In the center of a dark and dreary room sat a fragile figure of a girl. She sat there, head hung, in the middle of a thick circle of red sand, many herbs and small animal bones along with several flickering black candles. One could barely make out the hand that was reaching out to a sheet of paper on the floor.

"You're going to pay for what you did, bitch. You ruined my life and now I'm going to make yours a living hell, permanently. We'll see how much you like the darkness I live in," she vowed in a murderous tone of voice. She placed the object back to its previous spot on the floor in front of her. Then the silhouette inhaled a deep breath, let it go and centered her focus. She began to chant:

"Göttin der Zwietracht
Steh mir bei,
In dieser Stunde jener Nacht.
Gebe mir die Kraft,
Den Gerechttätiger zu vedammen,
In endloser Dunklheit
Und die Verdammten
Zum Licht hervorzuheben.
Göttin der Zwietracht,
So steh mir doch bei.
Nimm reichlich das Blut der Unschuldigen,
Als Ausgleichung meiner Taten,
Und gebe mir die Macht!"

The girl lifted the urn that stood next to her and dumped its contents over the picture dousing the flawless printed face with thick, red blood. She dipped a trembling finger in it and smeared it across her lips. Again she dipped it in but this time her whole hand and brushed the blood-drenched hand through her hair. The girl began to glow purple and red. The spell-caster seemed to become ever weaker as her energy was purged from her body, while the glow grew brighter and stronger. The light burned in the room so bright that it possible to see it from miles away if it weren't for the fact the room had no windows.

The body convulsed and shook as every last drop of energy was sucked out until finally she collapsed. The light shimmed away from its vessel and disappeared through the concrete walls into the night. An eerie wind picked up and the candle's flames were extinguished, leaving the witch on the floor behind in the dark...

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