the smiling form of his father. Thank you for helping me realize that dad. Gohan closed his eyes in content. I wouldn't have made such great friends if I didn't make that decision years ago.

Gohan was brought out of his thoughts by a knock on the door.

"Yo Einstein you have a lot of explaining to do!"

Odd, Gohan thought softly to himself with a smile as he walked towards the door. He had a feeling everything will turn out o.k. in the end, even though he isn't going to say there will be no bumps along the way. He is confident he will get through this because he knows now that he will always have at least one person by his side.

"I love you too son."

Yes, he will get through this.

Aelita walked towards Jeremie's room with a lot on her mind. Something that Sissi said during the Xana attack didn't make sense. Aelita didn't realize it until a little bit ago, but Sissi said GOHAN was facing off against Xana when clearly it was Jeremie who was fending off Xana. Aelita was about to write it off as Sissi accidently mixing up names because of the stressful situation but the way Sissi said it so concretely without a hint of hesitation caused Aelita to dwell on Sissi's words more. As Aelita dwelled on it she couldn't help but put some of the pieces together. Could Jeremie and Gohan really be one and the same?

It could explain why Aelita likes both of them and why she reacted so badly when Sissi said 'her Gohan'. With the exception of Jeremie's glasses and Gohan's spiky hair they look kind of similar. The muscles she can't say anything about because even though Jeremie looks wimpy he DOES wear sweats all the time and long sleeved shirts. Also why Jeremie seemed to mysteriously disappear when Gohan was around…but that can't be right. Aelita and the others saw Jeremie and Gohan at the same time at the factory; a person couldn't possibly be in two places at once…could they?

Aelita stood outside Jeremie/Gohan/whoever's room with the others and Sissi. Aelita at the moment is feeling very conflicted. She is angry, happy, sad, confused, curious, as well as a range of other emotions she can't describe and she had a feeling the others beside her are feeling the same. Who is Jeremie anymore? Aelita thought she knew but these past few days proved that she actually didn't. How was Jeremie able to do the things he did in the real world, no ordinary human should be able to do that. What was with those people as well? They were FLYING for goodness sake! As Odd announced their presence with a knock, and a loud voice; Aelita readied herself. She WILL get the answers she desires, when Jeremie/Gohan/whoever opened the door Aelita couldn't help but gasp slightly.

Jeremie/Gohan/whoever was wearing Jeremie's usual style of clothing, with the exception that he didn't have his glasses on. Not only that but he looked slightly tired but oddly content.

With a smile he let them in, and when the last person filed in he shut the door. Aelita and Sissi took a seat on the bed; Ulrich leaned against the wall beside the bed, while Odd and Yumi sat down on the floor. All of them surprisingly silent looked at Gohan waiting for him to start.

Gohan looked at all of them silently before sighing and going over to his computer chair and sitting down. Turning the seat to face all of them he clenched his fists on his lap, silently motivating himself to start talking.

"So…um…like Odd said I have a lot of explaining to do." Gohan bit his lip. "Now where to start…"

"How about start where you have been obviously lying to us, your supposed friends; while Sissi before the last Xana attack was an annoyance that for some reason knew your secret." Ulrich bit out angrily.

Sissi bit her bottom lip when Ulrich called her an annoyance, even though she tries to never show it words like that from anyone still hurt. Before she was able to lash out though her eyes widened in shock before softening in respect at Odd's defending words.

"Hey, don't be so mean to Sissi Ulrich, she did help us out with Xana and I have to say when she doesn't act all high and mighty she isn't all that bad. Besides remember what we thought earlier about how Sissi possibly blackmailed Gohan, maybe there is actually no other connection between Sissi and Jeremie just the fact that they both knew Gohan."

Ulrich mulling over Odd's words as well as his own, sighed in defeat while turning his head towards Sissi, "Sorry Sissi, Odd's right you were helpful and I really didn't mean anything towards you, it is just that we were friends with Jeremie long before you were." Ulrich told her sincerely, "I just thought that we should have known about the secret before you."

