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"Are you sure this is caused by overwork?" Light ventured. L was grateful for her commenting first. He didn't fancy having his head bitten off by Mrs. Yagami. (isn't her name Sachiko?)

"Light! What are you saying?" Only the obvious. L thought wearily. He could understand her concern—no one likes to hear that a loved one's life was at risk. He just wished that she wasn't so loud.

"Mother," Light soothed, holding up her hands in the eternal sign for surrender, "Father had a heart attack, who wouldn't make the connection? That is the way every single one of Kira's victims have died." Her amber eyes flashed, like a cat's, and L once again wondered how much she knew. Too much.

"To be honest," Mr. Yagami (Soichiro, L remind himself, he asked to be called Soichiro) admitted, "That's exactly what crossed my mind as I was going down." Mrs. Yagami held a tiny hand to her lips; aghast. The sclera of her eyes burned a bloodshot red. The daughter, on the other hand, hadn't shown a hint of tears since the phone call this morning. Even now she held herself as rigidly as a statue. Cold, L thought, cold like stone. Cold like Kira.

"You head the task force in charge of this case." L surprised himself by speaking, "Kira has more than enough reason to want you dead," L pointed out, rather unhelpfully really since Mr. Yaga—Soichiro's wife simply looked more upset. Light simply looked murderous. Oops. ""We can't completely rule out a murder attempt by Kira," L finished lamely.

"Sachiko." Ha! I knew it! L thought gleefully, his earlier social blunder quickly forgotten. "Light's here now, and anyways, I'm all right. You go home now." The elder woman's mouth tightened into a straight horizontal slash. For an instant L thought she would refuse to leave. "And not a word about this to Sayu. I don't want to upset her."

"All right then. I'll be back tomorrow with some more of your things. Thanks for coming Light." And she was gone.

"No problem," Light called after her. The pale haired girl (unusual color, almost unnatural, L noted) climbed to her feet and shut the sliding hospital door. "I think," She said while turning around, "this would be the perfect time for you to answer some of my questions."

L blinked his dark eyes wide.

I wish I had some chocolate.

"So…that really was L?" Light asks, her voice and demeanor hesitant. Her father nods. She stands at the doorway of the hospital room watching L (L!) walk away.

"It's strange that he would reveal himself to you. I only just met him face to face last night," He admits freely. "So far I think the two of us are the only ones who know his face." Kira's golden eyes brighten. Now that's interesting.

"What did the two of you talk about?" She asks, her tone light with the barest hint of curiosity.

"Light—" the warning in his voice was clear, "You know I can't tell you that. You're under enough suspicion already." Light visibly winced. Yeah, just rub it in.

"We can talk about it later, you know, when you're not in the hospital," Poor Ryuk, who always seemed to be ignored, let out a small, high-pitched whine. Soichiro, on the other hand, gave his daughter a grim look.


"Daaad, I haven't seen you in forever. For how long will Kira dog your every step?" Soichiro flinched at the small barb. "Let's just enjoy the fact we have several long hours until Mom shows up. You know," and here she made a small but extravagant wave with one nail bitten hand, "father/daughter bonding and all that jazz."

"Maybe some TV to rot our brains?" She suggests with a childish, innocent grin. Soichiro sighs mournfully but gives a relenting nod anyways.


"—we are being held hostage by Kira and have no choice but to air these videos. At the same time we—" Both parent's and daughter's eyes widen. What the hell…? Kira, the ruthless, the cunning, the first, feels something uncurling in the center of her chest. Like she had swallowed a white hot flower made of melting glass.

What. Is. This.

Her father, on the other hand, felt like he was having a second heart attack.

"—four days ago, an envelope containing four videotapes arrived at this station, addressed to one of our directors. It was, without a shadow of doubt, sent by Kira." All she could hear is the never-ending static of a thousand voices clamoring to be heard.

A sketchy name appeared on the television's screen. Black, macabre letters twisting like dying snakes around her name. Kira.

"I am Kira." Says a garbled voice to a horror struck nation. No, you're not. I am. Light wants to say. Her fingers start to itch like there were bugs crawling underneath her skin. Along her tendons and ligaments. Over, around, into the marrow of her bones. And, exactly, is your name, little liar?

"Please switch channels to Taiyo TV. The news anchor, Mr.Kazuhiko Hibima, will die of a heart attack at precisely six P.M." click

A man lays sprawled across his desk, a woman on each side of him clutch at their faces and scream. That man is dead.


"Mr. Hibima has consistently referred to Kira as 'evil' in his news reports. This was his punishment." The glass flower in her chest blossoms into a storm of heat and pain. How. Dare. He. An innocent man; dead, and for what? What could justify this meaningless death?

I'm going to kill you.

"Light." Says her father in a cold, dead tone. His hands tremble at his sides. "I need—" He trails off then gathers his strength. "I am the head of the task force charged with capturing Kira--" He starts but does not finish.

