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Meeting Place

"Jarod was stolen from his family when he was four years old. They took him because he's a pretender. A pretender is a genius that can become anyone they want to be. His mentor was Sydney who molded him into a pretender. He was in charge of Jarod's simulations. Sims for short. When he was older he found out that his Sims were being used to hurt and kill people, so he ran away. He did various pretends to help people trying to atone for what the Centre had made him do. Sydney, Broots and I were in charge of finding him and bringing him back to the Centre, but we never could."

"I would also send Miss Parker. I mean Melanie clues to her past hoping to open her eyes to what the Centre was really like."

"My mother died inside the Centre right in front of both our eyes. At least I thought that she did. It was later revealed that she didn't die then. She had given birth to a boy named Ethan who is my and Jarod's brother."

"What happened to Kyle?"

"He was shot and killed by Mr. Lyle."

"I'm sorry, Jarod."

"Thank you."

"I hope that you finally find your parents, Jarod."

"I hope so too."

Just then Angelo dropped his bag down on the ground.

"We can stop the Centre."

"What is it Angelo?"


They went though the files in the bag and found a lot of stuff to bring down The Centre. They were finally all free. Jarod finally found his parents and it had been a joyful reunion.

The End