Sissi knew getting an apology from Ulrich was big, especially when it comes to her, "Apology accepted," She said with a slight smile, "And thank you Odd for defending me." Looking at everyone she continued, "When I first found out about Gohan and Jeremie's secret I was shocked when I learned that none of you knew the secret. It's really clear to most on campus that you guys have a really close bond." She looked at Ulrich briefly before looking down at her lap. "I think that is why I chased after you for so long Ulrich. I wanted the bond you all shared so badly and I thought the quickest and securest way was to be your girlfriend. Now that I look back at it I can't help but think how stupid that plan was."

As she spoke everyone in the room began to realize and slightly understand where she was coming from. Someone patted Sissi's leg causing her to look up directly into the eyes of the kneeling Odd.

"If all you wanted was friendship," Odd said with a smile, "Then all you had to do was ask. Ahem let me start. Hi my name is Odd, would you like to be my friend?" He finished holding out his hand.

Sissi looked slightly shocked as she wiped some of the tears from her eyes. With a sincere smile she replied with, "I'd love to." While returning the handshake.

"Odd's not the only one who wants to extend that friendship," Ulrich said making Sissi look at him, "But ONLY friendship okay."

Sissi gave him a smile, "I would like that," and then she smirked, "Don't worry I have no romantic interest in YOU anymore," as she said that she glanced quickly at Gohan, "All I want now is friendship."

Yumi smiled in relief at Sissi's words. If she didn't hear Sissi's confession she wouldn't have believed Sissi to give up on Ulrich, but she did and now that Sissi firmly stated she had no interest in Ulrich all is good. Other than the situation with Jeremie of course.

"Hey Sissi," Yumi started, "I wouldn't mind being friends either."

Sissi looked shocked, her and Yumi had not so good history with each other especially when it came to Ulrich. So Yumi saying she wanted to be friends was a surprise, but a pleasant one. "I…I would really like that."

Aelita feeling slightly left out decided to speak, "I would be delighted if we could be friends as well Sissi." That was the truth too; being friends with Sissi wouldn't be so bad. The only problem was Sissi's obvious interest in her Gohan.

Aelita blushed there she goes again claiming Gohan is hers.

Sissi didn't know how many shocks she can take in one day but she had a feeling she is going to find out. She knew for a fact that Aelita liked both Jeremie and Gohan; Sissi is just wondering if Aelita figured out they are one and the same yet. Sissi also admitted earlier to herself before showing up to Jeremie's room that she truly likes Gohan, even when he is nerdy Jeremie. She knows there will definitely be a battle for Gohan's heart…but that doesn't mean she can't have Aelita as a friend.

Turning to Aelita with a smile, Sissi said, "Sure."

Gohan watched as this all happened before his very eyes. He really liked having Sissi around and he was afraid that he would have to divide his time between his friends, Sissi, and Xana but luckily his friends accepted Sissi as one of their own. Gohan couldn't help but wonder what made his friends look at Sissi in a different light. It wasn't Sissi's confession, sure it helped them understand her more but there was something else that was the actual turning point. What happened in the time he told them to take Sissi? From what he gathered so far she helped them in some way.

Wait, Gohan's eyes widened. Did Sissi go to Lyoko?

As he looked at his friends, it seems his hunch is probably correct.

With a smile that could put the sun to shame Gohan opened his mouth, "YAY we are all friends now." His smiling face quickly supported a sweat drop as all of his friends glared at him.

"Don't think we forgot you mister." Yumi said with a growl.

"Yes" Aelita continued, "You have a lot of explaining to do."

Gohan laughs nervously then sighs, "O.K. you guys deserve to know the truth," Gohan held up a hand to stop anyone interrupting him, "and the only reason I never told you guys before was because I was afraid."

His friends looked confused, "Afraid of what?" asked Ulrich. Could someone have threatened Jeremie to keep this secret?

Gohan looked at each of them seriously, "I was afraid of losing your friendship."

They all looked shocked.

"How could this secret about knowing Gohan ruin our friendship?" asked Odd

Gohan looked away from his friends, "There is more to it than just me knowing Gohan."

"What do you mean there is more?" asked Aelita.

Sissi stood up outraged, "What? You mean there is more?"

Odd looked up at Sissi confused, "Wait you don't know what Jeremie is talking about?"

Sissi looked down at Odd and shook her head, "No I thought the only secret Gohan and Jeremie was keeping was the one I knew but I guess I was wrong."

