Everlasting Light

Through my pain

My torturous shape

Nothing to gain

Nothing to take

My heart concealed

'Tis deep within

It has not healed

The darkness wins

The sun has set

My lifeless form

No needs are met

My soul is torn

And as I weep

The pain still comes

I cannot sleep

I cannot run

The days do pass

The nights do come

I go to class

My heart does drum

I live my life

So incomplete

Through such a strife

My soul is beat

And though I wait

My saviour stays

Away, so late

You've gone astray

No meaning now

To life so sweet

I can't see how

Not till we meet

Where are you dear?

You've gone away

You were so near

Why must I pay?

You left me, cold

And unsurviving

Growing old

No longer thriving

Without you now

My life is done

My head is bowed

There is no sun

The stars don't shine

The moon's not bright

You once were mine

My Everlasting Light