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Author's Note: This is a What If fic if Miss Parker went with Tommy to Oregon.


Miss Parker walked around her house one last time just to make everything was out of the house. She had already marked the last box and had taken it to the car. She then went to to the door opened it then locked it never looking back as she got into the car. She was sitting there watching the scenery go by as Tommy was driving. She had some fond memories of just her and her mother. How she would brush her hair, she would read to her and she would listen to whatever she wanted to talk about.

She still couldn't believe that her father let her go with Tommy. The deal was that she had to catch Jarod, bring him back to the Centre and then she could leave. Why he let her go when she hadn't done that was a mystery to her, but she was glad that she had done it. Sydney and Broots had given her gifts to start her new life. They had both told her to have a happy life. Jarod had even called her and told her to have a happy life away from The Centre. He had even sent her a going away gift.

She looked at Tommy and smiled at him. He turned his head and smiled at her.

"I'm glad that you finally decided to come with me."

"I'm glad that I did too."

"What did you father say that you were leaving?"

"He said good luck. I still can't believe that he let me go."

"Why wouldn't he?"

"I can't get into that now?"

"Will you ever tell me?"

"I will someday."

Thomas nodded and concentrated on the road ahead of him. He wondered what she had done inside the Centre and what went on in there. It was a huge building from what he could tell of it.