Gohan gave Sissi a sad smile, "Sorry Sissi I wasn't about to tell you this anytime soon either. At first it was because you had no right to know," Sissi looked ready to protest, "BUT as I got to know you the only reason I didn't tell you was because I didn't want you to think of me as a freak."

Yumi tilted her head, "Ruining our friendship, considering you a freak? This secret must be big to you for you to think to that extreme."

"Yes." Gohan said softly but firm. "Yes it is."

"So what is the secret Einstein?" asked Odd.

Gohan took a deep breath, "I am Gohan."

Everyone except for Sissi and Aelita seemed shocked.

Sissi wasn't shocked because she knew this secret; Aelita wasn't because deep down she had a feeling Jeremie and Gohan were one and the same hearing it from Jeremie himself just helps make it concrete.



"Really?" were the mixed responses from Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd.

"That's not it is it Gohan?" Asked Sissi drawing the attention to her. "I knew about you and Gohan being the same person. So what is the other secret? The one that makes you think I will consider you as a freak?"

Gohan sighed for the umpteenth time knowing he will not be able to get out of this. "I am also half alien."


Sissi sat back down on the bed at the revelation and her hand brushed against something.


"Hahaha oh my god that was a good one Jeremie!" Laughed Odd from his spot on the ground, "You set the mood all perfect and serious and then BAM you say something totally unexpected. Hahaha it's just like in Star Wars 'Luke I am your father!' Hahaha." Odd finished while wiping a tear, "Classic."

More Silence.

Sissi looked down to see what she touched and couldn't help but widen her eyes.

Odd looked at Gohan and saw the serious expression on his face and Odd's smile quickly diminished. "You weren't joking were you?"

Gohan silently shook his head.

Ulrich scoffed, "Half alien you really expect us to believe that?"

Sissi picked up the picture, everyone else was too distracted to notice.

Gohan looked at Ulrich, "Yes."

Yumi looked at Gohan in disbelief, "If you don't want to tell us the truth, then fine don't. But don't make up such a ridiculous lie; you could have at least made it believable."

It was a picture filled with people; just at a glance you could tell many were fighters. What shocked Sissi was the fact the three people who were fighting each other were in there. Not only that, but there was a green man! The other people inside the picture didn't seem so normal either. Sissi knew deep within her gut that this was real and that Gohan was telling the truth no matter how outrageous it sounds. The reason is because within the arms of the man that could change his hair color was a little boy with black hair and coal black eyes. The relation between the two was obvious, and surely if the man could change his hair color then the kid can too.

"But I AM telling the truth." Gohan started to get a sick feeling in his stomach, they do not believe him! "Come on guys! We go to a virtual world nearly every day to stop an evil virus from destroying our world and yet you can't believe I am half alien."

"But Lyoko is different." Aelita stated softly.

Looking up at the current Gohan, Sissi knew he was the kid in the picture. The only difference was the color of the hair and eyes and the fact that her Gohan was older. It makes Sissi wonder though…

Gohan looked at her confused, "How?"

"There is proof."

"You guys want proof huh?"

"What is your original hair color?"

Sissi's out of the blue question caused Gohan to fall out of his chair and everyone else to look at Sissi.


She looked at Gohan seriously, "What is your original hair color?"

"Sissi why are you asking such an outrageous question?" asked Yumi.

"What? I believe Gohan when he says he is half alien."

"Really?" asked Gohan with a twinge of hope. He was sure Sissi was going to be one of the ones to not believe him.

"How can you when there is no proof?" asked Aelita.

"There is, this picture proved it to me." Sissi said as she turned it around so the others could see.

Gohan smacked himself in the head. I forgot to put the picture away. But as he looked at his friends reactions he realized. Maybe this will actually make them believe.

All of them were shocked as they looked at the picture. Each of them immediately took notice of the three fighters as well as the green man.

"There," Aelita began softly, "There is that one man that could change the color of his hair."

"And the other two are in there as well." Noted Ulrich.

"Look at who the man that can change his is hugging." Sissi said.

"What it's only a kid with black hair and eyes." Stated Aelita.

"See any resemblance between the two?" questioned Sissi.

"They look like father and son…then that means!"Yumi started with a jolt of realization. The others except for Odd began to understand.

Odd looked confused, "What does it mean?"

