Title: A Knight and a Princess – Drabbles Second Set

Alrighty. So this is my attempt to get back into a little writing, particularly the BMWW stuff, which I feel that I've dreadfully neglected. Don't worry. There's another chapter of Out Tonight in the works and JMMMB is still rolling around my head, trying to figure out how to get onto the computer.

Plus, for those of you are who are interested, JLAFan and I are working together on a story under the author name Bats-and-Bracelets which should be posted tomorrow. Hopefully. As you can tell by our penname, it'll have some bats and some ladies who wear bracelets, in addition to a little intrigue and a devious villain.

All of these will be 100 words exactly unless I state otherwise. Open to suggestions! Anyway, enough of that. Another set of BMWW drabbles begins!

Drabble #1: Gimme Three Steps

"Gimme three steps…gimme three steps towards the door" – Lynyrd Skynyrd

As Batman he'd never run scared of anything in this life.

Except her.

With the villains that lurked amid the streets of Gotham, he rightly feared them, but he used that fear as a motivational tool, making him stronger, stealthier, more intelligent, and more capable.

But with her, he always seemed to be taking three steps back, whether mentally or physically, to regain his balance and readjust his thinking. He prided himself on being prepared for anything and yet, she seemed to constantly surprise him.

At least, she had this time, he thought as she pulled her lips from his.