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Chapter 1: Stars Hollow High

15 year old Lorelai Gilmore had moved to Stars Hollow with her mother when her father decided to go to Europe for 2 years. They arrived in the small town, and immediately Lorelai loved it. She loved the small town and how everybody knew each other, she loved all the people in the town, and she loved that once something happened, the whole town knew about it within 30 minutes.

Luke Danes had lived in Stars Hollow all his life. He lived with his Dad and sister. He and his Dad worked at the Hardware Store, William's Hardware, soon to be changed to Luke's Diner. William (his father) was passing his store to his son, because William believed Luke was responsible enough to do whatever he wanted with the store. Also he was getting old, and he wanted to see his son work hard before he left the Earth. William had told Luke all of this, and at first, Luke had refused, saying that his Dad wasn't going to die, and he would wait the many many years until he did to own the Hardware Store. But finally he had given in, and they together had started the work on converting it into a diner. They were in the middle of the renovations when Lorelai moved to Stars Hollow.

Lorelai and Luke both attended Stars Hollow High, Lorelai being a new student.

The first morning of school, Lorelai walked into the building feeling nervous. She was very likeable, but she didn't know anybody, and she didn't know how this school worked, having gone to a private prep school all her life.

Luke saw a beautiful brunette wondering the halls looking lost.

"Do you need help?" He asked her.

She smiled and looked relieved. "I'm looking for my locker."



"Well lucky for you, that's right next to mine." Luke said, smiling. He didn't smile much, and he was surprised how this stranger could make him smile within seconds of meeting her.

He led her in the direction of his locker, and showed her the one next to his.

"Thank you."

"Sure. So you new here?" Luke asked, trying to strike up a conversation with the girl.

"Yes. I moved her last week. I'm Lorelai Gilmore."

"Luke Danes, nice to meet you."

"Wow you're very formal."

"Yeah well," Luke said shyly.

Lorelai was surprised that she couldn't come up with anything witty to amaze Luke with. "I'm not like this you know." She ended up saying. 'Good going Gilmore.' She internally hit herself on the head.

"Not like what? Talking, breathing, getting nervous around guys?" Luke said, joking.

"I mean not being able to talk. Normally I can talk about anything for hours."

"Really?" Luke said.

"Yup. Anything in the world." Lorelai was feeling stupider and stupider by each passing moment.

"Okay sure."

"What? You don't believe me? So untrusting. I really don't like people like that, people who don't believe what other people say. It shows me how hard it would be to be friends with them, because if you tell them something very important, then they won't believe you. Like you go up to your best friend, the untrusting person, and you say, my Mom died. Or I failed Math. Then they don't believe you. They're like 'Sure sure.' Then you can't tell them anything because even if you're not lying, they won't believe you." Lorelai finished, happy that her talking ability came back.

Luke was looking at her with his eyebrows raised. "So you don't like me because I didn't believe your Mom died and you got an F in Math?" Luke asked.

"Yup. So Charlie Cowell can you point me to my class?" Lorelai asked as the bell rang.

"Who?" Luke asked.

"I'm Harold. See if you had trusted me then I would've had to make you Marian. Now first I have English."

"Wait, who's Charlie Cowell?"

"No one. Where's English?" Lorelai asked.

"Follow me. Let me see your schedule." Luke took it from her and looked over it. "Wow. We have all the same classes."

"Really? Luke will you be my friend?" Lorelai said sweetly?

"What?" Luke asked, turning a corner.

"I need someone to show me to all my classes and sit with me at lunch. But if you have a girlfriend and you would rather sit with her then-"

"I don't have a girlfriend." Luke said.

"Well looks like we're both single. Sit with me at lunch?" They were outside of the classroom now.


"And in we go." Luke opened the door and Luke let her in.

"Where were you two?" The teacher asked and the whole class turned to look at them.

"Well, I'm new and Luke was helping me with my locker and he helped me find my class."

"Oh well, while you're standing, class this is Lorelai Gilmore."

Lorelai looked around and a girl with short dirty blonde hair waved at her and smiled. She smiled back, happy to have 1 friend and one potential friend already.

Class ended, and the girl who had waved before came up to her.

"Hi, I'm Sookie." She said cheerily.

"I'm Lorelai."

Then a guy came up behind Sookie. She turned around and kissed him.

"And this is Jackson." Sookie said. "Jackson this is Lorelai."

"Hi Lorelai." Then Luke came up to Lorelai.

"I see you've met Jackson and Sookie." Luke said with a smile.

"Wow Luke, you smiled. I didn't think it was possible." Sookie said.

"What? He's been smiling at me ever since I met him." Lorelai said, looking at Luke, who had his eyes on the floor with embarrassment.

"Really." Sookie said with a grin. "Well you must do something to him. Luke here is the most untalkitive, gruff, caveman you will ever meet." Sookie said.

"Really?" It was Lorelai's turn to grin. "Well Luke, I guess you must like me a lot."

"What?" Sookie asked, still smiling.

"He was very, very sweet and caring to me." Lorelai said, making Luke's face turn even redder.

"Well Luke, why don't you show us more of this side of you?" Sookie said.

In reply, Luke grabbed Lorelai's hand and they walked away. "Bye!" Lorelai said across the room.

"I'll see you later." Sookie said. She smiled up at Jackson. "Who knew Luke had a soft side?"

Jackson shrugged and the couple walked away.

When they were outside the classroom, Luke turned to Lorelai. "What was that?" He said in a voice mixed with anger and amusement.

"How was I supposed to know you were monosyllabic man?"

Luke looked at her in amazement, then motioned her to follow him to their next class.

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