Ulrich looked at Odd, "It means Odd that if the guy can change his hair who is to say his son cant as well."

"Oh!" Odd then looked at the picture intently then imagined the kid with blond hair and blue eyes and couldn't help but jump at what he saw, "It…its…"

"Yes Odd." Stated Yumi.

"Jeremie is that kid and that man is his father." Stated Sissi.

Everyone looked at Gohan who looked dumbfounded at how the situation just did a complete 360.

"But that doesn't make sense." Aelita said softly, "I met Jeremie's father and that man," Aelita gestured towards the picture, "wasn't him."

"O.K. now I guess I can start explaining again now that all of you somewhat believe me. Before I can get into why I go by two names you need to understand my past somewhat." Gohan sighed, "To start off I am going to answer your question Sissi." Fiddling with his watch he made it so the ki masking ability was on but now he was capable of de-transforming, into his birth form.

His friends gasped in shock as they watched him go from a blond haired blue eyed boy to a black haired black eyed boy.

"Well if I didn't believe you were half alien before," Started Ulrich, "I sure as hell do now."

"This is what I originally look like, what you saw was my ssj form." Gohan put up a hand to stop them from speaking, "Please let me finish before you start asking questions."

Gohan closed his eyes as he started to recollect his past, "My birth name is Gohan Son child of Goku," He pointed to the man hugging him in the picture, "and Chi Chi" this time he pointed to the woman standing close to his father. "We were a happy family until I was kidnapped by my uncle." Aelita, Yumi, and Sissi gasped, while Odd and Ulrich's eyes widened. "I know what you are thinking why did my uncle kidnap me right? Well it was to make my dad…" And on Gohan went explaining about his life as well as giving small demonstrations like floating in the air and showing them a ball of ki, then it came to the part where Gohan killed Cell.

"Wait YOU defeated Cell."Odd interrupted with a smile, he punched the air in excitement, "Woot! I am friends with the true defeater of Cell!"

"You defeating Cell does sound more believable than that Hercule guy." Agreed Ulrich.

"Hercule?" asked Gohan blinking.

"You mean you didn't hear of Hercule?" asked Sissi in shock. Gohan shook his head.

"I don't know who this Hercule person is either." Stated Aelita.

"It's understandable you don't know who Hercule is," Yumi said towards Aelita, Yumi then turned to Gohan with a raised eyebrow, "You on the other hand should, he is the one who is credited as savior of the world because he claims to have defeated Cell."

"Really? Wow." Shrugging Gohan tried to continue, "After defeating Cell…"

"Wait that is it?" asked Sissi. Gohan looked confused, so Sissi continued, "All you have to say about the Hercule situation is 'Really? Wow.'?"

"Um…was I supposed to say anything else?"

Everyone stared at Gohan in disbelief.

"You really are just going to allow some imposter to take your credit and reap all the benefits? You are not angry at all?" asked Yumi.

Gohan blinked, "I could care less about the credit and I am not angry at all," shrugging he continued, "I dislike being in the spotlight, the only appraisal and approval I need is from my family and friends."

"Wow, that was really beautiful," Odd said with a sniff.

"What?" asked Gohan.

"I think what Odd is trying to say is it is just amazing how you tackled that; if I was in your spot I would be livid with the Hercule guy." Ulrich said and Odd nodded in agreement.

"Anyway," continued Gohan, "After defeating Cell, I ran away because I felt that I failed my family and friends. I collapsed in a park where I was found by a nice couple, they soon adopted me, and yes they know that I am not completely human either. From that point my name changed to Jeremie Belpois. I never told anyone else my secrets until now. A few years ago I decided to use my other identity again because pretending to be wimpy is REALLY hard especially 24/7 and it was a nice way to get away from everything when something got too stressful. The only reason I didn't tell any of you guys sooner was because I was afraid of rejection." Gohan looked down at his lap, "I didn't want to lose my only human friends my age." Gohan clenched his eyes shut waiting to be rejected.

His friends looked at each other in silence, going over what they have just learned.

"You know," Ulrich began, "We are mad that you kept this a secret for so long."

"Yeah," Continued Odd, "Being half alien, the ability to fly, AS well as the defeater of Cell."

Gohan clenched the fists in his lap tighter.

"But…" Yumi stressed causing Gohan to look up.