"I'm coming with you."

And despite his protesting; she does.

"Dad." He ignored her. "Dad!" He gritted his teeth tighter. "DAD--!"


Light felt her breath come in frantic, shallow gasps. Burning pain lanced across her shoulder and chest where the seatbelt had cut deep into the skin. Her vision swam black and for an instant Light was terrified that she was dying. (…but don't think that means you're going to heaven or hell…)

I'm not dead. I'm not. Were her first relieved thoughts past the pain. The second was—"Daddy!" She called softly, blinking her blurred vision clear.

"Light—Wait for me here!" Came her father's haggard voice though the dust and darkness. Light nodded, as weak as a newborn kitten. First things first. She reminded herself firmly as she worked on freeing herself from the seatbelt's painful embrace.

"Ryuk," The death god had been flying above the armored vehicle during the crazed race to reach the television station before anyone else was killed. "This one has the eyes—doesn't he?" The dark god nodded.

"Seems that way," He rumbled. Light crawled to the driver's side of the truck and clutched at the wheel. Her own door was jammed shut.

It was a gamble, she knew. If she made the wrong choice and she could die. She would die.

"Is there anything you forgot to mention about the eye trade?" Light asked; hiding the frozen rage in her voice under a layer of composure. Ryuk wouldn't answer honestly if he thought his precious apples were at stake.

"Well…umm…you wouldn't be able to see another Death Note user's life expectancy?" Light nodded, quite calmly for the situation. Maybe…

"Let's wait it out—darn it!" She could hear sirens in the distance drawing closer. The police!? "No apples for you!" She snapped. Ryuk froze as if in pain but Light ignored his (quite disturbing) kicked puppy expression. What else could go wrong!? Kira thought acidly. Her chest still hurt.

The police car was parked right behind the truck now. They were starting to get out—No!

"Stay inside you idiots! Don't come out! Don't be like them--!" It was too late. The driver looked up at the sound of her voice; startled. Then he started to fall.

Light couldn't tear her eyes away from it. The awkward arch of his spine, the way his hands clenched and unfurled; grasping at, then letting go, to life. His breath came in quick, frantic bursts and his eyes roved madly. By the time he hit the concrete his heart had already stopped. Light wondered if he had any family. A wife? Children? Daughters? For an instant Light didn't see nameless (but if he was nameless he wouldn't have died) cop but her father. Her father dying. Her father dead.

This is what L wants for you.

"Light! What happened!?" It was her father. She froze. Does he know about the eyes?

"They're dead!" Kira called back; near hysterics. It's not everyday a man dies before her eyes. (yet everyday a man dies by your hand.)

"Light! Light! We have to leave!" Soichiro called. He reached out large, trembling hands and clasped them around his daughter's too slight shoulders. She winced in an unexpected burst of pain.

"Okay. Okay." What first? What now? Find the second. Kill L. Survive. "We need to get out. Is there another exit?"

"Here," Her father peeled off his jacket and handed it to her. "As long as your face is covered you'll be alright." Light shook her head.

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine—"

"But Dad!" She protested. Soichiro, however, would not be swayed.

"No buts! Put it on!" Light gave him a bitter look but obeyed. I don't want to die but neither do I want you to either.

"Are you ready?" The elder Yagami asked. Light nodded and pulled the cloth over her head until her face was obscured yet her eyes uncovered. Wouldn't do to walk into a wall while fleeing the second Kira's gaze after all.

Almost makes me wish I had made the eye trade.

"Ok," Soichiro held up a hand and, second by second, each finger went down until all that remained was a large fist. He pulled one of his forearms over his mouth and chin and the other across his forehead, just over his eyes.

Kira stepped into the light.

She walked foreword briskly, reminding herself that her father is sick and it would be wrong to leave him behind every time she wants to run. Run until this horrible night ends and she is never afraid again. Light carefully steps over the sprawled forms of the dead detectives and policemen. She heard her father curse behind her but did not turn around.

One step. Two. Three steps.

They made it over half way before Fate twisted her Edward Scissorhand's fingers into the knot of lives that surrounded this infamous murderess.

Soichiro stumbles. He stumbles, lands on his knees, clutchs at his chest (his heart) and falls.

Light froze. She heard his gasp of pain and the sound of his body hitting the ground. Blood pulsed in her ears like shards of black ice. Slicing open her veins and arteries and pouring out of her eyes like a never ending sea. She will never remember the steps she takes to reach her father's side. She will never remember exactly when the jacket falls from her face.

All she will remember is the fury that clutched icy claws around her cold heart.

That's right you bastard. This is what you wanted, isn' it? It's your move now. Your move.

She fell to her knees and grasped her father's hands. She does not cry. She simply bends her head over his fallen form, her pale hair cascading over her eyes and face like a veil, and holds his hand.

(…but don't think that means you're going to heaven or hell…) Ryuk's words echo like a death sentence.

I love you Daddy.