A/N: I've seen things like this in other generes, and just couldn't let Xiaolin Showdown go without one of these fics too. This was kind of inspired by Enjie Yekcam's Tokyo Mew Mew fic, which is in this same format... But there are many others out there as well, Enjie's is just the first one I saw.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown. I wish I did. I also wish I had a JACK or CHASE doll, or maybe a GOOD!JACK to attack those who annoy me.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an OMI. To be sure that he is a happy little monk, follow these instructions carefully.


Name: Omi


Height: Short

Weight: He was too fascinated by the scale itself to notice the number on it...

Putting Your OMI Together

You should have a small cardboard box. Do not freak out; your OMI is just fine.

1) Open the box.

2) If your OMI is sleeping, wake him up. (Chattering like a squirrel almost always works. Do not use a real squirrel, OMI is very scared of them.)

3) Start giving your OMI compliments. Generally one or two do the trick.

4) OMI will become happy and associate you with OWNER.

Cool Things That Your New OMI Comes With

You will not have to spend oodles of time and money on your new OMI! He comes with many things to keep him entertained when you don't want to train with him. Your OMI comes with:

1) Orb Of Tornami (We are not responsible for any flood damage resulting from letting your OMI use this.)

2) Shimo Staff (We are not responsible for damage by this Shen Gon Wu either.)

3) Extra sets of Xiaolin monk robes

4) A variety of sashes to match the robes

5) His favorite book to quote from: "The Ancient Guide Of Females". (Do not let him read this near KIMIKO, or there will be damage.)

Cool Things That Your OMI Can Do

Training: Your new OMI is very good at fighting and will train you.

Sparring: If you already have fighting skills, OMI will spar with you and help you improve. (WARNING: OMI is very good at fighting, so please don't spar unless you actually have said "skills".)

Ego Boosting: OMI is very good at boosting his own ego, why not yours? (We are not responsible if OMI unintentionally insults you.)

Chore-helping: He can use his skills to clean your room! (Which may or may not wind up as messy and wet as it started off...)

Compatibility With Other CHARACTERS

KIMIKO: COMPATIBLE. They are friends, remember?

RAIMUNDO: COMPATIBLE. RAIMUNDO is of a higher rank than OMI, and they are friends. (Though RAIMUNDO and OMI will occasionally compete over KIMIKO.)

CLAY: COMPATIBLE. They are friends. Duh.

DASHI: COMPATIBLE as long as OMI doesn't worship DASHI too much. If this happens, make OMI stop before it becomes too annoying...

JACK: NOT COMPATIBLE. JACK is very much the enemy of OMI, though OMI trusts him. Sort of. Well, kind of not...

CHASE: We aren't sure, really. It depends on your preference; they have sort of this mutual respect thing going on. Lots of people like to put them as a slash pairing.

WUYA: NOT COMPATIBLE. Duh, she's pure evil. Everyone knows that.

HANNIBAL BEAN: NOT COMPATIBLE for the same reason as WUYA.


Q: "My OMI seems to be hanging around with CHASE a bit too much. I think my OMI (gulp) is crushing on CHASE... Please tell me how to fix this!"

A: Were you not listening to me?! If you don't like the pairing, then don't just- ugh, never mind. Just separate them for a while, use the Sands Of Time/ Rio Reverso to reverse it, or give them to someone who likes to pair CHASE with OMI. Or (this is my favorite!) you can lock CHASE and WUYA in a closet/metal cage/puzzle box for a while... (We aren't responsible for any physical or mental damage caused by the last suggestion...)

Q: "OMI is acting odd. He is really hyper, wants to fight, wears a black robe, and says "Heylin" instead of "Xiaolin" before his attacks. What's wrong with him?"

A: Oh, my. Your OMI must have had his chi drained. To fix this, obtain the Yin-Yang Yo-Yo and go into the Yin-Yang world to get it back. You must have both Wu or you will turn out like OMI is right now, or even like a GOOD!JACK. Scary. Also, watch out for the monster that sucks people's chi out. I hear that it is very painful to get chi sucked, and you act like a zombie from then after. Well, good luck on the impossible adventure that will most probably get you killed! (waves)

Q: "My OMI's skin isn't yellow, and his head isn't as big. What's going on?"

A: Your OMI is sick. Take him to an Author(ess) to get him fixed. Unless you are an Author(ess) yourself, in which case you can fix him on your own.


This declares that you can return OMI within the first ten seconds of buying him online.

A/N: This was really FUN to write. I hope it was fun to read as well.
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