"You are our friend no matter what." Giggled Aelita.

"And we accept you for who you are." Finished Sissi with a smile.

Gohan looked at his friends in shock a smile forming on his face, "Really?"

All his friends looked at each other and in unison said, "Really really."

"Thank you guys so much."

"I have a question."

"What is it Odd?" asked Gohan.

"What should we call you now Gohan or Jeremie?"

Everyone paused.

"Actually Odd I don't know."


More Silence.

Then Gohan shrugged, "Either one is fine for now, I do sadly have to meet my parents today so maybe I will sort it out then." As he said this he looked at his clock, "Oh CRAP!"

The others jumped.

"What is it Jeremie?" Aelita said being so used to addressing him that way.

"It's lunch time already!" Gohan said as he pointed to his clock, everyone looked in the direction he was pointing and couldn't help but gape at the time.

"Were we really here that long?" asked Yumi.

"We missed all of our morning classes!" screeched Sissi. "Daddy is going to kill me!"

"What I want to know is why a teacher hasn't found us yet." Stated Ulrich.

"Hmm…" Gohan scratched his chin, "That is weird that a teacher hasn't found us yet. You would think at least one," Odd coughs Jim. Gohan ignores him and continues, "Would be looking for us."

"I do have a question as well." Spoke up Aelita.

"What is it Aelita?" asked Yumi.

"Where is the William clone?"


More Silence.

"Aww Damn."

It didn't matter who said it they were all thinking it except Sissi.

"William clone?"

"We will explain on the way." Gohan said as he transformed back into super saiyan.

They explained to Sissi in more detail about Lyoko and what a William clone is and why they have one as they looked for it. They were surprisingly able to avoid all the teachers and a few minutes before lunch officially ended they found the William clone in the park, alone.

… a well.

"Should I even ask how he got in there?" asked Yumi.

Before anyone could respond a voice screamed at them from behind causing them to jump in surprise.

"I finally found you kids!"

It was Jim.

"Hiya Jimbo!" Smiled Odd.

Jim glared at Odd, "Don't Jimbo me, where have you kids been? I know where you weren't! in class! You and Stern I could understand skipping class, but the rest of you?" He turned to Sissi. "Especially you missy, your father will not be happy about this." Sissi looked at the ground sadly.

Gohan went in between her and Jim. "We are truly sorry sir about missing class. It is just that William fell in the well and we have been trying to get him out. We didn't realize so much time had passed, really we didn't!"

Jim scrutinized Gohan, "Who are you?"

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Um sir it's me Jeremie."

Jim moved his face really close to Gohan's causing Gohan to shy away. "Oh so it IS you Jeremie sorry barely recognized you without your glasses."

Gohan eyes widened, Crap I forgot about my glasses.

"So where are your glasses?" asked Jim.

"My…er..glasses broke as we were trying to get William out of the well," as he said this he put a hand in his pocket where his glasses were and crushed them, pulling them out he showed them to Jim. "And I am wearing contacts now so I can still see."

Jim looked at the crushed glasses and whistled, "You really did a number on them, but really Belpois? William stuck in a well? How gullible do you think…" Jim trailed off as he actually looked down the well and saw William waving, "…I am…"


The bell rings signaling the end of lunch.

More silence then a sigh from Jim as he pulled out a pad of paper. Writing stuff down on a few slips he hands one out to each of them.

"Sir?" asked Jeremie.

"Those are notes explaining your absence now leave before you miss another class. I will get William out of the well."

"Do you need help Jim?" asked Ulrich.

Jim sighed again, "No I got it covered; now scat before I give you detention."

They didn't need to be told twice.

When they were out of hearing distance from Jim they all burst out laughing.

"That was beautiful." Giggled Sissi.

"I know," stated Odd in awe, "Truly classic."

"The best part is we didn't get in trouble!" Ulrich said with a smile.

"And it is all thanks to Jeremie," beamed Aelita.

Gohan blushed, "It was nothing," he said as he rubbed the back of his head with a grin and a small laugh.

"Nothing?" Yumi said with a raised eyebrow, "Without your quick thinking we would have been toast."

"Hey hey hey!" Odd said as he jumped in front of everyone, "Who am I?" he asked as he leaned close to Gohan's face and said, "Who are you?" in a deep mimicking voice. Everyone started laughing again.

Gohan shoved Odd's face away with a light push while snickering, "Cut it out Odd."

When their laughter died down Yumi asked, "So what are you going to do now Jeremie?"

Gohan looked at her, "I was actually going to go to the rest of my classes and then after that talk to my parents." Turning to Sissi he asked, "You don't mind keeping silent again do you? I really want to be the one to tell them."

Sissi shook her head as she latched on to Gohan's arm, "For you Gohan I will do anything."

Gohan smiled, "Thank you."

Aelita growled and then stomped off to her next class.

Gohan looked in Aelita direction, "Aelita wait up! Aelita!" Aelita ignored him. "What is wrong with her? Why did she just storm off?" Sissi was smirking at Aelita's retreating form.

Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich look at the scene with a sweat drop.

"He really is clueless isn't he?" asked Yumi.

"Yep." Odd and Ulrich stated together.


Like last time Sissi was called down to the office, but unlike last time Gohan wasn't freaking out about his secret possibly being revealed. When the final bell rang he and the others went to the same bench. When they got to the bench he turned to them and told them he needed to confront his parents on his own. They understood and told him they will tell Sissi what was happening when they see her. Smiling he walked towards the office but stopped when he saw his father by the water machine.


Goku paused at those words and slowly turned around, what he saw caused him to drop the unfilled cup. Goku felt like there was something stuck in his throat as he stared at the blond haired, blue eyed boy in shock.


Gohan nodded hesitantly still slightly afraid his father hated him.

"Gohan!" cried out Goku as he ran at his son scooping him up and putting him into a strong but comforting hug. "Is it really you?"

"Yes father," Gohan said as he released his ssj transformation. "It is me."

Goku put Gohan down and then knelt in front of Gohan. Putting his hands on Gohan's shoulders, Goku looked up into his sons eyes. "Gohan I missed you so much. Everyone missed you. It hasn't been the same since you disappeared. Gohan did you leave because you felt you failed us? Because you never did Gohan…you never did…Actually I am very proud of you."

Gohan smiled at his father with a sad but knowing smile, "I know."


Gohan smiled softly he had a feeling his father wouldn't remember, "I recently just realized that, that is why I am here now."

Goku smiled, "So you are willing to come home? I was afraid I was going to have to drag you back kicking and screaming."

Gohan hesitated, "I do want to go back….but I also want to finish my schooling here with my friends if that is alright…and then there is the fact I am currently adopted."

Goku tilted his head like he was thinking, "Well I am glad you want to come back with us, and I don't have a problem with you finishing school here and I doubt your mother will either," Goku and Gohan shared a grin at that. "And I know about your adoption thing."

Gohan took a step away from his father, "What?"

Goku laughed at his son's antics, "They are in the office now for some reason they felt compelled to come here today."

Gohan looked confused that is not what happened last time, because he would have sensed them if it did. Gohan stretched out his senses and to his shock they were there. What is going on? Gohan thought silently. Not only were his adoptive parents there, but he could also sense…

Goku let out another chuckle and ruffled his son's hair in amusement, he really did miss this. Getting up he looked at Gohan and said, "I am going to tell the others I found you, catch up when you are done." With that he walked away back to the office.

There was silence and then Gohan smiled softly.

"Hello Piccolo."

A form appeared by Gohan's side, "Hey kid. Looks like you made the right choice this time."

Gohan's eyes lit up in realization, "You remember…but how?"

"I used to be the guardian of the planet. It would really be a messed up world if the guardian can't remember what happens to his own planet."

"So Dende knows too?"

Piccolo nodded, "We have known about the Xana thing for awhile what we didn't know was that YOU were Jeremie Belpois not until the last attack…I have a feeling the dragon had a hand in keeping you hidden…don't know how but I am pretty sure he did."

Gohan shrugged, "He did say he liked me….Hey was it because of you guys that none of the teachers found us?"

"Yep, Dende didn't want you to get interrupted."

"None of the teacher's finding us as we looked for the William clone?"


"My adoptive family feeling compelled to be here?"


"The William clone being down a well."

"That was me."

Gohan looked at his mentor in shock, "Why?"

Piccolo smirked but said nothing.

Gohan shook his head, "Yeah I am not even going to ask."


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